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"I'm bored." Kelly said. It was Sunday and the two were bored with not being able to go outside.

"Well, we could hide something from your mum." Harry suggested.

"Sure!" Kelly said. She looked around, making sure her dad wasn't around, or her mom. Grabbing a flashlight, Kelly gave it to Harry who went to hide it in the dishwasher.

"Come on Harry! Lets go to my room and play!" Kelly said, getting a sudden inspiration.

"Coming Kell!" Harry ran after her, following her streaming red hair that whipped around a corner into her room. Kelly grabbed a ball and tossed it to Harry.

"Can you show me that trick you promised?"

"Alright," Harry grinned. Harry stared at the ball, trying to make it float. He pictured a ball floating in his head. When he heard Kelly yell, he knew he did it.

"Come on Kelly, lets see if you can turn it different colours!"

"Are you sure I can do it?"

"Yes! Just believe and it can happen."

"Alright." Kelly tried picturing the red ball turning bright blue. Harry watched as the ball slowly turned colours.

"You did it Kell!"

"I did?" Kelly asked. She opened her eyes and saw a blue ball floating in front of her.

"Lets play a game. Do you have another ball?"

"Here," Kelly dug through her toy chest and pulled out another red ball.

"Here, you can have the blue and I can have the red." Harry let the floating blue ball drop. Unknown to either of them, Gibbs was watching them play their new game from the living room.

"Ok, we both have to turn it different colours and try to make our ball the coolest one here, we can even try putting animal pictures on there!"

"Won't that be hard?"

"Not if you believe,"

"Peter Pan said that,"

"He could fly because he believed,"

"He also had pixie dust,"

"Well, we can't fly, but we can float out balls. Come on Kell, lets try it." The two five year old kids sat on Kelly's bed for an hour, floating their balls and making it change colours. Harry's ball was turning colours that made it look like a jungle while Kelly's had random colours everywhere. They both put animals on there and accidentally made it so they could move.

"Harry, Harry. Come on sweetie, where'd you hide the flashlight this time?" Shannon called. Kelly and Harry opened their eyes and were shocked when they saw the balls. Harry's had a jungle on it with jaguars, snakes, birds, frogs, crocodiles and a parrot. Kelly's had random colours and unicorns with leprechauns jumping in cauldrons full of gold, care bears sliding on rainbows and red rabbits hopping everywhere.

"Cool," They both said. Grinning at each other Harry asked, "Kell, can you keep my ball with yours?"

"Sure Harry. Let me hide it and we can give clues to where the flashlight is."

"It's called a torch."

"I'm American and I say flashlight."

"Fine. I say torch, you say flashlight. Deal?"

"Deal." They shook hands on that.

"HARRY! KELLY! Where's the flashlight!"

"It's in the kitchen," Harry called.

"Come on. Lets go play outside," Kelly declared, dragging Harry behind her.

"Wait!" Kelly stopped. Harry ran back to her room and put the two balls in her chest and ran back to her smiling.

"Alright. You want to give the clues?"

"Sure." The two raced out towards the kitchen and watched Shannon trying to find the flashlight. She turned around and saw the two grinning five year olds. She placed her hands on her hips.

"Alright, where'd you hide it this time?" Harry and Kelly grinned at each other.

"It's in this room, hiding in something and you have to open it." Harry said. They raced outside when they heard Shannon calling them back.

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