Here's the second one shot. I like this one personally. I wrote it in english class when I was bored and thought that it was cute :) Quick reminder about the poll.

"You go."

"No, you can."

"No, you."




"You're the guest so he won't scream at you."

"Me? You can! You're his daughter and less likely to try and kill you!" Kelly threw up her hands in the air.

"Fine. But if I die, I'm coming back to haunt you."

"Deal." Harry and Kelly shook hands on it. Kelly walked outside while closing the screen door with Harry hiding so he wouldn't be seen. The idea was so outrageous, both kids thought that Gibbs would just laugh at them. Harry peaked around the corner and saw Kelly threw the screen door.

Gibbs was enjoying the English sunshine with a cup of strong black coffee when Kelly came over. Now normally he would be overjoyed at this but some of the devil's ideas are outrageous, like going to Greece to find Atlantis (granted, they were six and read a Greek mythology book the day before). Kelly was shaking and was very nervous. Gibbs wondered what they wanted now.

"Um, daddy. Harry and I were wondering if…if we could go to Spain for the rest of the summer." Kelly said the last part really fast. Gibbs just blinked at her.

"Please daddy? We promise to be good and not play any tricks for the rest of summer." Gibbs still stared.

"Daddy, you're creeping me out." Kelly said in a solemn voice. Harry stifled his laughter at that.

"You two want to go to Spain." Gibbs repeated. Kelly nodded.

"No." Kelly's face fell.

"But why not?" She whined.

"One, it's too hot in the summer. Two, I'm on duty for the next week and three, your mother and I just wanted to relax." Kelly started bouncing on her feet.

"But we promise to be good! Really!"

"The answer is still no Kelly."

"Ok," Kelly hung her head and headed inside. When she got in, Harry came out of his corner.

"Plan B?"

"Plan B."


Gibbs was wondering if he should just take the kids to Spain with the amount of bugging he was getting. Every five minutes whenever one of the two seven year old kids were in the room, it was always, "can we go to Spain?" Shannon was all for it, but Gibbs didn't have Harry's passport or anything and the Dursley's were never going to get him one.

After two weeks of the constant hounding, Gibbs gave in and Shannon liked the idea he ran through her.

"Kelly! Harry!" The two kids came bounding in.

"Yes?" They asked sweetly. Gibbs called that their sucking up face.

"Shannon and I have decided to take you guys on a trip."


"No, not Spain." Both kids faces fell, it was almost comical.

"We are thinking of taking you two to the Southampton for a couple days to swim and see some of the sights." Harry's face lightened up at the thought of merely traveling.

"Yes, yes! Can we? Please? Please? Please?" Kelly almost smacked him.

"But what about Spain?" Gibbs' lips twitched.

"We'll save that for a later date. Preferably in winter." Kelly just shrugged and dragged Harry out of the room. No doubt thinking up of another batch of pranking the house again. Gibbs just hopes that she'll forget about Spain.


December 18th, 1997

"Daddy, when are we going to Spain?"

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