Good old story I dragged from my collection lemons. I have yet to continue it. I know that I will at some point. This is short but explicit lemon. 18 and up please!

Numerous forbidden affairs with Rukia brings Ichigo to ask a weird question, and has Rukia wondering, how are they going to pull it off? ICHIGO X RUKIA

Secretly Together

Ch-1 Fed up

Rukia waited at his door, constantly looking over her shoulder. Her mind was going mad. The hungry anticipation of being with her lustful lover once more had her tingling all over. Yet, the thoughts of when they were going to get caught fled her brain too. She had thought about it many times while driving to Ichigo's house. Thinking, the both of them could keep this affair going for a while longer. After all, they had been fucking each other for a year, but she could see an end in sight.

The door whipped open anxiously as if it were an emergency. Rukia's secret lover was wearing what he always wore after getting home from work, a regular creamed collared shirt and dark trousers. The man had even kicked off his shoes by the entrance, and before letting her in, he put a finger over his lips. "Shh… Yuzu is sleeping on the couch." Rukia's violet eyes followed his slender finger till they stopped at the small girl, lightly snoozing on the leather couch.

Ichigo's lips separated into a flawless grin. "…Follow me to the upstairs den."

Rukia silently counted how many times they had sex there. Which only four times came popping in her head. "Where's Orihime?" that was her only concern.

"She'll be gone all evening." the orange haired man shrugged, "And I reckon Kaien won't be calling you this time?"

"Most likely…" Rukia rolled her eyes good-naturedly at him, "However, I won't know. I left my phone in the car, this time…" She mocked, taking off her cashmere coat and disposing it in the guest closet.

He chuckled. "No drawbacks, it looks like."

This was a routine they both enjoyed. Even though they were friends, Rukia was a married woman and Ichigo was a married man. Still, they were way too far now to stop their sensual flame. It was way too sexy and way too passionate to make taboo. Make no mistake, Rukia loved Kaien very much, and Ichigo loved Orihime, but the passionate sex that the two friends had together happened to be out of this universe.

Ichigo directed her to the upstairs den where it was quiet and dim. There were two glasses of wine poured and some music jazzing a tone in the background. "We're going classy tonight?" Rukia cracked a sinful grin.

"Sure what the hell…" the man snickered, sitting next to the small woman on the couch. "I thought we could go all out tonight."

She raised a brow to his response, go all out tonight? She grasped the glass of wine, "To what do we owe this special occasion?"

"No occasion." Ichigo replied, "…Toasting to a quiet uninterrupted evening."

"Mmm." Rukia smiled in agreement. After the glasses clinked, it was only a matter of time before something happened. They both knew why they were there. Ichigo shifted his body closer to her and set his glass down on the table after taking a swig.

Ichigo snaked his hand up Rukia's skirt as she set her wine down next to her on the other end table. She took both hands and pulled him close, happily inviting the man's tongue to travel past her thirsty lips. The kissing was exceedingly passionate and only increased as they both began to moan gently into each other's mouths. Ichigo's hands became effective again, reaching forward to curve around the petite woman's back and unlatch her bra through her shirt effortlessly.

"Mmm…" Rukia broke the kiss tingling. Her breasts perked out so nicely under her pink blouse, it made Ichigo's member twitch in excitement. He ran his fingertips down her spine, bringing up her shirt tantalizingly slow and pulling it over her head.

"Small and petite… just how I like em." Which contradicted his wife's Orihime's tits, which happened to be very large and rounded perfectly with just the right small pink nubs for nipples. Yet, Rukia's were so uniquely small and easily flushed. Especially when he put his monstrous hand over them and her nipple would poke between his fingers. He loved how her nipples were so convenient for sucking on when they rested there.

Rukia's right hand rose up to twiddle with his half buttoned shirt, sliding it down so he would have to stop his foreplay and take it off. It was funny so see him go through such a struggle to get that shirt off— so anxious and eager, he couldn't even concentrate. He gets one arm through, not even worrying about getting the other one out. His hands ride up to Rukia's skirt, pulls it up then grunts.

"…What's the matter?"

"You chose all days to wear a girdle…" he cooed. Now it would take him even more useless time get to that luminous, luxurious flower.

"I did you the favor of coming right after work…" her legs wrapped around his torso pulling him in with those strong leg muscles, inducing him to fall forward on his forearms, "…So you can do me the favor of working for it this time…" she grumbled, her face becoming serious. "Well?"

He gritted his teeth, trying to pry open the skirt girdle. Why the fuck do girls wear these anyway? I mean she's already small… what's she trying to be, anorexic? In his own frustration, he simply just rips it down the middle.

"That's my only one you know!" she whispers loudly, "…You're paying for that!"

He flips the light woman over to where her nipples are facing the couch and her tush was up in the air. Rukia could hear the sound of his pants unzipping. Suddenly the weight of his length, pounded top of her ass, reminding her of his thick size. "Heh, it will all be worth it." She heard the twisted smile in his voice.

At some point, between him pushing himself into her and hearing a noise downstairs, he could see the end of this affair drawing close. Getting to that end and making sure it was smooth was going to be the next challenge. There wasn't a need to worry about that challenge tonight, though as there was no risk of getting caught. Orihime would be getting home at 1am from her auntie's. His nirvana wouldn't stop until he heard Orihime's childlike voice, wafting through the air.

"Oooh Ichigo…mmmhhh…" Came Rukia, shutting her eyes and gritting her teeth. His size was so amazing. Much more than Kaien. Of course Kaien was great at sex but there was something unique about Ichigo's sex that was an ultimate turn on. It was very naughty, yet, still passionate. It's as if he saved all his talent for her and her only. She couldn't imagine him pounding into Orihime like this, she wouldn't be able to handle it. Ichigo pumps faster, gripping her thighs. He's practically ramming himself with eagerness, his dick had been craving this. She could hear her lover panting, holding back, grunting and resisting the nearly impossible temptation to cum while inside her.

"I'm all yours…" Rukia gritted, she was all his to pump into and sexually manipulate however he wanted too, his coveted sexdoll. In response, Ichigo pulls the woman's arms behind her, forcing her face to sink into the cushion of the couch. Adding to Rukia's torture, he pulls strands of her midnight hair, pounding at her juicy, wet pussy while his fingers massaged her ass so delicately. Her petite butt claps against him reddening with every forceful thrust. She was his— before Orihime came home. Too bad she couldn't always be his…

He lets go and throws her on her back, pinning her down firmly with his mighty hands on her wrists. His lips invade her neck, nipping, sucking and trying his best not to leave marks. He pauses, sliding his hands slide up to her neck, holding her steady as he slid his cock into her once more. He slams into her wet pussy, her juices roll down his shaft, making a mess in the process. Rukia's free hand is pulling her mouth closed, trying not make a sound. Ichigo reaches down and rubs her throbbing clit as he throws her legs up over his head; she wants to come so badly and just as she was, Ichigo quickly pulls out of her.

"…Wah? …What the hell Ichigo?" she breathes angrily, trying to pull the man back to her, but he won't budge. Suddenly his brown eyes bore into hers, and for a split moment, an arrogant smirk appears on his sweated face. "…Ichi…go… what are you— aargh…" he pushes himself again pulls to where only a few inches are in. Rukia moans at throbbing friction between them. His lips cover hers to keep her from moaning loudly. He fucks her even harder, feeling the velvetiness of her inner walls. She groaned, feeling every inch of his length going into her and coming back out with every pounding he gave to her.

He gives a few final thrusts, and Rukia's tightens up as he gives one more pump inside her. She couldn't take it anymore; she pulls away from Ichigo's lips—

Pant, pant…

"…OH GOD!"

Ichigo's eyes widen. Even though Orihime wasn't here, his sister still was! "Shh!"

"Ichigo? I'm home!" Never mind.

The sound of Orihime's piercing voice made Ichigo and Rukia repel from each other like two negatively charged magnets. Rukia fell off the couch with a thud but redeemed herself, grabbing her clothes and torn girdle. They knew the sudden loud disturbance would cause Orihime to get curious. "What the hell? I thought you said… She'll be gone all evening?"

"I don't know! She's been off all day! That's what she said…" Ichigo blinked at how very stupid that sounded.

"Ichigo…" His wife's voice rang again, closer this time. He grew frustrated, buttoning his shirt and fastening his pants. Both were panting to hurry before that knob on the door turned.

"I'll hide over here. You just go see what she wants…" Rukia suggested as she proceeded to hide behind the door.

"No." the man frowned.

"No? Are you out of your mind?" Rukia questioned softly, "Do you want to get caught? She'll come undone when she sees us together."

"But aren't you tired of doing this shit?" One eye is kept thoroughly on the door, "I mean… we have done this for over a year." Ichigo turned his face to the confused woman, "I'm tired of being secret, tired of hiding and watching my back all the time… I want to be together— for real this time."

Seriously! "Ichigo. You don't mean…" the words practically fell out of her mouth, "…we become… official…?" But how? How the hell could they be a couple. They were both married and for a fact, Kaien was too in love with her to divorce.

"You know I love you Rukia— always have." he admitted.

Her heart throbbed as those words swirled around in her head. She had thought about saying them many times but didn't because of her fear of rejection. Now that Ichigo felt the same way, "I love you too…" her relief was short-lived when she noted the big problem, "…but…Orihime— Kaien—"

"I plan on divorcing Orihime soon, I'm breaking the news to her sometime next week." he sighed, "I'm just not happy with her and I know you're not either with Kaien, even though you act like it."

"So you want me to divorce Kaien?" she asked in disbelief.

They were suddenly reminded of their previous circumstance. "Ichigo? Where are you?" Orihime giggles.

"Ichigo, can we talk about this later?" Rukia's heart thumping with anticipation, wondering what made the man decided to say it now. "Please? We are about to get busted by your wife."

"Just tell me." he urged her.

"Tell you what?" Rukia shot daggers at him with her eyes.

"That what I'm saying isn't a fucking waste and you'll consider us being together…" he lips pressed into a serious, thin line, anticipating on his lover's answer. He seemed to not care if Orihime just busted through the door any second. Rukia could hear light thuds vibrating up the stairs. "Well?"

She swallowed as the lump in her throat got bigger. "Yes, fine… I will. I will do it…"

The door sprang open and Rukia ducked behind it.

"ICHIGO!" Orihime happily gasped, "There you are… I found you." she smiled jubilantly groping him by the waist, holding up a paper bag of sweet smelling aroma, "Come downstairs, I brought takeout!"