Isabella sat on the edge of her mother's bed playing with her thumbs as her mother paced back and forth thinking of a way to defeat Cora.

"Mama I can fight her. I may not be stronger than her, but you saw what happened she can't take my heart and you can teach me to fight her!" Regina gave her daughter a warning look. Ever since the incident yesterday Regina would not listen to putting Isabella in harms way.

"We need to destroy her once and for all!" Regina said pacing more disregarding Isabella's previous plan. Isabella quickly got annoyed.

"Hey! Listen to me I'm not a child and I never will be again! You don't need to all of the sudden protect me you have never done it before so why are you starting to now!" Regina stared at her daughter in complete shock with pain on her face causing Isabella to instantly regret what she said, but she stood her ground.

"I am stronger than you think I have done so much more than you can imagine because of Cora and I can defeat her but you won't give me a chance to show you!" Isabella said standing while trying to hold back the tears that came with her terrible past.

"Then tell me what she did to you let me see!" Regina said rushing to Isabella grabbing her hands. Isabella knew what she meant she wanted her to show her her own memories.

"They are not pleasant." Isabella stated bluntly looking down. Regina grabbed her daughter's face and merely smiled telling her that she needed to know. Isabella sighed placing Regina's hand on her head allowing her to explore her memories.

Baby Isabella screamed as Rumple took her farther and farther from her mother.

"Shush now little one I am going to take you somewhere where everything is great and happy" Rumple smiled at the lie he just told. He knew this would remove the debt he owed Cora.

"Goodbye my darling!" Rumple said leaving her in wonderland in the middle of the forest. Her screams could be heard near and far. I white rabbit in a coat ran by the basket yelling.

"I'm late i'm late" but stopped seeing the child. He walked back picking the child up looking it up and down.

"Now what do we have here?"


Isabella grew up happy with the mad hatter and met John when she was merely 4 years old. John walks quickly through the forest, for he had to get away. He needed a different life than the one he had he wanted a chance at a new life one that didn't involve being trapped in one place forever. He walked faster and heard footsteps behind him and turned only to run into someone.

"Oh I am so sorry!" The girl stated smiling at him.

"Um its fine! my name is John." He said smiling at the girl with beautiful brown curls framing her face perfectly and big hazel eyes staring at him.

"My name is Isabella but you can call me Izzy!"


When Isabella was searching for food she was found by the Queen of Hearts.

"Now look at who we have here!" Cora said getting out of her carriage. Isabella tried to run but was stopped by the Queen's magic.

"Oh darling why run from me I can see you are very powerful and scared why don't you come along with me?" Isabella looked through her thick brown hair at cora. Isabella felt like she could see her real mother in Cora somehow and couldn't resist.

"Okay" she said in a kind and quiet voice. Cora gave her a fake smile letting the girl into the carriage knowing exactly who she was. When they arrived at the kingdom Isabella felt fear overcome her and instantly regretted her decision. She saw the terrible land this woman was from and knew she was not going to be happy. As soon as they got out of the carriage Cora asked to guards to take Isabella to her room. The room was at the top of a tower with only one window and only one way out and that was to use magic.

"Now my dear when you want to get out the only way to do so is to use your magic now when you do that I shall train you and make you a great warrior, but until then you will stay here and will not be free!" Isabella tried to run but Cora quickly shut the door causing Isabella to fall to the ground with a sob feeling that she would never be free.


Two years went by and eight year old Isabella was trying for what seemed like the millionth time to get the door open. She sat on her bed crying.

"Why did I go with her!" She yelled knowing no one could hear her. She cried so hard everyday that the headache she received from it was no longer painful just a normal occurrence.

"Mama... Help me please!" She said sobbing the necklace she had glowed gold and the door instantly opened causing Isabella to jump up finally seeing her way out.

Isabella pulled from her mother's hand seeing the tears falling quickly from her eyes and knew that what Cora does to her next her mother may not be able to handle.

"Mama... I don't..." Regina held up her hand to stop her placing on her daughter's forehead knowing she had to see.

Isabella ran as fast as she could, which wasn't fast because so was not fed right and was very weak. She saw the exit of the castle and darted to it adrenaline kicking in she was so close. She was stopped by a wave of electricity going through her body sending her to the ground in agonizing pain.

"Oh look who is trying to run away!" Cora said circling the girl. She smirked getting so their noses almost touched.

"Not on my watch!" she said sending pain through the little fragile girls body.

"You need to learn to obey your elders my dear!" she said doing it much stronger than last time causing Isabella to lose consciousness. That did not make Cora stop knowing that The child would still feel the pain. She did it over and over until she had no more energy to torture the girl.

"Take her to the bed chambers!" the guards picking the girl off the floor forcefully and threw her onto the bed shutting the door behind them to leave the girl alone to suffer from the long lasting pain.

"Enough!" Isabella said pulling away again feeling her own tears fall at the memory. She remembered the pain she felt that day. It was one of the worst pains she had ever experienced.

"Isabella.." Regina said trying not to break down. Isabella looked at her mother and could see the pain on her face.

"Mama I told you they aren't pleasant." Regina went to her daughter and took her face in her hands and sobbed pulling her daughter into a tight hug which she quickly gave back feeling so safe in her mother's arms.

"Was that the worst?" Isabella shook her head.

"Not even close... There is so much more she made me do I can remember some of it but I try to not" Isabella says choosing her words carefully. Regina pulled away to see pain in her daughter's eyes.

"I want to see it all!" Regina said knowing she had to know. Isabella tensed she didn't want to show her mother mainly so she wouldn't get upset but also because she didn't want to relive it.

"Mother...I.." Regina grabbed her daughter's shoulders and Isabella could see the pain in them.

"Okay.." She said once again letting her mother in.