Arrietty held on almost weakly to Sho's collar while he gently rocked in his favorite chair. This was how they passed most of their days, now that both of their families had grown up and left them alone.

They sat together and watched the sun set, content. Even though it was setting, Arrietty still thought she could feel its warmth, covering the many crevices of her face. It was the most peaceful part of her already restful day to watch the sun set.

Arrietty had found Sho again, after she'd been old enough to go on her own. She'd brought Spiller with her of course. After the ride in his tea kettle it had been hard to keep the two apart.

Arrietty smiled as she thought of her precious Spiller. She'd been happy with him, but he'd passed on, a few years ago now, and all their children had grown up and found their own places to borrow from, leaving Arrietty alone with her Sho.

Sho had been married for many years as well; his wife had been a sweet woman who didn't mind the Borrowers at all, unlike that foolish maid Haru. Spiller and Arrietty had been able to raise their children in a uniquely Borrower friendly environment, using the dollhouse Sho had inherited as a home of their own. Sho's beautiful wife had died a few weeks ago and Arrietty was glad that she was still around to comfort him in whatever small way she could.

She watched as a tear slid quietly down his cheek, reflecting a rainbow of light in the setting sunlight. It was beautiful, and of course very sad. As quietly as the tear fell, Arrietty climbed, and caught the tear before it could slid from Sho's chin, soaking her dress quite thoroughly she dried her dear friends cheek. She pressed herself tightly to his cheek, the closest she could give him to a proper hug.

Sho's face moved beneath her, pulling into a faint smile. "Thank you Arrietty." He whispered softly. "I'm glad you are still here to comfort me."

Arrietty nodded still clinging to him. She was terrified of the day when one of them would die and leave the other all alone, without any sort of companionship, but thankfully for now, they had each other. "I will stay as long as I can. But I cannot stop the fading of life from within me."

Sho rocked quietly for a moment. "No. Neither can I. But I am grateful for this life that we have been able to share."

"Yes." Arrietty whispered, feeling tears of her own pricking her eyes, before swelling and rolling down her small cheeks. "I'll always be grateful that we were able to know each other."

With only the sound of the rocking chair to creak through the air, the two friends quietly watched as the sun finally set.