Ok, really short very important in the main story, and an idea that came to me a few months ago that I finally finished. As to the main story: working on it, got an insulting reviews about the story that meant I couldn't work on the story without wondering if I will screw up again. On the flip side, I got half of it done and struggling with finishing it.

So, ideas for oneshots and ideas for the main story!

Harry and Kelly were staring at some of the boxes in her room.

"Just think, next week I'll be back in America," Kelly said with a hitch in her voice. She had a light British accent from hanging around Harry for so long and from school.

"Yeah," Harry said in forlorn voice.

"Dursley's." Kelly gave him a sympathetic look.

"Well, at least we can write to each other." She said brightly.

"True." Harry said.

"That just means I have to get the mail everyday then."

"Not like you don't do that anyway." Kelly pointed out.

"True," Harry conceded. They both looked sadly at each other, trying not to cry. Kelly was the first to break, launching into his arms.

"I don't want to go," she cried. Harry was also trying not to cry, but the eight year old was losing the battle.

"I don't want you to go either."

"Why don't we make a promise?" Kelly said suddenly, wiping the tear tracks off her face.

"What kind of promise?"

"A blood promise!" She said excitedly when she remembered reading about it somewhere. Harry was slightly confused at that.

"This way, we won't break our promise to each other!" Harry nodded slowly at that, thinking this was a good idea. Kelly ran from the room and went into her parent's room and looked for her mother's small sewing kit. When she found it, she took a pin from it that had a bright blue ball at the end and ran back to her room.

"Now, what do we want to say?"

"Why don't you go first and I repeat?" Harry suggested.

"Sure." Kelly jabbed the pin into Harry's thumb and Harry did the same to Kelly. They pressed their thumbs that now had blood on them, and pressed them together. Kelly took a deep breath.

"I, Kelly Maria Gibbs, shall always remember my brother Harry James Potter," Harry grinned at this and was nearly shocked speechless as she continued.

"And that if I die, I shall protect my brother from beyond, no matter what and protect him from evil." Harry almost couldn't speak, but they had to finish as the blood on their thumbs were drying, so he repeated what she said.

"I, Harry James Potter, shall always remember my sister Kelly Maria Gibbs as long as I live and that if I die, I shall protect my sister from beyond, no matter what and protect her from evil." They both closed their eyes and didn't notice the small white light that flashed in the room. They both opened their eyes and smiled at each other, not knowing the consequences of what they have done.

Quicky, quicky oneshot that will have consequences in the time to come ;)