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Kendall looked up and down the hall for signs of the person who left the little sleeping baby on their door step when he saw on one he put the diaper bag on his shoulder and carefully lifted the car seat holding the sweet sleeping child inside. He set the diaper bag down on the counter and brought the baby over to the couch and set her on the table.

"What is that?" James questioned looking down at the sleeping baby with wide eyes.

Kendall shrugged, "She was just sitting outside in front of our door, but this letter was with her," he commented then pulled the note out of his pocket with James written on the front of the envelope.

James grabbed the envelope out of Kendall's hand and ripped it open reading it to his friends:

This is Paige, she is three months old. She's your daughter, I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but I was scared and I had no idea what to do. I'm stuck and can't handle her anymore, she is all yours now I'm not coming back take care of her.


James looked up from the letter shock in his eyes, standing up he paced around the room biting his nails. Paige started crying and James whipped around looking at her with wide eyes, "What's wrong with it?" he yelled panic written on his face.

"Dude calm down, she is probably just hungry," Logan announced, he stood up and walked over to the diaper bag the Paige arrived with, digging through he bag he couldn't find a bottle. "Looks like Kayla wasn't smart enough to pack a bottle in the bag, someone needs to go get someā€¦"

Before he could finish his statement James and Carlos were running out of the house, Carlos screaming behind him, "That baby stinks!"

Logan raised his eyebrows and walked towards Paige kneeling down in front of her car seat, his eyes widened immediately and he became queasy, "Kendall, she needs to be changed," Logan squeaked out.

"Ok I can do that seems simple enough," Kendall announced confidently. He picked the small baby out of the car seat and carried her to the kitchen counter, pulling out the changing mat he laid it out carefully with one hand the laid her down on it. Slowly lifting the tabs off of the diaper his eyes widened and he gagged a little, "How can someone so little make such a mess?" Kendall questioned to himself in shock. He quickly finished cleaning up the little girl and put on a new diaper, "There good as new," he smiled a goofily smile to the baby and picked her up into his arms.

Carrying her over to the couch and turned on TV waiting for James and Carlos to get back from the store.

"Dude, taste this it's amazing!" Carlos smiled holding out the jar of baby food for his friend to try, James looked at him weird and shook his head.

"Put that back in the basket," James told his hyperactive friend, the short Latino nodded and placed the jar back in the basket. "I can't believe this is happening, I don't want to be a dad, I CAN'T BE DAD. I'm only twenty years old and a rock star not a dad." James picked up a pack of bottles and looked down at them, "I don't know what to do," he whispered to himself.

After ten more minutes at the grocery store, Carlos and James finally checked out with what they hoped was everything they needed to handle the baby. They walked into the apartment to find Kendall holding the sleeping baby in his arms on the recliner and Logan sitting on the couch on his laptop. When they heard the door shut they both looked up from what they were doing, "God your back," Kendall smiled standing from the chair he walked over to James, "here take her and feed her," James eyes widened in horror and he shook his head frantically and ran to his room shutting and locking the door behind him.

"Well that went well," Kendall huffed, he set the sleeping girl into Logan's arms and grabbed a bottle and formula from the bags Carlos and James brought inside be quickly followed the instructions on the box and made her the bottle she has been waiting for. Logan fed the hungry baby and Carlos watched as Kendall walked over to his best friend's door and knocked. "Come on man, let me in please," he heard movement on the other side of the door and soon James's head peaked through a little gap in the door when he was satisfied there was no baby in Kendall's arms he opened the door further and let him in.

James walked over to his bed and sat down without saying a word, Kendall followed behind just as quietly sitting down beside his taller best friend. "What's wrong with you dude, you haven't so much as looked at her since she got here?" Kendall questioned.

"I don't know, I don't think I will be able to do this," James whispered looking down at his hands.

"What do you mean man?" Kendall asked.

James looked up at his friend, "I want to put her up for adoption."

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