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Chapter 1

To say that going from the climate of Africa to somewhere where it was cold and raining almost nonstop was a shock to the system was a massive understatement. Xander had only come to Forks because it seemed like a small town where nothing happened so he could relax for a while before heading back to join up with Buffy and the gang.

He had already been here for a few days and set himself up as a construction worker which wasn't really a common job in this small of a town and so he had already gotten a few jobs. Most of the jobs were small time and consisted of him fixing doors or walls that have gotten too old and started to break down but the main one he was working on right now was some renovations to the school. They wanted him to make some repairs to the cafeteria as well as build a few more classrooms for some new classes that they were adding to their curriculum.

It had seemed like an easy thing to do and so he had started on the cafeteria since it seemed like it would take the shortest amount of time to complete. He had started at the beginning of the weekend so that he wouldn't have to worry about the students interfering with the beginning stages of the renovation. He was planning on replacing some of the wall as it wasn't as sturdy as it used to be.

He had already gotten the wall removed and started putting the new wall up by the time Monday came around. He had some warning signs put up around the wall as he continued to work so that the students wouldn't disturb him, hopefully. By this time the bell was already signaling that it was time for lunch and he could already hear the first signs of approaching students.

He could hear how the students quieted down when they saw him and then once they sat down how they broke out into whispers about who he could be. He guessed that he was gonna be something to be talked about for the rest of the lunch period because of how he was wearing an eyepatch and had a few visible scars. It was around ten minutes later that he noticed all of the students quiet down and so he turned to see why and that's when he noticed them. They were sitting at a table in the corner away from the rest of the students. That wasn't what caught his attention though it was the fact that there were five vampires sitting at a table with a human.