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PART 2: Blades and Apples (i take credit for the title -Annie)

The sun was capping the sky at noon. Tripping on a silt-anchored reed, Altair faceplanted.

"you ok?" Link inquired.

{maybe that guy is insane. woulndt be the first time ive met a crazy;}

"im fine"

"...need a horse? i can loan you one.." Link responded

{no money... goddamn... should i steal his horse?}

"hes so suspicious-ey; besides, where the hell did think he was? termina?"

without a seconds notice Altair jumped on epona (if she was a british human she'd scream BLOODY MURDER!) and was off to Hyrule feild.



This "Hyrule" was actually quite small. The lake he had fallen into was large but that said nothing for the size of this plain; it was only about twice the size, and mountains framed its border. Altairs ankle still hurt like hell but that wasnt important. Even the ranch had a mound of earth surrounding it. He decided to look around this country (more like estate) and see where he could stay until he found a way out of this land.

{ooo a desert. how could it be so close to a lake and yet be that dry?}


That weirdo had stolen epona. EPONA. Of all horses, why his personal favorite? It seemed the goddesses wanted to spite him. He ran after him in the hopes he could somehow catch him, but after epona jumped the fence there was no way he could keep up. Climbing around the side, he looked tworads lon lon ranch. He could buy a new horse there, and possibly shoot that "Altair" down from the high ground. Not to hurt him of course, but to get a poney back and ask some questions.

"templar... i wonder what that means. some kind of monster? no he asked me if i was a templar... maybe they're like the Gerudo where he's from."

"Hiya Link! Wheres epona? Ya had her before!" inquired the heir to Lon-Lon ranch. Malon was a nice girl, but cold be annoying at times.

"Some bastard stole her."

"Ooh that must suck."

"Sure does. Do you mind if i borrow a stallion and try to catch em'?"

"Not at all."

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