A/N- Hi everyone. This poem is dedicated to Mibamonster. This is not for any particular Fandoms but I wrote it thinking of Marauder-era Harry Potter and Lord of the Flies Mary-Sues, but I like to think that it could be for anything! I didn't come up with the idea of sporking Mary-Sues. I'm not sure what I'm disclaiming but I don't want to be sued so... I only own my Mary-Sue, Mona Lisa Wakaduck Le Fey. I wrote this when I was supposed to be taking a test in Tech. class.

To kill a Mary-Sue,

Here's one thing you can do

Stick her with a Runcible spoon

Even if she transforms during the full moon.

Cut her throat. Bash her in.

If you murder her, a Nobel Prize you'll win.

You'll want to sing and play the lyre

When you light her funeral Pyre.

Though morbid, this poem be,

I'm sure that we all agree,

Let's spork all Mary-Sues, until they die,

And then we'll rejoice and eat pumpkin pie!

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