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"Shhhh… We can't wake her up or it's over." Allen said, ushering everyone inside Alli's house, one by one.

"Shut up!" Whispered a shadowy figure.

Allen whipped his head around to face the person, "If we wake her up, the surprise will be ruined, Cambrie!"

"Guys, Alli is a crazy heavy sleeper!" Lenalee interrupted Cambrie and Allen's bickering. Hands on her hips. She was in a pink Hello Kitty robe and fuzzy sweatpants.

Cambrie's platinum blonde hair whipped Allen's face as she spun on her heels to face Lenalee. "How deep of a sleeper is she?"

"To get her to dose, we'd probably need a blow horn."

Allen's eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "R-really?!"

"It's true! I've had sleepover with her! The only way to completely wake her up is to mention her favorite foods." Cambrie butted in,

Allen gawked, "W-wait, what about a few days ago? Alli said that her alarm clock woke her up… And that she thought it was alive." Allen picked up Alli and proceeded out the door. " And last time I checked, alarm clocks don't mention food."

Looking strait into Allen's eye's Cambrie explained, "This only happens on Friday's nights/Saturday mornings… Duh!"

"Ok, we've got Alli, let's go." Lenalee said, breaking the staring contest.

Allen tiptoed as best as he could out of Alli's room, the lethargic girl in his arms. But, while going out the her bedroom door, Allen, tripped over air, knocking Alli's head right on the door frame.

"OUCH!" The lethargic girl startled awake. But before she could register what was going on, Cambrie took a pillowcase off of the clueless girl's bed and pulled it over her.

Alli freaked out, "D-doctor Who?" She padded at the 'walls' made by the pillowcase, "A-are you the weeping angels? … GET AWAY FROM ME!" She struggled and struggled but the young girl was no match for the pillow case… And Allen's grip.

Allen leaned towards Cambrie, "I think she's lost it."

"No, Alli's just really delusional in the mornings." Lenalee whispered over his shoulder. Cambrie nodded in agreement and then continued out of the Doctor Who lover's room.

The threesome dragged the still blubbering Doctor Who fan into Lenalee's truck and loaded her onto the backseat.

Allen took a deep breath then looked at his two girl companions and then nodded, "On three. One… Two… THREE!" The three friends lunged at their hostage and pulled off the Pillowcase.


Alli looked up at them with tired eyes. But then perked up when she saw a white haired boy, a dusty blonde diva, and a raven, haired beauty. "… HI GUYS!" The use-to-be-tired girl tackled them into a giant bear hug. She turned to the dusty blonde, "Cambrie! I haven't seen you in like…" Alli counted on her hands, "Last Friday! Where the goober have you been?!" Before Cambrie could reply, Alli interrupted, "I don't care, as long as you're here now, I'll forgive you… She looked out of the car; which was now heading towards an intersection. "Where we goin'?"

"You'll see!" Lenalee sang from the driver's seat.

After a few more minutes of driving, Lenalee parked the truck in front of a house. It was drowning in pink ribbon and Zebra print balloons, the words, 'Happy Birthday Cambrie" were every where.

Alli's eye's dawned with realization, she then glomped Cambrie, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMBRIE!"

Cambrie tugged and tugged at Alli's strong grip but failed miserably. So, pulling Alli in tow, Cambrie hobbled into her house. "The inside was almost unseen from the insane amount of pink, black, and white streamer action going on, and signs everywhere were screaming 'Happy Birthday'.

Looking at Allen, Alli asked the number one question on her mind. "So… Why do y'all kidnap me? Couldn't you have just Kidnapped Cambrie and it'd be a surprise party?"

"It was funnier to wake you up though." Allen chuckled, sipping his ice-cream punch

"Hehe…" Alli smiled evily, "I was pretty delusional, wasn't I."

"Yeah, you were HYSTERICAL!" Cambrie and Lenalee exclaimed together. Then, in a mocking voice, they did a horrible miming job trying to get out of a box, "D-Doctor Who?" The four friends laughed and laughed until their sides hurt.

"W-will you ever forget that?" Alli gasped in mid laughter.

Allen looked up from holding his aching sides, his face red. "NO WAY!" The foursome laughed even harder.

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