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Sansa had lost the game, and now she had to pay her debts.

She sank on her knees in front of Tyrion who sat in a large armchair and she started to undo his laces. It was their arrangement when they played Cyvasse, the loser would go down on the winner. And a Lannister always pays her debts.

He would do the same for her, lick her with his clever tongue until she would burst out in pleasure. She didn't mind it, yes at first she had been nauseated by him, but they had warmed up and after they had arrived at Casterly Rock she had somehow started to love him. He certainly loved her, he would do everything for her and he had proven it often.

When he had denied to bed her against her will, when he had brought her out of King's Landing and showed her that life could be enjoyable again.

She finally undid his laces and freed his manhood, she couldn't understand why she had been disgusted by it in the first place. It was soft like silk and warm. She licked her lips in anticipation and darted out with her tongue to lick up and down his shaft, causing long deep moans from him, how could somebody so small have such a low voice.

Her hand reached out to knead his balls which rested in his golden pubic hair. She swirled with her tongue over the head of his cock tasting his precum. Tyrion had a hand in her hair now, not forcing but guiding her. She adjusted her head and took him into her mouth, circling her tongue around him. She began to go up and down on him.

She took more and more of him in, every time she moved until his cock reached her throat and she had to suppress a gag. He began to move his hips together with her head, aiding her.

"Oh, Sansa" his moans revealed his pleasure and Sansa was happy to give him what he desired so much. After a while she get bolder and took more of him into her, letting him fuck her throat. He was gentle, never forcing, never rough, like he feared to frighten her. During their time together he treated her like an ivory doll, something precious, he would never risk to hurt her, she knew it. It made him special in her eyes, she knew not all men were like him and was happy she had gotten one of the good after all.

She felt his balls tighten, his climax wasn't far away. She speed up, using her tongue around his shaft, his moans grew louder and he released his seed into her mouth and she swallowed it all. She felt him relaxing in his seat and looked up, she saw the bliss in his eyes and she smirked at him and he smiled at her. She licked her lips and drop her head on his tight. Exhausted by the day. He helped her in his lap and she curled into it, resting her head against his. So they fell asleep.

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