::Chapter 1::

There was no pain, only numbness. It felt like he couldn't move and couldn't breathe. He commanded himself to open his eyes. To move a finger or a toe. Anything! But his body was frozen. All he could hear was his heartbeat, drowning out any other sounds. So he lay there for a long while until he felt the first brushes of grass against his arms and face. His skin prickled when he felt the first caress of warm sunlight dance across his cold flesh. The overwhelming sound of his heartbeat was fading and he could finally hear the soothing and alive sounds of the birds in the trees.

He fought now, to open his eyes but all his will power only had his eye lids fluttering uselessly. So he relaxed again and waited until the rest of his strength seeped back into his being. Finally, he tried again and managed to open his eyes, still with great difficulty, but succeeding anyways. The first few blinks were blurry but his eyes adjusted quickly, like they always did. He found himself staring into the trees. He shifted his dark eyes to the side, only to see that the rest of the surrounding forest was empty. With a groan he heaved himself up to a sitting position, closing his eyes when the world began swimming. He felt so heavy and out of it, like part of his mind was somewhere else.

Gently, he stood on his feet and began walking absently in a direction. He didn't know where he was, or how he ended up in this place. The last thing he remembered was…was…well damn. He didn't know the last thing he did or how he ended up out here but he was sure that it would come to him. He just had to be patient and get back to the village. He looked down at his clothes, flicking a piece of grass from his sleeve before checking to see if his hair was alright before he emerged from the forest. After taking in his surroundings, he knew where he was. Not far from Leaf village, he though, pleased. It was a warm walk and by the time he entered the gates he was sweating and moody. He hated being dirty and smelly. First stop was his apartment but before he started toward the general direction, someone stopped him.

"Oi, Sasuke! What the hell are you wearing?" It was Kiba. Sasuke frowned, noticing that he was riding Akamaru and the dog wasn't attacking him. Strange, they never had a close relationship but Sasuke supposed that maybe they came to some kind of consensus. It happened more than once but never lasted long. Akamaru hated the fact that Kiba was not a dog person and liked spending his time with cats rather than dogs. Kiba's sister and mother often teased him that maybe Kiba should have been born into another clan that didn't specialize in training dog ninja. "Do you have a necklace on?" Kiba reared his head back in surprise, critically looking over Sasuke's sparking attire before bursting out laughing. "Did you lose a bet with Naruto or something?"

Sasuke looked down. True, he was a dressed a little formally. His black sequined night club shirt and leather red pants was not something he usually wore in the day time but Kiba shouldn't be so surprised at his clothing. Why was he laughing at him? Was he jealous or something? But of course, Sasuke thought with a pitying shake of his head. People were always jealous of him and Kiba was no exception. "If you'll excuse me, I have to go home and shower." He said.

"Yeah and change your clothes!" Kiba called out to him. From there, he started noticing that people were staring incredulously at him and not in the way he was used to. Some looked like they wanted to laugh, others looked shell shocked and this made him uncomfortable. So his strides became longer and quicker as headed to the Uchiha complex as fast as he could. When he got there, he slowed his steps.

"What is this place?" He looked around the dilapidating buildings. The bowing wood had paint chipping off if the fired material and there was some kind of ominous whistle in the air. This was not the Uchiha complex. He picked up his pace, passing by small abandoned shops and falling structures toward his home but when he got there it was bordered up. Bewildered, he felt a strange kind of coldness work its way down his spine.

"Hello? Mom? Dad? Itachi?" He called out, yanking a lose board from the front door and ducking under another. This place looked as dead as outside of the compound. There was dust and cobwebs and it smelled musky and stale. He didn't even bother to take off his shoes as he walked through each of the rooms. Everything he saw looked old and aged. Even his room, it looked the way it did when he was just a child. His bed was smaller and there wasn't any of his sexy girly pictures attached to his walls. His dressers and closet was empty and it wasn't any different in the other rooms of his five bedroom house.

What was going on here? Where was everyone? Was the some kind of evacuation or something? Did something serious happen? But why didn't anyone say or do anything when he entered the village? Kiba didn't mention a thing.

Someone cleared their throat behind him and he turned to see a uniformed ANBU. "What's going on here? What happened to this place?"

He couldn't see the face behind the porcelain cat mask but he read his body language easy enough. He was surprised. "Sasuke Uchiha, please come with me to the Hokage office at once."

He felt some dread trickle down his neck. Was he in trouble or something? Why would the Hokage want to see him? He pushed that thought aside. Whatever was happing here, the Hokage would tell him. "Okay. Lead the way." He said. He took one more troubled look toward his abandoned house and left reluctantly with the ANBU.

He felt a keen sense of trepidation the moment he entered the Hokage office. Lady Tsunade stood in front of her desk with her arms folded in front of her…his eyes widened! She had a huge chest! When did she get those? Did she have some work done the other day or something? And where were her glasses?

Two more ANBU appeared and grabbed an arm, forcing him to his knees. Sasuke grunted and panic began to bubble. "What? What did I do?" He cried out.

"Who are you?" Lady Tsunade demanded. He was taken aback by the sharpness in her tone. She never talked like that before! She was usually very nice and mild. It was her assistant Shizune who had the temper, not the Lady Hokage. What in the world was going on? Was he dreaming or something? Having a nightmare? Could he be in some kind of genjutsu? Was he the victim of some massive joke?

"Sasuke Uchiha!" He said, wincing as one of the ANBU tightened his hold in his shoulder and jerked his arm behind his back. "What's going on? Where are my mother and father? Where is my brother Itachi? Why is the Uchiha compound in total ruins?" He was breathing hard, almost to tears. Lady Tsunade didn't lose her scowl, only gave a light nod in the direction of her right. A heavily scarred man materialized from the shadows.

"Ibiki. Deal with him right here and now." The calm deadness in her tone made him shiver unwittingly and he was painfully hauled to his feet and deposited in a chair. The man, Ibiki, looked like he had been to hell and back. His hard cold hands touched the crown of his head and he cried out and his eyes rolled up into his head when his brain shuddered with a seizure when the man shoved swiftly into his psyche. He didn't even have the will or strength to fight back as Ibiki brutally rummaged through his memories and personal thoughts. When he was mercifully finished, his whole being felt traumatized and his head rolled.

"Well?" He heard the Hokage ask.

"It is as you say." Ibiki said, his rough fingers wiping off the drool that ran down Sasuke's chin.

The Hokage huffed nosily. "Damn. Call for Sakura and Naruto right away."

Sasuke felt one of the ANBU disappeared at his side and he forced his eyes to open. "W-what's going to happen to me now?" He mumbled fearfully. He didn't exactly want to go through that again. He didn't know if he would every recover. Right now, he wanted to curl up into a ball until the sharp pains in his head and stomach went away. His mom would make him something warm and sweet to drink and baby her little boy until he was better. But she was nowhere near. Where could his family have gone?

"Nothing for now." The Hokage answered him, looking less hostile as she peered down at him.


Four hours later

Naruto felt sorry for the guy slumped in a wooden chair with four ANBU surrounding him. He looked so defeated and frightened. His sparkling dress shirt glimmered dully under the harsh lights of the interrogation room.

"Is that him?" Lady Tsunade asked him. He and Sakura had just returned from a delivery mission from Cloud when an ANBU met them at the gate and told them that they had been summoned.

"It looks like him. The Sasuke in our dimension would never wear something like that." Sakura observed, peering at him through the reinforced gel glass windows. "What's going on?" she turned to them, jade eyes dark with concern. "Why is he here? That whole thing that me and Naruto went through was a genjutsu. A trial and error 'Moon's Eye Plan' that was over three days ago!"

"Right. How could this Sasuke get through?" Naruto asked. "It's impossible right?"

The Hokage sighed. "No entirely impossible. I suppose there are ways. Matter of fact, a similar thing happened the day before you and Sakura got trapped in that genjutsu."

Sakura and Naruto exchanged looks. "Similar? What do you mean?" Sakura asked. The Hokage leaned against the cracked and stained wall of TI with her arms folded with a contemplative purse to her glossy lips.

"The day before you and Naruto were trapped in that genjutusu, Ino brought me someone who fell off of the Hokage Mountain. It was you Sakura."

Sakura gasped, shaking her head in denial. "But I was—"

"I know." The Hokage cut her off impatiently. "But nevertheless the unconscious girl Ino brought to me was you. Due to the hard fall, it had seemed to us that you had a mild case of short term amnesia. Ino suggested that she take you around to reacquaint yourself with the rest of the village and friends as to try and jog your memory. Ino told me that you had Kurenai, Asuma and Guy's team do…certain things." There was some mirth shining in her eyes.

"Things? Like what?" Sakura asked.

"Like make Hinata dress in a revealing dress and blindfold Neji. You made Kiba and Akamaru wear cat ears and put a mask over Choji's mouth. You even asked Shikamaru to pretend to be dumb."

"Hey! It just how everyone acted when we were in that genjutsu! Everyone was the opposite of what they were here." Naruto chimed.

Sakura looked disbelieving, a small flush on her cheeks. "So you're saying that that Sakura was from that dimension? Like this Sasuke here?" She thumbed toward Sasuke's direction through the glass. "What happened to her then? And why wasn't I told?"

The Hokage shrugged. "Ino said that you freaked out when you saw your parents." Her eyes softened. "She was probably overwhelmed by it. Didn't you say that in the genjutsu, your parents were dead?"

Both Naruto and Sakura grew taunt. "Yeah." Sakura lowered her eyes. "My parents were dead but Naruto and Sasuke's parents were alive."

Naruto's usual happy vibe darkened a bit. "It was opposite." He murmured, looking at Sasuke and feeling his chest tighten. He nodded in Sasuke's direction. "In his dimension, his parents were alive and well and Itachi was his protective older brother. He told me that he didn't like killing and harming people and the only reason he graduated the Academy was to make his family proud."

"What happened to the other Sakura?" Sakura asked, looking sadly at Sasuke through the glass.

"Ino said that your father returned a necklace that she dropped and hugged them. By that time, I think she realized what was going on because that Sakura said that she wasn't the Sakura we knew but she was glad Ino was her friend in this time too." She shrugged. "Then she just disappeared. We tried to find her but whatever transported her here, took her back. I didn't tell you because I wasn't so sure about it as well. But now, after hearing what you and Naruto went though and seeing this Sasuke, I have to seriously think about what we're going to do with him."

"He's no threat." Naruto defended.

"No, the threat is going to be our Sasuke. When is he supposed to be back from his mission in Sound?" Sakura asked, nibbling on her bottom lip.

Lady Tsunade groaned, rubbing her temples with the fingers. "Today. This evening sometime."

Despite the situation, Naruto started to grin. "I can't wait to see that. He's still having a hard time believing me and Sakura. Maybe this will make him think twice huh?"

"Naruto! This is a serious matter!" Sakura scolded. "Just think of what Playboy Sasuke is going to think when he learns what awaits him in our time. Our Sasuke will crush his sensitive soul!"

"Playboy Sasuke?" Naruto raised a brow. "I almost forgot how he had you sputtering and blushing in that genjutsu."

Sakura promptly smacked him across the hall making a Naruto sized hole in the wall. Through the glass, the Hokage saw Sasuke turn to the sound. Sakura was towering over Naruto, shaking her fist and telling him not to make fun of her again or he'll be through the floor next time. Naruto just mumbled and groaned, looking like he was in a daze.

Tsunade sighed for like the twentieth time since Sasuke was brought before her. She needed a drink desperately. "Might as well go and meet him since you two are causing such a racket. Maybe he might remember you." Tsunade twisted the knob to the interrogation room door and dismissed the ANBU standing watch. She felt a tad bit guilty when Sasuke flinched when he saw her.

"Sasuke. What was the last thing you remembered before coming to the village." She asked, folding her arms under her breasts.

His dark hair fell into his face. "I was heading home from a club. I was supposed to meet a girl later on but then…"

"Then?" She pressed.

He shook his head. "I thought I saw a light…or maybe it was a lantern or something. It looked weird. As I reached out to touch it…I don't know, I blacked out? The next thing you know I was laying outside in the forest. Maybe I drank too much or something." His innocent looking black eyes didn't hold the steel, calculating coldness of this dimension's Sasuke. Sometime even she was unnerved in front of him when he would report a mission or she would give him one.

His choice of clothing only made her realize that this was a whole different person than the Sasuke Uchiha she knew. Certainly, their Sasuke would never in his life wear such a flashy shirt and she suspected that he would commit seppuku before he had to wear such tight red leather pants.

"That's all? Nothing else?" She was disappointed with how little he knew. Sasuke shook his head regrettably. "Alright. Naruto, Sakura come in."

The other two entered quietly and stood on either side of her. "Now Sasuke, listen very carefully because we have a lot to tell you." She began, glad that she had Naruto and Sakura with her to explain and make it easier to deal with this impossible situation.


Sasuke Uchiha knew something was amiss when an ANBU met he and Neji at the gate.

"Just Uchiha for now." The ANBU said to Neji in a muffled voice behind his mask. After coming back from a two day mission in the hellish swamp of Sound Country, all Sasuke wanted to do was go home and shower. So it was no surprise that annoyance and anger radiated off on him in waves and waves of angst. He stalked into the office only to stop dead in his tracks. He blinked once to make sure he wasn't seeing things and he was pretty sure he wasn't in a genjutsu.

Naruto and Sakura stood up from their chairs when they saw him. Both gave hesitant looks at the third person who sat in the middle of them. When he stood, Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"What is this?"

"Sasuke. Please close the door. We need to have a serious conversation." The Hokage said, motioning him to come forward. Sasuke didn't take his eyes off of the stranger who looked like him and found himself smirking when the other person jumped when he slammed the door with a flick of his wrist.


AN: So many of you probably have heard something about the "Road to Ninja" Naruto movie that came out. Unfortunately, we here in the US won't see it until April 2013 (I think). But in the movie, Naruto and Sakura get caught in a genjutsu and find themselves in a world where everything is opposite. Naruto and Sasuke's parents are alive and Sakura's parents are dead (her dad is the Fourth Hokage and dies when the Nine tails attacks the village.) The filler episode "Finding Sakura" had a direct link to the movie so I used that for my own purpose in this story.

Here is a summary or synopsis of the movie.


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