Chapter 13 Terrible teens

Word Count 2611

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"What's taking them so long?" Rumplestiltskin snapped.

Snow smiled gently and opened the door, "I'll just go have a look." As she moved to exit the car he grabbed her around the wrist.

"There better be nothing funny going on Snow White." Her name was spit in venom.

She ripped her wrist from his hands and rubbed it lightly before closing the car door on him and retreating to the house. James reached behind him into the back seat forcing Rumplestiltskin backwards into the door. "You do not touch my wife again." He scorned. He glanced behind him and saw Snow helping Jefferson from the cabin. "My daughter has gone to find your son—"

"No!" Mr. Gold shouted. "I am supposed to find him! He is my son!" He bellowed.

"Emma thought otherwise." James said as calmly as he could. "The potion you gave her did something to Emma. She sees all sorts of possibilities and the one where you went with her didn't end the way you'd hope. Right now, we will return to Storybrooke and soon Emma will as well—I'm sure it will be with your son."

Rumple pushed James from him and fixed his shirt as James buckled himself into the driver's seat. Snow opened the passenger door helping Jefferson in before sitting in the back beside Blue. "We're ready." She stated without giving explanation to Rumplestiltskin.

Emma laughed as she drove down the highway. She was free. She had a car, she had knowledge, and she was with her best friend; things couldn't get any better. "So where to first?" She questioned glancing at Cleo.

"Keep your eyes on the road!" Cleo shouted as bright headlights gleamed in front of her. Emma pulled back into her lane as a horn sounded inches in front of her.

She rolled her eyes, "Stop acting like such a parent Cleo. We are free for once!"

"Pull over right now." Cleo stated looking at Emma.

Emma pressed harder on the gas speeding up. "Why sister? This is what I've dreamed of! What I've wanted for so long, to be free!"

"Pull over right this instant!" The words were sharp and against her will Emma pulled the car over.

Her hands were still tight on the wheel but the car was stopped, "What did you do?" Emma questioned.

Cleo opened the door and turned to look at the girl, "I used magic." She stated, "Obviously you're not in the right mind set to drive. I took it upon myself to protect us." She exited the car and looked at Emma in the driver's seat. "You're going to move over. I'm going to drive and you're going to finally fill me in on this plan to get to Portland. I don't know what you're doing Emma but I won't let you mess all of this up."

Slowly Emma scooted over into the passenger seat as Cleo retreated to the driver's seat. "I was just trying to have a little fun." Emma rolled her eyes and crossed her arms tightly. "How is it that you can use this magic on me Cleo? Out of all the years you've been with me you've never used magic with me."

"I was brought here to protect you Emma and that comes with magic." Cleo admitted. "My power comes with my feline form and enough magic to contain you."

Emma couldn't help but double over in laughter, "Contain me?" Emma lifted her feet onto the dashboard and continued to laugh hysterically.

"Stop acting like a little brat." Cleo said, "You're Emma, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. You are the savior. There are people who depend on you—now start acting like it."

With Cleo driving, Emma had a long time to be irritated and to think about the whole situation. Finally she had gotten the thing she had wanted most; knowledge about the world. Living in the forests of Maine for her entire life was hard. She saw glimpses of Storybrooke but she didn't get to experience life there for long. She was brought up in a life of training. Training to kill the Queen, training to save her friends—Emma was tired of training. For once she understood everything and she just wanted to have a little fun.

"Well are you going to tell me how we're getting to Oregon?" Cleo asked as she exited the off ramp.

Emma glanced out the window and said flatly, "We're not driving all the way there that'll take days. A plane is leaving from the airport in an hour and a half—"

"And how do you expect us to get enough money to afford two plane tickets?" Cleo pressed.

She looked at Cleo and smiled, "Well most people don't have a cat that can do tricks."

"My home is right there." Jefferson pointed at his mansion as James had slowly driven through the road entering Storybrooke, "We can stay there for now the Queen shouldn't expect us to return so soon."

James pulled up slowly to the mansion and thankfully Regina was nowhere to be seen. He parked the car and helped Jefferson to the house as Snow helped Blue. Rumplestiltskin limped his way to the front door irritated he poked his finger into James' chest before he entered the house, "If your daughter doesn't come back with my son I will kill her Prince."

He looked Gold in the eyes and took a step forward, "My daughter will return with him and even if she doesn't—you won't lay a hand on her."

Rumplestiltskin pressed his lips together before shaking his head and entering Jefferson's house. "A deal is a deal." He left before James had a chance to counter.

"Well Jefferson and Blue seem to be recovering." Snow said entering the foyer as James closed the door. "It seems Rumplestiltskin was right, Emma was the reason they were sustaining life and since she was absent they were suffering."

He frowned and turned towards her, "We need a plan Snow just in case Emma returns without his son."

Snow placed her hand gently on his arm, "You know just as I that won't happen. We've taught her so well. She knows this is her destiny. A destiny isn't a choice it's a point in your life that happens no matter what obstacles you face."

He sighed, "Well when you put it that way—"

She smiled and pulled her husband into her arms, "You've taught her well James, now you just need to trust her."

Emma and Cleopatra sat on the airplane. Emma's hands were clenched tightly around the armrest. "Relax Emma. This trip will be nothing compared to the hours we would've spent in the car."

Emma closed her eyes and ignored Cleo. She tried to not be so irritated but she was. She had all of this knowledge and she wanted to use it. What was the point of knowing how to drive? What was the point of knowing how to fight if she didn't use it?

"Would you like a drink miss?" The stewardess asked.

"Vodka Orange Juice." Emma looked out the window and crossed her arms.

"May I see your ID Mam?" She asked. Emma turned and glared at her but Cleo waved her palm. In a daze she smiled, "Thank you Mrs. Swan." The stewardess said.

"Swan?" Emma questioned to Cleo as she walked away.

Cleo shrugged, "I thought Emma Swan sounded like a nice ID for her to be looking at."

"Whatever as long as I get my drink."

"Would you start acting your age?" Cleopatra accused, "What happened to the little girl I knew that just wanted to learn about the people from her home? What happened to the little girl that just wanted to save her people?"

Emma looked out the window of plane, she saw the world beneath her but it looked like a bunch of mountains and plains of grass. "She died when I gained understanding of this world." She turned to her friend and added, "I didn't know what my parents kept from me until now. There is a whole world out there and instead I was secluded to a shack."

"Your parents did everything they could for you young lady!" Cleo nearly shouted but lowered her voice as she caught the ear of other passengers, "How can you act like this Emma?"

"Because now I know." She crossed her arms once more and closed her eyes until the stewardess returned with her drink. "Thank you." She stammered before she downed it.

Blue and Jefferson had finally recovered and filled Snow and James on everything that had gone on in Storybrooke during their absence since the Enchanted Kingdom. Mr. Gold refrained from speaking but rolled his eyes countless times. "Well why don't you fill us in on your experience?" Snow asked.

"Because it's much like the one I held in the Kingdom. I'm merely someone who helps others attain what they want."

"So what have you helped be attained here in Storybrooke?" James asked.

"Henry—for one." Rumplestiltskin admitted, "Regina wanted a son and I found her one."

"What did you have to do to obtain him?" Blue questioned. "I hope he was from an orphanage Mr. Gold for if not you will surely be held accountable by God."

He laughed "Still holding yourself accountable to God Mother Superior?" He ran his hand over his hair before turning to gaze at her, "Henry's father didn't deserve him."

"And Regina did?" Snow asked. "According to Emma she has done something horrible to Henry and I'm not sure she deserved him either."

"Maybe she didn't." He shrugged, "But it's been set in stone. The Queen assured me, if I gave her a son she would return mine."

"Wait a second." Jefferson questioned. "How will the Queen return your son if Emma is the one to go after him?"

Mr. Gold couldn't help his smirk, "Because if you haven't noticed we still hold all the power."

"Emma where are you going?" Cleo asked hurrying after Emma.

"We just got to Portland it's freezing here and I'm not walking around in my leather jerkin." She entered an Urban Outfitters and started looking at the clothes, "If I'm going to be here for a while I want to look stylish."

"We're here to find Rumplestiltskin's son we're not here to find a date."

Emma pulled a vintage dress from the hanger. She removed her jerkin and pulled the dress over the tank top that remained. "That's correct." She said adding a shrug and a scarf. "But while we're here we might as well have fun." She placed a few bills on the counter and exited the store hearing a violent ringing behind her.

"You!" She heard shouted behind her.

Two security guards chased after her but Emma pressed her hands gently behind her and turned to look at them before smiling at Cleo. "And you thought you had magic." She laughed. Emma skipped joyfully down the streets as she neared his car. A bright yellow bug was sitting on the side streets. "Well he must be in one of these bars." Emma pulled a piece of paper from her pocket and drew her hand across it, the paper transformed into an I.D stating that 'Emma Swan' was 21 years of age.

Emma smiled as she handed her new I.D over to the bouncer. "Enjoy yourself miss. If you're free after my shift I'd love to-" He flirted as he handed the card back to her.

"Will pick you up on that offer if it arises." Emma laughed as she entered a bar for her first time. It was fairly quiet a few people were at the bar ordering drinks and playing video poker. She looked around the bar but didn't see him. She pushed her aura out and finally took a glimpse of him. "Come on Cleo he's in the back." Emma walked in the backroom of the bar and found Bae playing darts. Before Emma went to talk to him she quickly turned towards Cleo, "How about you get yourself a drink—I don't want to bombard him and plus you'll be outside of the door so we won't be able to leave."

Cleo shrugged gently and looked at Emma, "Don't you dare leave Emma. Remember why we are here." Emma nodded and Cleo agreed. "Okay." She sighed heavily and continued, "Be careful Emma. This is Rumplestiltskin's son."

Emma nodded without adding anything else before she turned and entered the backroom. "Hi." She said coyly. Bae glanced at her before turning back to his dart board and sending another dart right at the bulls eye. "You're really good at that." She smiled flirtatiously. "Can I get you another drink?" she asked.

"Are you hitting on me?" He asked bluntly.

Emma smiled and picked up one of his darts twirling it in her fingers. "I'm not sure." She threw the dart at the board splitting his at the bulls eye. "Do you think I'm flirting?"

Bae smiled plucking the split dart from the board. "I'm not sure." He admitted, but I've never seen anyone throw a dart like that before."

Emma smiled and moved towards Bae. "I'm pretty sure there is a reason for that."" Emma confessed. "Look Bae."

He lifted his head at his name, "How did you-?"

Emma continued to interrupt him. "I know who you are. I know what you're doing in Portland." She placed a twenty on the table as two drinks were delivered to them.

"I'm trying to understand." Bae admitted. "But this is weird, you have to admit."

Emma smirked slightly, "It is." She leaned further into him pressing him against the wall, "No need to be alarmed but your father has sent me to find you."

Bae's face furrowed and his hands instinctively wrapped around her arms, "What do you mean my father sent you?"

Emma smiled gently brushing off his hands, "You know what I mean Bae." She laughed raising her hand for another drink.

Bae leaned in close to her, "I'm not sure I do." He admitted, "If you're saying my father Rumplestiltstkin sent you here; well that is the only thing I will understand,"

She quickly downed her new drink and smiled at Bae, "Well you are very understanding then." She purred the drinks finally grasping ahold of her.

He grabbed her arm not anticipating as much force as he pressed but it was unintentional, "How did you find me?" He growled, "My father should've never found me."

Emma gasped gently as his fingers pressed into her skin, "I did it on my own Bae." She admitted, "Well, not on my own. Your father gave me a potion and it filled my mind with—" Emma paused searching for words but there was really only one word that could encompass what filled her mind, "—Everything."

Bae shook his head and turned from Emma. He downed his drink quickly and turned to leave, "You are just like him." He spat.

She grabbed him quickly and pressed him backwards into the wall, "I am not." She stated, "I am nothing like that man!" The patrons in the bar glanced at her before turning back to their own drink, "I came here because it was the deal I made with him. His son is the only reason preventing him from helping me break the curse. You are the only reason."

Bae glanced at her gently as she released her grip, "What does that mean exactly?"

"It means you need to come with me to Storybrooke." Emma said.