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The box only contained five thousand dollars.

Helen hadn't been in her office when they had gotten there, but Mr. Jeffery had a key to her office and had simply put the boxes under her desk. Robbie went back in later and took the boxes and bags. No one would notice until Monday.

Today was Saturday, and Robbie once again had a sleepless night. This time not only worrying about what type of suffering Jade was going through, but also that fact that Mr. Jeffery come Monday morning, would put two and two together and realize he had taken the money. He would go to jail and then no one would be able to help Jade. He also had only a few hours until midnight to come up with five thousand dollars.

"Robbie, you look awful! Are you on drugs?"

Robbie held in his groan as his Mamwa's loud voice assaulted his ears. "No Mamwa, I'm not on drugs." He ran a hand through his hair.

"Oh well, come in." He followed his Mamwa into her apartment. "Would you like a bowl of cream of wheat, Robbie?"

"No," he took a seat on her couch. "Is grandpa home?"

"God no, every Saturday he goes down to the bingo and spends all day there. I'm taking some cream of wheat to him right now. How's your mother?"

"Fine, Mamwa."

"Have you met a nice girl yet? Hopeful not that red head," she asked.

"No Mamwa."

"I don't understand why not you're a handsome boy. How about this? I'll talk to your uncle Ran about that nice girl that works in his office. I'm telling you she's real pretty Robbie."

"Thanks but no thanks, Mamwa."

The woman heaved a huge container of cream of wheat onto the table. "I'm going to take this down to your grandfather. Make yourself at home."

He nodded and watched his grandmother grab her purse and a handful of hard candies before leaving. Robbie only sat on the couch for a long time, wondering was he really going to steal from his grandmother.

Eventually he got on his feet and wondered into his grandparent's odd smelling room. The wall was covered in hideous flower designed wall paper, which matched the thick comforter on the bed. He moved forward his sneakers moving noiselessly over the light yellow carpet. He carefully pulled up the mattress he was aware his grandparent usually kept their money. He grasped one of the many envelops underneath and opened it, happy to find it contained five-thousand dollars exactly. He then shoved the thick envelope into his pocket and left.


The money went into his mailbox that night and that morning it was gone. By that afternoon he had an email when he checked it on his mom's computer. He had been waiting all day for it, literally pulling his hair out and stressing. He wasted no time clicking the video to began."

She looked better, not really, but her bruises were fading. Her face was free of blood as well, she reached up and adjusted the camera and pulled a strand of her hair, almost nervously. Her eyes were behind the camera, and then she was looking at the camera.

"Thanks Robbie," the girl says noticeably swallowing. "You're likely thinking very lowly of yourself for stealing the money however you did it, but I'm really thankful." She let go of her hair. She looked exhausted, likely getting even less sleep then he. He realized how she could even sleep in that hell hole. "He won't let me go yet… he's thinking of other things to make you do." Anger filled Robbie, but he couldn't actually do anything about it. "He wants me to tell you about what I do daily here."

Her eyes go to whoever is behind the camera briefly. "I…" She looks down at her lap. "I wake up on a mattress; it's behind me on the floor. Then sometimes I eat breakfast – sometimes beans sometimes whatever he had for breakfast, and then I have to go to school… I read books which I am tested on later. I usually eat one more time, then I…" She abruptly stops talking her eyes closing. "I… get a personal lesson from him, and then I go to sleep." The way she had said personal lesson diffidently had more of a meaning to it. He honestly didn't want to think about it. "Then all of it begins again tomorrow." She makes a sad attempt at a smile. "I didn't think you had it in you – stealing and stuff." Then she begins to talk quickly. "If he asks you do anything to bad don't." Her eyes darted upwards towards the man – panic and fear in her features. "If it's anything to bad just… you can refuse!" The camera went out.

The boy stared blankly at the black screen, feeling helpless.

Now what?


He tried to eat and to sleep, but it's no use. He wonders around his home aimlessly have arguments with himself about telling the cops… someone about what was going on. He wondered when his Mamwa would notice the money missing, he wondered if Jade was being hurt.

When Tori calls him and asks him if he wants to join her and Cat at Nozu, he's relieved. He get's dressed indolently, in dirty clothing, and makes no attempt rule his unruly curls. It's obvious how bad he looks when he meets the girls.

"Uh…" Tori comments intelligently upon seeing him, looking him up and down wasting a bit of her green tea on her, "oh man."

"Robbie, you don't look good." Cat tells him honestly, staring at him strangely.

Robbie collapses in the chair beside Cat. "Yeah," he agrees. He looks at his phone, checking his email – nothing yet.

"What's wrong Robbie?" Tori asked concerned, wiping at her shirt. "You look…"

"Bad" Cat chimed in. Tori shook her head at her.

Robbie nodded. "Nothing's wrong with me." He laughed forcefully. "I…"

His phone buzzed.