Out of the Darkness

Chapter 2

Meeting Acheron Again

Harry cared little about what the Muggle world thought of him, even less about the Goth that had argued with him. It hadn't gone the way he wanted it to though, for sure. He didn't need financial assistance to help him find Atlantis. He'd just wanted to share what he'd found with them. He'd learned long ago pleasing others was a futile idea. The best he could do was keep himself happy, everyone else could screw themselves. He still wanted the book authenticated; everything else was in the process of being done. He'd contacted people he knew in the field, and they all said Julian Alexander was the best in his field. The leading expert they say, so Harry was hoping he could read it. Too bad he couldn't just use magic to let others read it; it would look English and defeat his purpose of proving it came from Atlantis. So if anyone could read it, it had to be this man, it's why Harry was driving there.

Harry walked to the reception desk and asked the woman behind it, "Where is Dr. Julian Alexander's office?"

"Second floor to the right," she said pointing towards the main staircase.

"Thank you," said Harry nodding respectfully before he took off in that direction. Up to flights of stairs and looked to the right, it was exactly where she'd said it would be. The man's name was on the front of the door. Knocking firmly and waiting hoping the guy was in he had better things to do than wait around a school. He'd done his due, he'd been at school, college and university and he'd never go back.

"Enter," said a deep masculine voice, man it was a voice Harry wouldn't mind talking to him all day. He opened the door relieved he was alone, and boy the man was stunning. He was lucky if he was in his thirties, yet he was considered the best in his field. Harry knew looks could be deceiving though.

"You're not one of my students. Are you considering taking one of my classes?" asked Julian staring curiously.

"I could teach it myself so no thank you," said Harry dryly, "I'm Dr. Harry Potter, I was wondering if you had a second?"

"Of course," said Julian gesturing for Harry to sit down. He started at the boy curiously; he looked like he'd been taking tips from Ash on how to dress. It didn't help that his hair was dark with red highlights in it.

"I have a book I'd like you to take a look at, they say you are the best in your field…" said Harry sitting looking extremely comfortable, not as though he was asking a favour from a stranger.

"Of course," said Julian now very curious, who was this boy? He looked twenty years old yet he was saying he could teach his class? How peculiar indeed.

"It's very brittle as you can imagine," said Harry slowly extracting it from the wooden compartment he kept it in. He placed it on the desk in front of Julian Alexander; it would never fall apart though since he had ensured its safety magically.

"I shall be careful," said Julian lifting off the paper a look of reverence on his face. He'd never seen a bound book so old. It awed him that it was still in one piece.

"Something wrong?" asked Harry seeing the pained look in the man's face. Something about the book was bothering him, it made Harry extremely curiously.

"No, I've just never seen a bound book so old," said Julian the awe clear in his voice.

"I know," said Harry grinning wryly, still keeping a close eye on the man.

"It looks Greek," said Julian looking at it turning the page very carefully.

"But you can't read it?" asked Harry, judging by his tone the boy wasn't surprised. He wasn't disappointed which made his next sentence a little easier to get out.

"I can make out some of the words from basic root meaning, but this particular dialect is something I've never seen before. It definitely predates my area of expertise by several hundred years or more." said Julian.

"Too bad, I'd had hoped to get it authenticated," said Harry. As he had told the Goth yesterday, he had enough artefacts coming up from the Aegean without worrying about the journal. He'd have liked to have had it added to the collection, show that during that time they had books bound and all as well as the ability to read and write. That they didn't live in caves that the world had been set back at some point in history.

"I do know someone ho might be able to translate it," said Julian thinking of one man in particular. If Ash couldn't read it the there as no hope for it ever being translated.

"Who?" asked Harry curiously, why had they directed him to Julian if there as another better in the field? Perhaps it as just someone Julian Alexander knew.

"He's a historian I always go to whenever I need information. There's no one in the universe who knows more about ancient civilizations than he does. In fact he knows so much about them you'd think he lived through them." said Julian.

Harry's eyes narrowed slightly, he believed the man wasn't just being sarcastic or funny. His words made Harry believe it could be true, but how was it possible? Someone that could time travel? Or someone like Nicholas Flamel? With a philosopher stone. Curious he couldn't wait to meet the man.

"Historian? Where does he teach?" asked Harry, wondering if it was one of his teachers.

"He doesn't, but you are in luck, he's here for a few weeks helping with Project Home Again and Habitat for Humanity." said Julian.

"Is there any way we could meet him?" asked Harry, if he couldn't read it then that was fine. He'd just keep the journals for himself, his own little piece of ancient history. Habitat for Humanity that certainly contradicted his vision of an older man.

"Hold on a second and let me see," said Julian pulling out his cell phone, instead of using the one on his desk.

"Hi, Acheron it's Julian Alexander how you doing?" asked Julian.

"Leave it to you…look the reason I'm calling is because I have someone here in my office who has something we need you to look at- personally I have never seen anything like it. From a historic point of view I think you'd be interested."

Harry could hear a faint voice talking but he couldn't actually make out what it said.

"Yeah, it's some really old shit- nice phraseology, by the way. Yeah, okay." said Julian into the phone. "Can you leave right now to see him?"

"Sure," said Harry nodding in acceptance the least he could do was agree when the man was willing to see him. Personally he was warming up to the idea of keeping it to himself. There were obviously some things Muggles weren't going to buy or believe…and he knew it was something like this.

"He can do it. We will see you in a few." said Julian hanging up the phone. He placed the paper back around the journal as if realizing how precious it was. Looking around the room Harry knew he did.

"He's a little busy at present, but he's more than happy to look at it," said Julian.

"Well I appreciate it," said Harry gratefully, not often people took time out of their day to help a stranger.

"Would you like to follow me over?" said Julian standing up smiling as he handed the book back over.

"No problem, where is it we going anyway?" asked Harry curiously, it had taken him weeks to get used to the way American's drove. It's the first thing he'd done when he'd got to America, other than buy a house of course.

"Acheron's doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity. He's over on Esplanade on a roof." he seemed amused by this.

"Acheron? The river or woe? His parents must have had a sense of humour," said Harry. His grin wry and amusing, he was suddenly thankful for his blessedly normal name.

Julian just smiled, truth be told, Ash never spoke about his private life, which included parents, his life or a girlfriend. He kept it all close to his vest, nobody knew why or how he'd come a Dark-Hunter in the first place. All they knew was that he'd been around for a very long time and he was omnipotent he knew things before you did.

Harry followed Julian in his Porsche; he loved the car, especially its speed. It's the closest he could get to flying. Windows open and music blaring as he sped off in it was the greatest feeling in the world. It no longer gave him homesickness pangs, instead he loved it. Unfortunately right now he wasn't rushing, he was tailing a black range rover. He could say plenty about the guy's driving…none of it good but he'd never voice it - he wasn't an arsehole unless someone was to him.

Eventually they got out of their cars, and walked towards a bunch of people fixing a building. Some of them held Harry's attention, but he didn't linger on them. He'd never had a relationship. He didn't know the first thing about dating, plus he was surrounded by Muggles. He didn't want to have to tell someone about his magic, from all indications Muggles didn't react well to being told. Riddle Senior, Petunia, Vernon, Dudley and Tobias Snape were prime examples of that. He'd kept himself busy for that reason, to stop himself wanting or needing anyone.

"Hey, Karl, could you tell Ash I'm here to see him?" said Julian to Karl obviously. As soon as the guy began walking away, Julian held out his hand for the book again. Harry handed it over wooden case and all.

"How long has he been a Historian?" asked Harry curious about the guy they were meeting. He wished he'd left his jacket in the car, it was far too hot for it, and it didn't help matters he was wearing black. It just drew the sun to him all the more.

"Since the moment he was born," said Julian, again that voice held amusement; Harry really was beginning to wonder.

"His parent's historians?" asked Harry, assuming it was why he'd been taught growing up.

Julian didn't get a chance to answer, Harry stiffened hearing that voice. He blinked in utter bewilderment. Seriously? He wanted to laugh at the irony of the situation, instead he just got agitated. Was this some sort of fucking prank? Hadn't what the arsehole done yesterday enough? That they had to resort to this.

"Hey Julian."

"This is the guy you go to for advice?" asked Harry incredulity written across his face.

Julian stared at Harry in obvious confusion.

"I've had enough of this shit, I'm sorry for wasting your time, even if he could translate it I wouldn't ask him to - I'd rather eat shite." sneered Harry, turning around abruptly, he stalked away.

"Didn't you want me to look at something?" asked Ash his voice tauntingly.

"Muggles mustn't…use it…gah too fucking bad." he growled as he unlocked his car and drove away his car screeching as he did so. His magic was going haywire, he had to calm down before he did something he'd regret…or not depending on who he ended up hurting. Nobody had been able to piss Harry off that much since he was seventeen years old. A picture of Snape flashed across his mind, his anger abated replaced by shame. He'd been a prick to Snape, and all this time he'd been on their side. If he had regrets that was one of them.

"Damn, Ash, what did you do?" asked Julian gaping at Acheron.

"I apparently made a new friend," said Ash, he was curious though, the boy had said Muggle? He'd never heard that term before…other than Mugging but the boy had made it sound possibly degrading…and not use what? Did the boy have a gun? Not that it would hurt him.

"Yeah…I made a friend like that once. Bastard almost gutted me." said Julian nervously; he'd never seen Acheron like that before.

"Yeah," said Ash, he felt guilty about the way he was being with him. It was nowhere near as bad as the boy could hurt him if the world uncovered those journals. "Guess I'll go back to my roof."

"I have to go find him so I can return this," said Julian holding it up.

"Return what?" asked Ash his eyes glancing suspiciously at it.

"It's a journal," said Julian, "He didn't explain how he came into it."

"Can I see it?" asked Ash dread pooling in his stomach.

"You can read it can't you?" asked Julian.

"It's an old dialect. Provincial." said Ash. "Mind if I hang on to this?"

"It's not mine. However, I trust you to do what's right with it." said Julian looking edgy.

"Believe me I will." said Ash.

Julian inclined his head and left.

Ash was left standing there with a journal, his sister's journal his past seemed to always haunt him. Weren't his memories enough without things like this popping up? Reminding him of times he so desperately wanted to forget. It didn't help that Artemis constantly reminded him, trying to put him in his place, but he refused to go back there. He refused to hand over his dignity. He had to read it, because if this boy had read it he needed to know what he'd found out. He had to find out if the boy could really read it, damn it why couldn't he read the boy's thoughts?!

Poor Ash...lol i almost feel sorry for him :P soooo how will the next introduction take place? after all Ash knows nothing about Harry...how will he know where he is :P will he go to savitar for information? he always does that when hes stucck since he cannot see his own future...what did you think of the picture? would you like to see harry use his magic on him or just have ash able to sense the power off him when he sees him next? will artemis go after him and have him show his magic that way? or would you rather have ash know about wizards and witches in this story since he's omniptient personally i like making him seem human becuase for most part it shows his vulnurablities better than anything else could :P would you like to see harry with a motorbike that harry created himself - the need for speed? :P R&R PLEASE!