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Chapter 6 - Denial

"Where I go everyday…?" Rukia stared at the little card, frowning. It had been an hour since breakfast and she had no idea on where she went other than the bathroom. She goes insane from time to time… but that's it. It was safe to say that was an everyday occurrence too. Then Rukia sauntered into the living room and realized her keys were gone but in its place were Ichigo's. "He wanted me to drive his car?" assuming this little hunt would cause her to leave the premises. Which made her feel a bit eerie. But boy could that thing ride like the wind.

"Hm… I go into the dining room everyday…" Rukia thought, "I usually read the paper." She headed to the dining room to find the newspaper laying right there. "Hmm…" she shook her head in disbelief. Unsure that it was accidental or a coincidence, she opened finding another card and a big fat circle around a business name.

"If you are reading this, my little midget, you have reached the next card to my lovely hunt. The place I circled was a nice little salon shop down the street I checked out. Don't worry it's already paid for. The best treatment you could ask for. There's a girl there by the name Yumichica. At least… I hope it's a girl. She'll have the next card and she won't handed it to you until you are completely done. Enjoy yourself. Love you.


Rukia smiled. That's sweet. Despite of her lover paying her way for a spa treatment. How did he know I read the paper every morning…? She grabbed paper and her lover's keys and darted out the door.

How the fuck was Ichigo supposed to help his own boss get married? How! "Are you sure you want to do that, Kisuke sir?" Afraid to even ask that, he wanted no part of his boss's façade, assuming that this was all a front for some sick game of publicity.

Urahara lowered his head. "Yes." His hand slid up to his chest, feeling the thump of his tender heart. "I love her and I just can't keep it hidden."

Ichigo almost wanted to laugh. He's gotta be joking. "Just tell me know how long you're planning to keep this up and I'll help you."

"Keep this up?" His boss blinked, deeply confused, "Ichigo… I'm serious." He shook his head frantically, "I'm done messing with multiple women. I think I actually found the one I love."

"Oh really?" the orange haired male wasn't amused. "Okay… what her favorite color? Favorite food? Enlighten me, what is she like?" players avoided those types questions.

"Coral pink." The blonde answered with ease. "She likes Chinese food and pizza and she's my little babyboo. I don't have to describe her to you… though her hair is a gentle auburn and flickers in the wind like a flame before it goes out and smells of cherries."

"Dude… did hell freeze over?" Ichigo wondered, watching his boss blush and prance around like an idiot.

"If this is hell, Ichigo I don't ever wanna leave."

"How long have you known her?" the man asked his boss again.

"Damn…" Urahara wondered, "…all the way from high school. It's true, you have already met the love of your life before adulthood." He sighs in love.

"Wait you have always known her?" Well that's reassuring, I guess.

"OF COURSE! Did you think I met her in a bar or a one nightstand… or something like that?" the blonde frowned, watching his partner sink guilt, "Really Bro? I'm not that bad…" and then he Urahara sighed again, feeling the need to correct himself, "I wasn't that bad… I was a disgrace."

"Huh?" Ichigo blinked.

"I was horrible. I cheated on her so many times. I broke her heart. She moved on at one point…" Now Ichigo could tell it was getting serious, "She went to college, became something for herself, and left me alone. Around that time, I was into drugs, drinking and man, did I love my bitches. I had money… cars… clothes… I couldn't see that she was the one for me then, though she watched from the sidelines. Well…" he sighed again, "She ended up getting married. And that's when I realized I had to fix myself."

"Is that why you became an entrepreneur?" he always wondered that. How did a fool like his boss get to be so rich, filthy mega rich? He wasn't even that smart, hence the fact he only hired Ichigo, to be the brain while he sat watching money rack in without lifting a finger.

"No…" the blonde rolled his eyes. "I became an entrepreneur because I couldn't get a job doing anything else— dick. I was into drugs and bitches. I was a dealer. And like every dog has its day, I spent my time in jail. I never went to college. I had a record that would even make a prisoner look like a saint. I figured once I got out, I would own my own business …" his boss explained.

"And… the best way of doing that would be to be an entrepreneur. No background checks and all I had to do was convince people they could make big bills like me. If I could persuade people into the pyramid scheme and get rich, my horrible excuse of a record wouldn't matter after I reached the top."

Ichigo blinked curiously. Did… did his boss just confess his whole life to him?

"So you see Ichigo, even a dumb fuck like me has a purpose and I was fully convinced that the love of my life was gone but really… she was to waiting for me. I just had to get my life together to see it for myself."

Ichigo was truly amazed. But one thing worried him. "You said she was married? Is she… still married?"

Urahara finally came back to reality, looking down at his shoes once more, "Yeah."

"So how are you going to marry someone who is married to someone else?" He had pissed on his boss's parade, he could tell.

"Well I don't know yet. That's why I needed your help. She's married to this jerk and she doesn't know I want to marry her. I don't know how I should tell her."

"Well if she loves you then she should understand." Ichigo had to remember Rukia and how much she loved him. She eventually came to her senses and realized that she wanted him too. His cloud nine began to disperse as soon as his boss started laughing.


"Huh?" Ichigo raised a brow.

"She's very understanding. That's not my problem. What bothers me is how damn loyal she is. I need something that would pull her away from being so loyal." Urahara explained, "I get sick thinking about it."

"But if she's understanding… then she'll realize that you are the one for her."

"Oh trust me, Ichigo…" his eyes glazed over with a heavy scale of grays, "…she knows."

Rukia stopped at a small shop called, Celebrity Cuts. "Nice… I always wanted to look like Madonna." Too bad she was being sarcastic. She decided it could hurt her to look but she did it anyway, Ichigo's orders. The place was bustling with women dancing around, carrying color and bleach in dyed stained hands.

"Hello ma'am!" the receptionist smiled, greeting her at the entrance.

"Um." Rukia stood there awkwardly in her beat up shirt and holey jeans. "I guess I'm here to see Yum…cheeka…?" she replied unsure on how to pronounce it.

"It's Yumichika dear… you say the whole thing." A man ambled over, swaying his hips. He chewed his gum, unamused at the short woman. "You must be Ricky."

"Rukia." She growled.

"There see? You don't like when people don't try to pronounce your name right either?" He watch Rukia grit her teeth. "Now that we understand stand each other, come with me…" the man sighed, murmuring to himself, "I thought he said this was going to be easy… I always get stuck with hard jobs."

"So..." he started off "… you are from around here?"

"What do you know?" Kaien frowned. He realized knowing meant that all truth would be revealed. He realized short after that, knowing the truth, meant heartbreak.

"I think Ichigo is cheating on me." Orihime had grabbed her sleeves and sighed, "I didn't want to believe it."

"Wait… wait… You think Ichigo is cheating on you? But why? With who?" Ichigo was amongst the best of them. Why him?

"I saw him." She answered simply.

"Well…" Kaien grimaced, "It serves you right. I knew something like this would happen. Its karma and I warned you about that." The man explained, "Though I believe Ichigo wouldn't do that, I'm sure it was destined because you haven't been honest either. None of us have."

Orihime looked almost sad, her eyes watered up. "Karma? Yes I know we had sex but that was only one time. I have caught Ichigo numerous times cheating on me."

"But you said think…"

"I'm denial okay? Yes I know, there have been others… I know that I have been bad too but… I know I can't do that now." She sobbed.

"So why am I here? Because you think Rukia is his mistress?" it nearly fell out of his mouth. Even before his brain thought about it. Naturally, Orihime just sighed.

"Yes. It's been almost a week ago when me and you know who went out. When I came home and I walked up stairs, I knew something was strange going on. I found Ichigo upstairs all flustered and then I thought maybe he was working out… because you know we have that workout machine up there. But… then I saw the two glasses of wine and he didn't seem like he was flustered from a workout. In fact, he was anything but that. My Ichigo had been frightened by me coming there to see him… I know he wasn't expecting me." She explained, nearly crying on Kaien's shoulder now.

"And Rukia comes in where?" he raised a brow.

"I saw her. I saw her hair. It was a flash but I know it was her because I saw a small figure run behind something. I smelled the fragrance you got her last year for Christmas. Before I even went looking I heard them." She confessed.

"That could be anyone…even with the same fragrance. I don't care what I bought her.

"Listen it's weird, I know… but I need you to trust me on this…"

"I won't. Not only am I having to carry on my shoulders, our affair, but I have to carry lying to Ichigo where you've been if he asks me. Just so you can go be unfaithful."

"I told you. I can't do that anymore." She assured him.

"When did you decided that? Last week? You can't expect me to believe, especially not after you tried to seduce me, that you think Ichigo is cheating on you… and that Rukia would be in on it?" He laughed. "I do know that you cheated though. You cheated several times."

"I CAN'T DO THAT ANYMORE." Orihime balled her eyes out. "I just… can't. All of this is just so hard, Kaien."

"Why…" it's the only thing she hadn't explained yet.

"I'm pregnant." She sniffed. "Ichigo and I can finally be happy…"

Kaien couldn't believe it. "You… you are?" How? "Happy? Does Ichigo know?"

"Yes. Well I left him a message. I know he'll get it soon." Orihime sobbed, "I know I have done wrong. Which is why I wouldn't tell him that I caught him. I just want to carry on like nothing happened. I figured that once he knew… he would realize that the right thing to do is to stop too. This will help our marriage…"

This answered a lot. It answered why Rukia's stories weren't adding up for the most part. Only thing wrong and twisted about all of this was that Orihime was a disgruntled woman who lost faith in herself. She longed for the best relationships and found nothing in the men she dated. She's crazy, to put it bluntly. "You need help." He shook his head. "And I can't help you."

"I… need help?" she was confused.

"Yes, you…" he pointed to her, "need lots of help."

"I thought I was doing the right thing." Orihime's eyes watered again, "You are my friend… I would never say this to hurt you."

"Yes but you are addicted to sex…" Kaien was shaking, unsure if he was going crazy too. "…and uh every addiction has a withal period. And I think you have hit that point… you even tried to kiss me…"

"Kaien please… Please I wanted you to know." Orihime cried. "I really did."

Kaien glared at the picture. That fucking picture of his wife, Orihime and Ichigo. That one exactly above the mini bar. Now he knew why he hated it. Could it be because Rukia was turning like Orihime? Dirty and unpure… he couldn't tell for sure. But he wasn't about to let someone who lied to her husband, lie to him about his wife. "I'm sorry Inoue, Rukia would never cheat on me and I can't help you anymore. We are done here…"

Having a male for a hairdresser wasn't as bad as Rukia thought. "You said you were a psychologist?" he just asked a lot of questions, even repeated the same ones.

"It's because I'm dressed like a hobo isn't it?" Rukia wondered.

"Oh please. Many come here looking, who did it and why… You think you're the only one?" the feminine male rolled his eyes, long lashes fluttering strongly.

"Touché." The midget stuck her nose back in a magazine.

"It's weird to me because you look so young." He admitted.

"I get that too." The woman sighed.

"I mean who's to say that you aren't. I mean look at me I look gay but I'm not." He laughed, thinking who in their right mind would wonder that anyways. "Seriously, you could be really smart." He paused, "And I'm sure your husband would know if he was pedophile territory by now." If not he was very stupid. After all, she did look six.

Yumi went to something else, "He is your husband right? I did get a good luck at his hand but I don't see a ring on you." Were hair dressers this nosey? "Perhaps mistress?" that did explain how that man acted. He was rich or well off for sure. Then beat up girl comes in her for a makeover… its happened many times. They always think they can turn a hoe into a housewife.

"He's my fiancé." Rukia's eyes never left the magazine.

"And no ring?"

"It fell in the sink this morning. But thanks for reminding me." She cooed.

"Oh I'm so sorry. How did that happen?"

"I took it off to wash dishes and knocked into the drain." Rukia lied.

"I hate when that happens. My girlfriend did the same thing last week with the engagement ring I gave her."

Now there's a shocker. Not only he's not gay… there is actually a girl out there that thinks it's feasible for him to be boyfriend material. Wow. And apparently they are getting married. Double wow.

"How did you meet?" Rukia found the opportunity to jump original topic.

"She was one of my customers for the longest time. It's a long story."

"Please…" Rukia smiled, finally taking her nose out of the magazine she was reading. "Enlighten me."