Warrior Princess

Summary: AU The plan for Charming and a pregnant Snow to go through the magical wardrobe was a success. In order to help their friends back home Charming and Snow prepare their daughter Emma for the final battle.

This story starts where it otherwise might have ended. The Evil Queen, determined to ruin Snow White's happiness created a curse that would rip their realities away from a wonderful world and replace them with a new reality; one where there are no happy endings. Their one last hope is the unborn baby of Snow White and Prince James, for prophesy's told that already their fate lay in the hands of this one girl who hadn't yet breathed air. Upon learning this detail the Blue Fairy searched the lands for the sole remaining enchanted tree left in all the realm. With the help of master wood crafter Geppeto they made a wardrobe to transport this family to safety so one day they could return and save them all.

A blast of energy pushed a block of bark away from the tree. A very pregnant Snow and her husband James crouched inside of the huge trunk. James hopped out of it turning to offer his wife a hand. "Where are we?" Snow questioned looking around to see a large forest. A pulse of energy generated from the tree and the colorful circle spread far out in the land. Snow White held worry in her eyes, "Was that it?" she asked James, "Was that the cur—ahhh." She cried out grabbing the underside of her belly.

"Is it the baby?" James asked her clutching lightly onto the cusp of her elbow hoping to steady her, "Is the baby okay?" Snow grasped onto the tree and screamed so loud birds in the tree above them flew off in the opposite direction.

"She's coming!" Snow whimpered losing her grip on James but he held her protectively and wouldn't let her waver.

He positioned her back against the tree, "Lean here for a moment." James took his leather jerkin off and laid it on the forest's floor. Walking back to Snow he helped her towards the jerkin positioning her over it. "I know this isn't the ideal spot to have a baby." Snow chuckled lightly before another wave of pain passed over her. James helped lay her on the ground and together they helped each other deliver the most precious gift they could've ever asked for.

Afterwards, James went to the small pack of supplies they had brought with them and pulled the hand knit baby blanked embroidered with Emma that Widow Lucas had given them before they fled; and one of his spare shirts. He cleaned his daughter off with the spare shirt before wrapping her in the baby blanket kissing her on her forehead and handing her to Snow.

No longer in pain Snow lay drained of energy; sweat tricked down from her brow. "What do we do now?"

James looked at the vast forest in front of him, "Now, We build a home Snow."