Author's Note: To understand this story, you MUST read the author's note at the end. I didn't want to include it in the beginning and spoil it, but you MUST read it to understand it.

"Try Bottle Alley or the harbour."

She buries her face in David's shoulder. Why did he leave? Why? They were his family...they'd fought for him. But she'd known he'd leave. That one day on the roof...he'd as good as told her he was getting out when he got the chance.

"Try Central Park, it's guaranteed."

But he'd asked her if it'd mattered. If she cared. And...and it had. Even though she didn't say it. She slowly moves to one side, allowing all the other newsies to surge past her. She wants to melt into a little puddle of nothingness.

"Try any banker, bum, or barber."

She leans her head against the wall and closes her eyes. Does she care? Yes. Yes, she does. She cares fiercely. Why didn't she say it when she had the chance?

"They almost all knows how to read."

But she knows - she knows. He will come back. He will. She doesn't know how she knows; at first, she thought there was only despair to be had. But something tells her...

"Summer stinks and winter's waitin', welcome to New York."

She isn't afraid to face the truth. It isn't that she isn't strong enough to move on, like the rest of the boys. No, she waits here, by the wall, because she knows.

"Boy, ain't nature fascinatin', when you's gotta walk."

And then...and then it happens. That little blossom of hope blooming so delicately in her heart is nourished; grows strong and bursts into joyous song.

He's come back.

She knew.

Author's Note: I honestly have no idea where this came from. It's a little strange. But if you look very closely, at the end of Newsies, Sarah just stands to one side and waits while all the other newsies are getting their papes. Why is she waiting? There's nothing here for her. It isn't her job. She should go home. Then maybe she can cry in her bed.

But she doesn't go away. She waits. It sort of gave me an idea. In former years, I had a disliking for Sarah, but now...I rather admire her. And I think she and Jack's romance is excellently done.

So, for Sarah and Jack. This oneshot.