Uchiha Heiress

Chapter 1: Sasuke or Satsuki? Who is the Last Uchiha?

"Shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto called out his signature jutsu's name, creating over a hundred clones of himself. They where spread all across team sevens training ground; on the ground, in the trees, and even standing on the water.

The real Naruto stood in the center, surrounded by his own army of shadow clones. One of the clones, who was standing in a tree, yelled out to his clone brethren, throwing his left fist into the air. "Alright guys! Are you ready!?"

The other clones simultaneously cheered out "YYYYEEEAAAHHH!" They all charged at the real Naruto, some running towards him while others jumped down from the sky.

The real Naruto charged forward, taking on his own army of clones. He tossed three shuriken at the clones in front of him. The clones easily deflected them and continued to charge at the real Naruto. "Your gonna have to do better then that!" One of the clones said as he rushed in with a hundred clones behind him, kunai hands.

"I won't make it easy for you!" The real Naruto said as he smirked and charged at them. He delivered a few quick swift kicks as he then sent out a barrage of punches. "Time to try something new, Wind Style: Air Bullet!"

"What!?" The clones said as they got shot with multiple blasts of air. He had taken down at least thirty clones, but there was still an entire army to get through. What was worse it was the clones turn to use Ninjutsu. All the clones went though hand signs and called out the jutsu's name, "Wind Style: Air Bullet!"

Suddenly Naruto was hit with multiple blasts of chakra enhanced air. Or at least that's what his clones thought. When the dust cleared all they saw was a destroyed log. "Substitution!" One of the clones yelled out angrily, what he didn't notice was a shadow behind him, ready to take him out.

"That's right pal!" The clone only had enough time to widen his eyes before Naruto reduced him to smoke. "Wind Style: Air Bullet!" Naruto sent out five blasts of air, taking out three clones, with only two clones able to dodge Naruto's attack.

"Crap!" The clones said after being defeated with a strong punches to the gut. "100 clones left." The Real Naruto said, panting from exhaustion. The clones were also panting as their chakra was depleting.

"Well...one thing left to do." One of the clones said.

"What?" Another clone asked.

"Time to go explosive." The first clone answered.

"Exploding clones huh?"

"Now this is gonna be fun." Another clone said as cracked his knuckles.

"Ah crap!" Naruto said as he watched the clones come into him all at once, ready to explode. "Suicide bomber...really!?" He yelled out at them.

"Hey don't blame us! Your the one who learned the technique!"

Naruto's face froze for a moment. They did have a point, they were his clones after all. Naruto didn't have time to think about this too much though, the clones charged in, all ready to self destruct. Naruto continued to pant from exhaustion, he was almost entirely out of chakra. "Alright I think it's time to use it!"

Naruto closed his eyes, yelling inside his mind, "Alright fox! Time to pay your rent!" Suddenly red chakra poured out of Naruto's body, making it look like he was on fire. The kyuubi's chakra radiated heat, so much so the clones lips were drying up, and they were still over ten feet away from him.

Naruto's nails grew into claws, and his canine's grew larger and sharper. Finally his eyes turned from cerulean blue to blood red, his eyes turning into slits.

Naruto swiped his hand through the air, causing a shock wave to take out halve of the shadow clones. Shocked one of the clones yelled out, "Crap! He's gone Kyubi!" That clone was imminently destroyed by Naruto jumping to where he was and slamming his fist into his face. Suddenly all the other clones surrounded him.

"Wind Style: Air Bullet!" "Shadow explosion jutsu!" All the clones called out these two jutsu, causing a massive explosion around Naruto. But what would surly mean death for any other ninja was simple to defuse for the number one knuckle headed ninja of the leaf. The explosion expanded and released a shock wave, tearing down the surrounding tree's and making a small crater around where Naruto was.

Naruto stood in the center of the crater. His cloths were a little torn and singed from the explosion. He wasn't much better, but the wounds were minor and were healing already. He would be at full strength again in about an hour. Naruto had sent a shock wave using the kyuubi's chakra, canceling out the explosion around him, well for the most part.

"Well...That was intense..." Naruto said as he blew out a puff of smoke. He looked up and saw that it was already night, the full moon shining down over him. Figuring he had done enough training today Naruto started walking home. The cool night breeze felt good after hours of training, monstrous stamina or not.

Konoha was eerily quiet, if someone had dropped a pin it would have sounded like they dropped a baseball bat, but growing up in a ninja village made Naruto used to it. Taking his usual way home Naruto walked by Ichiraku ramen, wanting to get something to eat before he went to bed, only to find it closed. Ichiraku had a habit of closing late, in order to better accommodate ninja who trained until late and didn't feel like cooking, so for it to be closed meant Naruto had been training harder than usual. Disappointed Naruto let out a sigh "Guess it's cupped ramen tonight." Naruto continued walking to his apartment but after a couple of blocks he smelled something...funny.

He started sniffing the air. Naruto noticed after his fight with Mizuki that his senses have gotten sharper. So much so that he could tell a persons gender just by the smell. That's why Naruto had been training so hard. He wanted to train with the kyuubi's chakra. While the kyuubi's chakra was flowing through him his senses were sharper than even those of the Inuzuka clan.

It took about a day for this effect to wear off, depending on how much of the kyuubi's chakra he used. He had been training with the kyuubi's chakra for only three weeks but had learned a lot about his new sensing abilities. One thing he learned is that along with their own scents every man and women had a second scent, one more pungent to those able to smell it. It told him if it was a man or a women. He still hadn't figured out how it worked but he knew the two scents were definitely for a man and a women.

That's why the scent present to him was very confusing. "That smells like Sasuke...but why is there a girls scent mixed in?" Suddenly Naruto's face turned from his confused to horrified. "Ahhh! Wh-what what if! Him and Sakura!" Naruto imagined the scene in his head. Sakura draped on top of Sasuke, their body's only covered by a dark blue blanket and each others arms.

Sakura's face as red as a rose as she gently whispers "S-Sasuke...I love you!" Sasuke's smirking face as he guides her face closer to his own.

"Hmp, of course you do." Says Sasuke, as if it was something to be expected. Their faces come even closer until their lips almost meet.

That's where Naruto shakes his head, wanting to end the scene before it goes any farther. "No frickin way!"

Determined to stop things before they even get started, Naruto followed the scent to Sasuke's apartment. "Bastard, he took her back to his place!? Alright pale, that tears it!" Naruto jumped up and grabbed onto Sasuke's patio. Ever since the Uchiha massacre Sasuke has stayed in a apartment the Hokage assigned to him.

It was on the second floor of an apartment complex about ten minutes away from Naruto's place. Sasuke had the same financial set up with the village as Naruto, although Sasuke's apartment was a lot nicer. The village supplied them with money every month to live off of until they graduated from the academy and could earn money from mission.

Naruto back flipped, doing a complete three sixty, and landed on Sasuke's patio railing. While he stood on the railing Naruto peered through the patio window, poking his head out from the side, trying to see what was happening. What he saw next was not what he expected. "What the?" Naruto whispered as he looked in.

He definitely saw what looked like Sasuke, but something was 'off' about him. He could only see his bare back, he had no shirt on at the moment, in fact the only cloths he seemed to be wearing were a pair of blue boxers, but they seemed to be shorter than what most guys he knew wore. He had an hour glass figure and his hair flowed down his back all the way to his butt and looked silky smooth, just as his skin did. Near the chest area Naruto could see their seemed to be some bandages. "That weird, I don't see Sakura in there" Naruto muttered.

Naruto quickly hid from sight as Sasuke turned in his direction. This allowed Naruto to see Sasuke's face was also different. It was much rounder, softer looking and more feminine. On Sasuke's chest were the bandages covering the top part of his torso. "Chest binding?! No...It couldn't be!" Naruto looked away from Sasuke, not believing what he was seeing.

"Ahem..." An irritated female voice said.

"Crap..." Naruto said as he looked up to see Sasuke tapping his foot, still topless with only the bindings covering his chest.

Naruto then started to chuckle a little. "Hey there Sasuke..." At that moment, the wind started to blow as Sasuke's chest bindings came off, helped by a near by lit candle burning them a little, causing him to yelp in pain. The bandages then started to get lite on fire, though only a little bit.

"Sasuke!" Naruto automatically rushed in to help.

"D-Dobe! I can handle it myself!" Sasuke said in a female voice, that Naruto ignored as he ripped the bandages off, not seeing that Sasuke was blushing.

When Naruto ripped them off he set something free he was not able to comprehend. "Wha. . .?"

Naruto stared at the mounds on Sasuke's chest as they were at least double D. Naruto looked at Sasuke who was madly blushing, too shocked to even cross his, or maybe it was her, hands over her chest. Naruto then responded the best way he could...he fainted.

With his body numb Naruto began falling backwards. Reacting on instinct Sasuke grabbed Naruto's jacket collar, saving him from a painful wake up call. Pulling him back Naruto landed on Sasuke, his chest resting against Sasuke's, making Sasuke blush even more.

Sasuke swung Naruto's arm over her shoulder and carried her unconscious classmate to her room and placed him on her bed. "Now what do I do?" Sasuke looked at Naruto's calm sleeping face. "H-he saw...everything..." Sasuke muttered in a female voice, bringing her right arm over her chest in an attempt to cover her chest. Too embarrassed to keep on looking at him Sasuke turned her head away from Naruto, the blush from earlier still gracing her cheeks.

Naruto made a grunting noise and stirred in his sleep, "S...Sasuke...girl...huge boobies."

This made Sasuke blush even more, so much so her face was completely red. Sasuke crossed her arms over her chest, now remembering she was almost completely naked. Sasuke ran out of the room and went back to the living room, after stopping by the bathroom to get some new bandages to wrap her chest with.

Once she was dressed, and her breast binded, Sasuke did a transformation jutsu to change into what everyone thinks he looks like. Sasuke went back and peeked into his room to see Naruto was still sleeping. "Good, he's still out cold." With the threat of being seen naked again gone Sasuke now was able to focus on what he was going to say once Naruto really did wake up.

An hour pasted by before Naruto started to wake up. He realized he was on Sasuke's bed as the room smelled completely like the female scent from earlier.


Naruto turned to see a male Sasuke standing in the doorway, his usual scowl present on his face. "Do me a favor loser and don't knock yourself unconscious on my patio."

"Uh...Sasuke?" Naruto said confused.

"Hmm?" Sasuke cocked one eyebrow, secretly nervous about what Naruto would say.

Naruto felt awkward but he knew he had to set things straight "Sasuke...your a girl aren't you."

Sasuke couldn't hide his shock, but he quickly put his stoic face back on, pretending he didn't know what Naruto was talking about. "Yeah right dope, now get out. I wanna get some sleep."

Naruto stood up, looking Sasuke in the eye. Suddenly a mischievous smile spread across his lips. "You know you've got some really big boobs Sasuke, they felt really nice!"

Taken by surprise Sasuke acted on instinct, crossing 'his' arms over 'his' chest, he couldn't help but blurt out "W-WHEN DID YOU FEEL THEM!? DID YOU REALLY PASS OUT OR WERE YOU JUST FAKING IT!?"

"AH HA! Got you!" Naruto declared as Sasuke's face went completely red as he realized what had just happened.

Suddenly the air in the room changed. Sasuke felt like he was naked in front of Naruto, again. A tear slipped down the last Uchiha's face, falling to the ground with a splash that sounded like a waterfall to Naruto. "Uh. . .Sasuke?"

"…...please...please don't tell." Sasuke muttered, surprising Naruto.

Naruto stared at Sasuke in disbelief, he couldn't believe what he just heard. Sasuke Uchiha, begging to keep a secret. Naruto nodded his head then asked, "Could you just explain what this is about? I mean...this is pretty big..."

After a few minutes Sasuke took a deep breath, wiping away the stray tear and a few other tears threatening to fall. "A-alright." Sasuke then did a hand sign and turn back into the female form that Naruto saw earlier, although this time she was dress in cloths that would fall off if she didn't hold them up.

"So...how long have you been a...you know?" Naruto asked.

"A girl?" Sasuke replied as Naruto nodded his head. "I've always been a girl. My real name is Satsuki Uchiha and the truth is that I kept my gender a secret to protect myself." Satsuki started explaining.

"Protect yourself? From what?" Naruto asked.

"The Clan Restoration Act. It's said in that disgusting act if I'm that last female of my clan, they would turn me into a breeding stock! I don't want that! I'll never see the light of day again!" Naruto then noticed a tear coming out of her eye, and more forming. For the second time today Naruto had seen the proud Sasuke Uchiha, who he now knew was actually Satsuki Uchiha, shed tears.

"Satsuki..." He then smiled at her. "Don't worry, I won't tell! And I always keep my word, that's my ninja way!" Satsuki quickly brought up her head, surprised at what he said. "R-really?! You mean it!? Really!?"

Naruto nodded his head, she could see in his eyes he was telling the truth. Satsuki then jumped on to him, hugging and thanking him, causing Naruto have a full face blush. Naruto scratched the back of his head and said "N-no problem." He then noticed something. "You know something?"

"Yes Naruto-kun?" Satsuki asked as she held his arm, looking dreamily at him.

"Cute..." Naruto couldn't help but think the girl holding onto his arm was extremely cute, not just her face but her personality too. "You're a lot different than Sasuke. It's like you pulled a 180."

Satsuki then gained a depressed look on her face, making Naruto regret what he said, although he was still curious about her sudden change in mood. "Well you see...I had to...or else people...would think I'm weird..."

Confused, Naruto then asked "What do you mean?"

"I'm suppose to be Sasuke Uchiha. Rookie of the year, loved by the entire village for being an Uchiha, and the last hope for it's revival. If I acted like a girl...it would make people speak badly about the Uchiha. I don't want them to speak badly about my family."

This time it was Naruto who turned depressed as he both understood her feeling, but also could never understand her feelings. He looked towards the ground, not able to face Satsuki as he said, "Yeah, I get it. Well I get the idea anyway, I never knew who my family was so I can only guess how you feel." Satsuki's jaw almost dropped. He didn't even know who his family was? In class he was always so loud and cheerful, and yet.

"Naruto-kun..." Satsuki muttered. Normally it would have gone unnoticed by the blond but with his enhanced hearing he heard it loud and clear. Naruto looked back at Satsuki, about to ask what she wanted, only to be stopped by her sad onyx eyes that were threatening to spill more tears. Naruto couldn't say anything. He was too mesmerized by the sad beauty holding onto him as if he'd disappear if she hadn't. "I'm so sorry!"

Naruto's aqua blue eyes widen in shock, what was she apologizing for? She hadn't done anything, if anything he should have been the one apologizing. "Satsuki-chan...?"

"I...I'm sorry, I've done nothing but complain even though I knew my family. I shouldn't...I mean I-" Satsuki's muttered words were stopped by Naruto who lifted her chin up with his free hand, making her look him in the eyes.

"It's alright, I don't care about it." He didn't care? He didn't care about not having a family? "I don't know what a parents love is, so I can't really be sad about not having it. So it's alright, go ahead and cry Satsuki, you can just be you now." Satsuki's eyes widened, filling with tears.

How had the two been enemies for so long? They were supposed to hate each other, that's how it's been since they met. And yet here she was Satsuki Uchiha, burying her head into Naruto Uzumaki's chest. Crying her eyes out, sobbing into her jacket while he gently held her.

Naruto couldn't get over how frail she felt. He was worried if he held her any tighter she would break. This was what his rival was really like? The icy cold Sasuke was actually a sweet girl that wanted nothing more than to make her family happy, even if they weren't with her anymore. She was probably hurting a lot more than even he was.

"N-Naruto-kun..." Suddenly Naruto was brought back to earth as Satsuki began to speak, her face still buried in his chest.

"Ah, Yeah? What is it Satsuki-chan?" Satsuki was hesitant to speak for a moment but then began speaking. "Would you mind if I...be a little more selfish?"

Naruto was confused at this. "What do you mean?"

Satsuki tightened her grip on Naruto's jacket, scared to speak. "Would you...mind spending the night?" Satsuki's entire body tensed up as she finished her question. Naruto was shocked.

Did she really want him to spend the night? "Satsuki-chan?" Naruto could tell she wasn't lying, and he also knew he couldn't say no while she was like this. He was nervous but nodded his head. "Sure, but are you sure you really want me too? I mean...we're kinda alone here so."

Suddenly Satsuki giggled surprising Naruto. "Don't worry, I trust you Naruto-kun."

Naruto blushed, for the second time since he got there Naruto couldn't help but think Satsuki was cute. Naruto looked away, not wanting her to see him blush. "Ah, so, were should I sleep?"

"Here is fine." Naruto looked at Satsuki who once again rested her body against his, using his chest like a pillow. Not knowing what to do Naruto just looked at Satsuki. Her eyes were shut and she had the small smile that would make any man fall in love. Not wanting this to end either Naruto laid his head back, onto Satsuki's pillow. Naruto placed one hand behind his head and one over Satsuki, making Satsuki blush. His arm rested around her back as he drifted off into deep sleep, not sure what would happen when morning came.