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James woke up the next morning having the best sleep he has had in a while. Smiling at Paige who was still sound asleep on his chest, he gently sat up making sure that his daughter didn't fall down or wake up from her peaceful slumber. He laid her down in her seat and walked into his room to get ready for the day. James walked back into the kitchen dressed in his usual manner and his hair in its perfect place.

Deciding he would make breakfast for his friends, James pulled out the ingredients to make his signature dish, chocolate chip waffles, sausage, freshly squeezed orange juice, and hash browns.

Kendall slowly walked into the room, his hair still messed up from sleep and his pajamas still on. He shuffled into the kitchen and started making his 'life shake' still half asleep like he does every morning. "You look lovely this morning," James smirked at his friend's state.

"Oh shut up we can't all be perfect looking," Kendall snapped back, as he poured in the last few ingredients for his shake, and started blending them together.

"Logan! Logie! LOGAN! LOGIE! LOGIE-BEAR!" Carlos screamed from Logan and his shared bedroom, and then there was a loud crash.

"Carlos, how many times do I have to tell you to stop bouncing on my bed to wake me up, you always fall off!" Logan groaned.

"But Helmet always protects me," Carlos announced, then Carlos came running out into the living room and ran over to the sleeping Paige, he was about to wake her up when Logan came into the living room.

"Don't wake her up Carlos, babies need their sleep in order to develop correctly both physically and mentally and…"

"Yeah yeah yeah, I'll let her sleep," Carlos pouted and slowly started walking away from the sleeping bay girl.

Soon James had finished making breakfast for everyone, they all sat down the nice breakfast. They all started serving themselves when they heard a cry coming from the living room. James immediately stood up and walked towards Paige, while the others looked at him with a smile in their faces.

James bent down and slowly lifted his daughter to his chest, "Hey Paigey, what's there matter? Are you hungry?" he walked into the kitchen and started prepping the bottle as he bounced up and down trying to calm the cranky baby. "Okay Princess Paige, are you ready for your breakfast?" James slowly lowered the bottle to the baby's mouth and she started drinking immediately.

James turned his head towards his friends and saw them smiling at him, "What's wrong with you idiots?"

"Nothing, we are just happy you decided you want to keep her," Kendall smiled, he stood up and started walking over to James and Paige, he leaned down and kissed the eating little girl on the cheek. Paige stopped drinking and lifted her hand and grabbed Kendall's finger. "Here let me take her so you can eat, I already had my shake and I can eat after you."

James nodded and handed over the baby to his best friend then gave him the bottle so Paige would finish her breakfast.

As soon as Carlos put the last bit of his breakfast in his mouth he shot up in his seat and ran over to Kendall who was still holding Paige, and took the small baby into his arms. "Carlos be careful!" Logan shouted and ran over to the exited teenager having finished his breakfast shortly after him, "You have to support her head." He quickly situated the baby in Carlos' arms so she was safe.

Kendall walked over to the kitchen table to eat his breakfast since it seemed she was safe being watched by Logan and Carlos. James was finishing up on his last waffle when Kendall started serving himself, "What made you change your mind?"

James looked up and he got a goofy smile on his face, "I just actually looked at her and fed her, she looked up at me with her those puppy dog eyes like she believed with love, and I couldn't let her go, I actually believed I could do this, raise a baby by myself."

"Whoa dude, you aren't doing this by yourself. We will be here to help. So what are we going to do now about the band, Gustavo, and the fans?"

"I'm not sure yet, but first we have to tell Gustavo," James told his best friend then stood up to walk over to his daughter. Kendall nodded and went back to his food.

"Hi baby girl," James cooed and picked up his baby girl, "Were you spending time with you Uncles Logan and Carlos?" he asked her, and she started babbling back to his and waved her arms and feet like she was actually talking to him, James gripped tighter onto the squirming little girl to make sure she didn't wiggle right out of his arms. He turned toward his friends, "I'm going to take Paigey out to get her some clothes since she has none, Can you guys go to Ikea and get her furniture?"

"Yeah sure dude," Logan replied, he dragged Carlos into their shared room so they could get ready and Kendall stood up from his breakfast and walked in to the room he shared with James to change.

"Let's go Paigey," James told his daughter as he hooked her into the car seat and grabbed the diaper bag.

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