Narrator's POV

Isabella shook away the memory not wanting to think about that woman at all.

"Let her go!" Isabella looked up to see Emma pushing Dr. Whale off of Regina. She zoned out trying to remember more but gave up after a while.

"Hey?" Isabella focused on John who had grabbed her arm."What is matter?"He said confused at her sudden terror.

"Oh. Nothing just remembering something!" Isabella said without even and John barely remembered most things from before they were frozen only little details.

"It will be okay!" He stated seeing the worry on her face. She looked at his face she remembered that look.

"You don't get it John! She won't let me have a life I am trapped!" Isabella stated pacing back and forth.

"Isabella look she is just helping you with your magic!" Isabella sighed and sat down knowing that he was right.

"Yeah I know but she won't even let me see you anymore and I miss you!" Isabella said standing up again only to be stopped by him holding her shoulders firmly.

"Isabella! I know it hurts but she is trying to help!" Isabella only got angry and pulled away seeing that he didn't feel the same for her. She knew she was only fourteen, but she still loved him. "Isabella I know you need Cora now she is like you only..." He stopped speaking knowing what he was going to say would break her heart.

"What!" Isabella stated knowing what he meant. "My only mother figure! John my mother left me she never loved me!" Isabella said as tears fell from her eyes she never cried in front of him. She never let her walls down no matter how bad she felt but whenever she thought about her mother she couldn't help but cry.

"No Izzy! It is just that she wants to help thats all and thats how she thinks she has to!" Isabella turned to him and showing that tears were streaming down her face. John sighed and pulled her close to him.

"I want my mom John! It isn't fair thats all I want is my mom and you John! I don't want magic anymore!"

Isabella looked up and shook the sadness from inside her. She remember how terrible she felt that day how she only wanted her mom then and couldn't have her. She looked to see Charming grabbing Regina's hands and walking her through the crowd. It was like time stood still as Regina made eye contact with Isabella. It was like it was suppose to happen like it was meant to be. Isabella could see the determination and will power in Regina's eyes. Regina saw strength covered by a cloud of sadness. Isabella knew that was no normal stop and stare type of moment that was a connection and she had to figure out why.