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Chapter 4

As Xander woke up he realized that something seemed wrong. It wasn't anything that was just jumping out at him but something wasn't right so once he sat up he checked his traps to make sure that no one had gotten in.

Before he had gone to bed last night he had taken broken glass and spread them around under the windows and by the main doors in and out of the house. If anyone or rather anything wanted to get into the house they would have to make some noise to do so.

Once he had checked all the traps and confirmed that none of them had been disturbed he made his way into the kitchen where he made himself some eggs and bacon along with a cup of coffee. After he had finished eating and cleaned the dishes and put them away he headed to the basement.

When he had moved into this house and made sure everything was to his liking he turned the basement into an armory that could supply up to 30 slayers if he really had to. It had everything weapon imaginable hanging on the walls from simple stakes, to different types of swords, maces, hammers, and axes to the uncommon weapons like a scythe and chain weapons. His current favorite besides his trusty battle-axe was a very sharp dagger attached to a chain so that it could be used in close combat as well as up to mid-range combat. He also had different types of bows and crossbows as well.

As he made his way to the left wall he first picked up his favorite battle-axe before making his way to the right wall to get his chain and dagger combo then finally made his way to the center wall and grabbed his best crossbow. After he was done collecting all the weapons which he could possibly need he made his way upstairs and into the garage.

Once he was sure that everything was locked in place and wouldn't rattle or be seen by an unsuspecting person walking by he got into the car and started the engine. As he started driving towards the school once again he thought about what he would do today to ensure that none of the vampires paid him too much attention. He would have to finish up the cafeteria as fast as he could so that by the time lunch came around he wouldn't have to deal with them staring at him again or rather to prevent whatever the bronze-haired vampire had done to him from happening again.

As he pulled into the schools parking lot he noticed that the only spot open was between a Volvo and a shiny, red BMW. Just as he pulled into the parking space he noticed a moment too late that the vampires were leaning up against the cars on either side. He turned off his car's engine and got out of the car after popping the trunk and headed towards it. On his way to the back of his car he noticed that the bronze-haired vampire was once again glaring at him with a frown on his face and feeling a little playful he decided that a harmless prank was in order.

When he picked up his toolbox and shut the trunk he made sure to walk the side next to the Volvo. Once he was close enough he made sure to make it look like an accident as he knocked into the guy with enough force to push him backwards into the Volvo.

"Oh man I didn't mean to knock you into your car. I was just trying to get past here so that I could get inside."Xander said. 'I wonder what is going through his mind from feeling a human push a vampire into a car and it not being the other way around.'

The bronze vampire's frown deepened as he spoke. "That is quite alright it was just an accident. It could've happened to anyone."

"I have to get to work so if you would excuse me." Xander said. 'Let's see how they deal with this.'

'Come on you could have at least done some more damage! Now he will think he can stand up to you. Fight him!' Hyena said.

'No. We will not start any needless violence. If they attack first then that is one thing until then we observe and only defend ourselves.' Xander thought.

'Awww. You ruin all my fun.' Hyena said.

'Xander is right though we must first observe so that we can figure out their strengths and weaknesses so that they do not catch us offguard.' Soldier said.

'Let's just get back to work so that we can finish this and start preparing some defensive measures in case things get messy' Xander thought as he walked to the door of the cafeteria to start working again.

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