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The room was ill-lighted dimly by a small bulb hanging low from the ceiling. The walls were a dark brown color and the floor concert. In the middle of the box shaped room was a chair, sitting in the chair was a bruised girl, her face covered in blood and black bruises. Her hair hung around her down turned face in black dirty strings. Her clothes were the ones he had last witnessed her in, a long sleeved green shirt and a black skirt, now both they were tainted with blood and torn in odd places.

After a while her face lifted and her blue eyes pierced through him, pierced through the camera she had to be looking into and through his computer screen. Her eyes darted away from the camera to someone behind it, her eyes filled with uncertainty and fear – he had never seen her look like that before. Then her eyes returned to the camera and she finally spoke, licking her cracked bleeding lips first.

"Hi," Her eyes dropped low to her hands in her lap, picking at the cuts on her hand. "He let me choose who to send this too… I needed to pick someone nice and someone who would do anything for a friend. I would have picked Tori but…" A sad laugh tore out of her. "I think she would have freaked out and wouldn't have been much help… I mean, the likely hood of you freaking out right now is pretty high too, but I hope you'll listen before you do anything stupid." A loud sound off camera made her jump and her eyes dart to whoever was behind the camera again. "I… I… You have to do what he tells you to do, if you don't he'll kill me." Her eyes returned to the camera. "Don't go to the cops; don't tell anyone else… only do what he tells you to do." Another sound made her jump again. "He wants ten thousand dollars by Sunday, you have to steal it. He… he's really smart and he'll be aware if you don't." Then the camera went back, the video was over.

That was Robbie's seventh time watching the video, and he was still no closer to wrapping his head around what he had seen then he was the first time he made the mistake of opening the email. The girl on the video – Jade - had gone missing nearly two-weeks ago, at the time not a lot of people were overly worried. The girl craved 'alone' time.

The cops had been looking but obviously still treating her case like a run-away case. Now, Robbie was torn and confused and at a loss. This video would be evidence that the cops needed to treat this with more importance, but in her words, he was to tell no one. Also, this kidnapper wanted him to steal ten thousand dollars. Why? That had him questioning the authenticity of the video – maybe they were only playing a trick on him.

Unsure, he began the video again starting it over from the beginning. Her fear seemed real, but the girl is an actress. Her bruises could be make-up. He wasn't quite certain who she could be working with on this type of prank, everyone was, in his opinion, genuinely worried about her. None of them would ever play a cruel joke like this on him either. Frankly, he honestly had trouble believing Jade would go through all this trouble to simply trick him.

Now what? If it is real and Jade is in danger, what now? Go to the cops, show them this video? She had warned not to. Get this man ten thousand dollars by Sunday – only two days away – by stealing it?

The boy tugged at his hair staring at the frozen video he had paused on Jade's face. Maybe, he could track this video and the email address to the cops. He tried it and the response was right away, before he could complete the task his computer shut off and wouldn't come back on.

A little horrified, Robbie backed away from desk his lap top was sitting on, his chair rolling into his bed. Unsure, he got up and began pacing his room a dreading feeling filling his stomach. An hour later his phone buzzed on his nightstand.

Hesitantly, he looked at it, clicking on the email symbol on his phone. Another video, he was very hesitant to press play.

Her nose was bleeding, dripping down, and coating her upper lip. Her body looked funny as if something on her was hurting, her eyes were filled with pain and fear as she looked at the man off camera. She was shivering. Her eyes moved to the camera and she wiped the blood from her lip with a shaky hand.

"I… He thinks things weren't made clear enough last time." Her voice is low and weak. "He wants the money and you have to steal it." Her eyes plead with the camera. "Please…" Her eyes move back to who is behind the camera, her body shrinking away. "Leave the money in your mailbox at midnight." Then it once again shut off.

Robbie blankly stared at his phone.


Robbie walked through the halls of Hollywood Arts like a zombie that next morning. His mind plagued with thoughts and ideas of ways to come up with ten thousand dollars in the two days. Not only come up with but, he has to steal it.

He was in so much of a daze he missed all the odd looks his friends were giving him, when they would speak to him and he wouldn't answer. His mind was too preoccupied with the heaviness of the very large issue he faced.

"Robbie!" He actually jumped when Tori appeared beside him. She frowned at his jumpiness as she balanced a large thick stack of flyers; they were flyers for the new play being put on tonight. It was the end of the year type of thing and was suppose to have a huge turnout. "You said you would help me hang these up, remember?"

I have bigger problems then a stupid play! Play…

"How much are the tickets for this play and how many people are coming?" He asked.

Tori shoved the flyers into his arms. "I dunno… It's supposed to be big though. So, stop stalling we have to hang these up all around school and at Nozu's." She took half of the flyers. "Oh and don't forget you promised to help with parking outside." Then the brunette was off, moving away quickly with purpose.

The boy wasn't very happy about the idea forming inside his head.


The theater was filling with students and parents and other teacher from other schools wanting to see the final senior play for Hollywood Arts before the next year began. Sikowitz was genuinely happy about the turn out, Robbie noted.

All the money made would go to a foundation for feeding starving children, so a lot of people made larger donations then the five buck ticket.

"You don't think anything bad really happened to Jade right?" Tori asked him as they entered Hollywood Arts with their bags filled with money people had to pay for parking.

Robbie almost tripped over his own feet and he began to stammer, struggling to come up with the right thing to say. "I… I'm worried." He finally managed to say.

They neared the location people were buying their tickets. "I'm really worried too." She gently sighed. The hall was nearly empty, mostly everyone already inside and settling down for it to begin. "Jade's a little… well, yeah, but I don't think she would ever leave for so long and make everyone worry… Not even Jade would do that right?"

"I don't think so." He quietly said. He wanted to scream.

They met up with a teacher named Mr. Jeffery who was in charge of handing out tickets.

"Here you go." Tori said handing the bag over to Jeffery, Robbie reluctantly did as well.

"Thanks Tori, Robbie." The man smiled at them, closing down the money box and reaching under the table he was seated at and pulling out another, setting it on top of that one. "I got to go deliver this to Helen before the woman makes her getaway." He told them lightly, standing and balancing the bags on top of the metal boxes.

"I can help." Robbie offered grabbing the bags he and Tori had brought.

The man smiled. "Thanks Robbie, now let's hurry." The man began walking down the hall towards Helen's office.

"I'll see you inside then, Robbie!" Tori called after him.

"Yeah!" He fumbled over his words as he followed Mr. Jeffery.

How was he going to do this? He glanced at Mr. Jeffery, the man was big as in tall, taller than him and weighed a lot more, which meant tripping him and beating him up for the money was out of the question. Not to mention that as a whole was a bad idea.