Out Of The Darkness

Chapter 32

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Apollo Goes Too Far

Apollo had been watching both men (Harry and Ash), when he could get a track of them anyway. He didn't dare go too near them, for fear of being found out he wasn't sure if the Atlantean cloak was enough to fool the boy since he wasn't Atlantean just had the magic of one. He hungered for blood but could not hunt, could not bite into pale creamy flesh and sate his thirst. Any time he tried to drink blood it was as if it were water, nothing quenched his thirst. His sister was in a worse state than him, but she was used to feasting on Ash whenever she liked, more than she had to that's for sure. Apollo on the other hand had built up a tolerance, unfortunately he couldn't go forever without feeding and he was slowly being driven insane.

Damn Artemis to hell for associating with scum like the Atlantean. She was the one that had brought this down upon him, if only he could kill the scum again…unfortunately even he didn't have that measure of guts. The last time had been for a brief moment satisfying until hell descended upon them in the form of Apollymi the destroyer. She had destroyed Atlantis and Didymos, and she had been quickly making her way to destroy the Greek Pantheon. If Artemis hadn't succeeded in bringing him back, he knew without a doubt his death would have been a gruesome end.

The boy disappeared for hours on end during the week, nothing he did could track him, but he did after weeks of following and watching begin to see a pattern emerge. He would go to the bar Sanctuary at the weekend, alone it would be the perfect place to strike. He cared little about seeing their love destroyed, he just wanted to torture him, force him to remove the curses and kill him. To do that he had to destroy the love Ash felt for the man so no retribution could follow until he was dead and buried. Just in case he called out to the Atlantean, who would like the whore he was try and save his bloody plaything. Then of course it had occurred to him, if he shot Harry with the arrow, any love he felt for the Atlantean would die, thus he wouldn't feel the need to call out to him. It was the perfect plan; all Artemis would have to do was call out to Ash with the news of his beloved's death and then hit him with another arrow. Artemis, he supposed would get her wish, but as long as he got his revenge he didn't care too much.

Anticipation thrummed through the Greek god of sun, prophecies and plagues. Today was the day he was determined to make his move. Far too long had he stayed in the shadows and dreamt of his revenge, he was the God of the sun, he could do this. Nothing and nobody was going to stop him.

Revenge always did tend to make people crazy - even gods.

Looking down at the 'cupid's' bow in his hand, he'd been fortunate to get it from Eros since he actually for most part wore it around his neck. Thankfully he had gone at the opportune moment when he was too preoccupied with his girl to care much about the damn thing. He hadn't heard any rumours of its disappearance yet, which only worked in his favor. It was nearly time, the boy always left just before dawn, dear Zeus he'd waited too long, still at least he was at long last getting his own back. How he hungered for sweet blood, just imagining the taste had him moaning as his stomach grumbled loudly, he was so very hungry. Licking his lips, a vicious grin planted across them when he saw him emerge from the pub/sanctuary, it was time.

Harry closed the door of sanctuary hearing the doors lock by themselves as he did so. He loved spending time with the 'cubs' they were so much fun, the reactions he'd received when he first turned into his Animagus had been hilarious to say the least. After some explaining they realized he wasn't going to be killed by Savitar just because he could change shapes. It hadn't taken long to convince them, after all he wasn't a Were-hunter and they knew that. Ever since the third weekend since beginning training, he always went there when Ash was doing his rounds. When he first begun it had exhausted him playing as a panther with cubs who were a little too rough sometimes. With the training he was doing, things that had first been too strenuous came easy to him.

Harry frowned, the hairs on the back of his neck began to stand up on end, all that was missing was his scar hurting, which it hadn't done since he destroyed Voldemort. At first, he had assumed it was a warning about Voldemort, such was his naivety, but now he knew it for what it was - a sign of danger an oncoming confrontation that was most likely to be lethal. It was as if his magic had a sixth sense for threat awareness. Merlin knows where it had come from, but it had never let him down before.

Nick hadn't bothered them since he had thrown a few home truths in his face, it was as if his honesty had finally gotten through to the idiot. He didn't know what he had been doing through, whether he was still consorting with Daimons or if he was doing as he sworn as a Dark Hunter and killing them. He understood the Daimons point of view, Apollo had screwed them over as he'd said to Savitar the innocent always pay for others mistakes. Instead of punishing those who had killed Rhyssa he'd condemned all future generations to bear the brunt of the curse. Eventually the entire race would become instinct, and Apollo would die. Who said gods were smart? Because it was obvious to him they were just as irrational and stupid as the humans they claim to be above. Still if he had to choose between an innocent human, who's soul would be eaten by Daimons and the Daimon who admittedly was only doing what he could to survive - he would choose the human at the end of the day. So would Ash, and that was the reality of it, they were the 'bad guy' at the end of the day.

The only other threat had been neutralized, so who could it be he wondered? Perhaps he should have turned back into Sanctuary and teleported back home. Turning into a side street, deciding to get the hell out of there, he wasn't a coward but he'd rather not fight especially where humans could potentially see. Ash wouldn't let him hear the end of it, chuckling wryly to himself, he was just about to teleport home when he felt it.

Apollo aimed the bow at Harry, as he continued to walk, thankfully he knew how to use it, how to make someone infatuated and how to kill someone's love. The lead arrow gleamed at him, glaring back up at the boy, oh he couldn't wait to begin.

Firing the lead arrow off, it hit Harry in the back, but he continued walking as if he didn't know what was happening. Apollo wasn't sure what he'd been expecting, since he'd never actually seen it in action before, but he was a little put it out by the extreme lack of reaction. Shrugging his shoulders, it mattered little anyone, soon the boy would know pain which the likes he'd only ever had nightmares about. Grabbing Harry and taking him to Olympus - his own abode before he knew what was happening.

Without missing a beat, he tied Harry's hands behind his back, knowing he channeled his magic through them. With a grin of triumph, he removed the cloaking device, it had been a success these past few weeks, who would have thought it would come in handy in such a way? He's given one to Satara, but she was gone now.

"I knew I should have killed you," said Harry, standing up, glaring at the god with murderous intent. Idly noticing where they were, Olympus, yet again. The Mundane always imagined it as standing on cloud, but the reality was they had a fixation and love of marble. "Do you seriously think tying my hands behind my back will stop me?"

"Where's Ash? You were supposed to bring him to me!" shrieked Artemis upon seeing her twin back and without her precious Acheron.

"Call him up, let him see his beloved loath the ground he walks on." sneered Apollo his eyes gleaming in satisfaction.

"You'll never get your disgusting filthy hands on him again, you stupid deluded twat." snapped Harry, using his magic he made the bindings disappear. With that done he blasted Apollo ten feet from him, knowing Artemis was useless, she had no powers Apollo was the only real danger here. His concentration on Apollo was a mistake, as he soon realized when a knife pierced too close to his heart for comfort. Moaning in agony, staggering, in too much pain to scream out from the agony of the knife imbedded in his chest. Left hand cupping around the wound, wheezing, unable to think of anything except the pain.

"He's mine!" she shrieked wildly. Why hadn't Apollo used the arrow on him? He was so stupid she would have done it herself. Everyone was bloody useless, even her daughter had refused to help her! Her own bloody mother, Kat hadn't been to see her since. She refused to acknowledge that she was hurt by this. Although she had said some unforgivable things, it wouldn't be the first time but Kat had vowed it was the last.

Apollo gaped at the man unable to believe his ears as he hoisted himself off the floor. Why was he still defending him? He'd shot him with a lead arrow! He should hate Ash now not bloody love him still. Stupid bloody arrow mustn't have worked, grabbing it, he shot out another arrow lead again just like last time.

Well, they'd just have to finish the job, kill him and hopefully it would reverse their problems. He conjured up a spear, ready to end the man where he stood. Before Acheron found out what they did, before the man could recover. He was clearly shocked, judging by the stupid look on his face. What did he think he would get way with doing what he did to two gods? To him? To Artemis? Fool, was what he was.

Then the floor under their feet began to tremble with power they had never felt before, one that was all too familiar to those in Apollo's temple. Acheron Parthenopaeus, the final fate of the world and proud son of Apollymi the destroyer standing before them furious by the likes none of them had ever seen before. He stood there, taking in the view, his mercury eyes taking in the cupids bow and felt his heart sink.

For the first time since Harry came into his life he felt fear with the likes he'd never known in his entire existence. Not even when he'd been 'human' and being killed by Apollo had induced this much fear in him. Harry was his everything, the knowledge that their love even for a moment being turned to hatred caused his heart to hurt as though it was being hammered to pieces slowly. His mercury eyes, which were always twinkling whether in a 'I'm pissed off way' or 'slightly amused' were filled with raw hatred fury and wrath.

He knew he could reverse it, but Harry was as powerful as him, if he chose to leave - he may never find him to reverse the damage. Hissing in fury was his only warning, not even lifting a finger he blasted the two gods with rage he'd felt for a long time but kept suppressed. Those two had destroyed his life, again and again and he had accepted it as a way of life, but no more.

Nobody hurt Harry and lived to tell the tale, he half just wanted to enter his mother's domain and let her unleash hell on them. For he knew his mother would think up the most creative ways to kill them that he wouldn't. He was just about to finish them - doom the world when a voice startled him so badly, he gaped for the first time in his immortal existence.

"Ash, don't." said Harry teleporting in front of him pressing a hand against his chest, feeling the erratic heartbeat under his fingers. He'd never felt anything like it before, Ash was always calm and collected, even when facing the Daimons, Demons and Stryker in Sanctuary that day. He was a sight to behold, he hadn't been scared locked up with him the day he'd been drained dry - he still wasn't scared of him. Ash he knew would never hurt him, although his harbinger form may but that would never happen since he planned on always giving him the nutrition, he needed to stay this man he loved. Although Harry would have loved time to explore his other form, show him he loved every single bit of him, but he didn't think Ash would show him any time soon.

Ash froze, completely stunned as he stared at Harry unable to believe it. He knew what it meant; he'd known Harry loved him…but this…this was beyond his imagining. They were soul mates, Harry truly loved him enough to prevent Eros' arrow from affecting him. He'd been envious of Talon and Sunshine for the pure love they shared not that he'd indicated or said as such, but in hearts of hearts he had been- and now…now he could't for he too now had that same unconditional love. He should have guessed, but no, he hadn't and Harry had no idea what was going on. He could barely process it all, yes, he loved Harry, more than anything in this world, more than the whole world. This knowledge...was just so, so much more.

"Ash?" questioned Harry cautiously, staring back at the two figures, who were quite thankfully lying unconscious after Ash's bout of out magic. He had missed something; he wasn't sure what but to have Ash acting so violently he knew it was bad. Surely, he couldn't be reacting like this because Apollo had gotten one over him? Oh, who was he kidding? Ash was extremely protective, a too protective if he was honest, but considering he'd gone his entire life without someone caring about him the way Ash did - he loved it. "Ash?" he stated again becoming alarmed by his comatose like state. Once again looking over his shoulder to make sure they hadn't awoken. Grimacing in agony, he needed to get that knife out of his bloody chest it hurt like blazes.

One could ask however, if he would be so lenient with them when he realized what they had tried to do.

Could gods go into shock? He didn't know what the hell to do, how to snap him out of this state he was in. Holding onto him, he transported them to New Orleans the flat on Pirates Alley, perhaps his mother could help him. The small flat made the scene more oppressing. Grimacing, he used his good side to remove the cover from the mirror and croak out the words "Apollymi?"

"Harry? What is going on?" she asked concern rising at the state of Harry who had a knife lodged in his chest and her son who seemed to be standing stiller than a statue.

"I think he's in shock," murmured Harry, "Can you try and help him? I'll be right back."

Harry moved over to the bathroom, closing the door behind him sitting down on the floor. Breathing deeply, he wished more than ever he knew how to heal himself. He didn't think he ever would have the ability, not with having wizarding magic in him. What he wouldn't do for a potion right now, or Ash to be alert, he wasn't sure what had set him off either. Breathing deeply, he wrapped his hand around the hilt of the knife delicately. Bunching up his t-shirt he stuck it in his mouth, bracing himself to pull it out.

"Apostolos?" called Apollymi, standing in front of the mirror. "Son?"

Ash remained still it seemed not even his mother could bring him out of his thoughts.

Apollymi became increasingly concerned, and so she yelled at him in Atlantean to get himself under control that Harry was hurt and needed him. She may well not have spoken the first half, but the second half gained Ash's attention. For the first time since he got teleported here, he came out of his shock and lurched for the bathroom, knowing instinctively that's where Harry was.

He didn't see the smug look on his mother's face as he left.

"Don't," said Ash, speaking with an Atlantean accent, causing Harry to bite his lip, Ash always sounded sexy when he used his real accent. Kneeling awkwardly on the floor, he removed Harry's hand from the knife, and with a delicate touch the knife disappeared and the wound immediately began to heal.

"What happened back there? Why did you freeze?" asked Harry pursing his lips as the wound stung despite being healed. Whatever that had happened, Ash would need to face it instead of freezing like that. It was dangerous, especially for them, it seemed as if people were always going to be after them for one reason or another. He's expected it, looking up at Ash finding him without his glasses on, he realized he'd have it no other way. Shifting slightly, he was too big to be sitting on the floor in a small bathroom, he was beginning to ache.

"Do you know what Apollo did?" asked Ash, removing his hand, now that the wound was healed completely leaving not even a trace of a scar.

Harry blinked, "No?" he answered slightly confused it was Apollo's actions that had caused him to freeze?

"Do you know the history of Eros? You might know him better as Cupid." said Ash.

"The god of love? Not much, I mean I know their names and some of what they represent but other than that I never learnt about gods." admitted Harry, well other than the ones Ash talked about. Curiously really, he should know more Hecate had said she'd give him knowledge to survive this world. Although he hadn't met Eros, if he ever did, he'd know who he was, since she'd helped him, he just knew who people were. Whether it was gods, Daimons, Demons, Dark-Hunters and of course Were-Hunters and what they were. He couldn't do as Ash did and know everything about them, but he wasn't going to complain about that - in fact he was rather thankful. All that information going on around your brain, it would be enough to drive him insane.

"Eros has the ability to create love, he also has the ability to take it away, like all gods their power has its limitations." said Ash. Feeling deeply uncomfortable and knowing Harry was as well, sitting on the floor, he teleported them into the bedroom, sitting them both comfortably on the large bed.

"Take it away?" said Harry his breathing hitched, so in effect it was like a love potion? That shouldn't be allowed. "I must be immune to it then; I was able to beat the Imperious curse in the wizarding world."

"It works on everyone, even gods. The only limitation to his power is he cannot erase true love…in soul mates." replied Ash his tone was one Harry had never heard before, wistfulness? Awe? Amazement?

"I'm going to kill them." said Harry darkly, a mask of fury overwhelming him, if he and Ash hadn't been soul mates…he wouldn't have stood a chance. He could barely breathe for the rage burning inside of him, he demanded retribution, he couldn't care less about anything else. The need for revenge was all encompassing.

"You cannot," said Ash cautiously. He desired to, greatly in fact, but the truth was - if they killed them the world would end.

"Correction, we could, we are the only beings on earth that actually know how to," Harry pointed out, touching his chest, snarling furiously, oh, he couldn't let them away with what they had done. He just couldn't. "And I'm going to kill them." It was a statement of a fact; he didn't care what Acheron thought.

It was time Artemis and Apollo to die, for Harry was going to smote their ruin along Olympus.

It was time everyone knew just what Harry Potter was capable of.

What he was always capable of.


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