Sam is so engulfed in the fear for his brothers life, that he has problems to focus on the road. The car is drifting to the oncoming lane more than once. Luckily there is no traffic.

It doesn't take long for him to find the street where Walter Reid is supposed to live. It's a quiet place. Reid's house is the only house around the corner. The next neighbor is so far away, that Sam's sure that a bomb could go off and would be fully unnoticed by other people.

The property seems to be huge and in the middle of it, hidden behind a fence and trees, he can see the roof of what to has to be a big house. Sam stays in the car for a moment, thinking about what his next step should be. It wouldn't help his brother any, if he'd just storm in headless like a rookie. He wouldn't be able to help Dean without some sort of plan.

He sighs and closes his eyes. How could all of this happen? Why did he find those articles in the newspapers at all? Is it a coincidence, that the case he picked led to Dean's childhood friend?

„You have to hurry! I won't be able to stay much longer!"

Sam needs a moment to comprehend that the voice comes from the passenger seat. He opens his eyes in shock, ready to grab his gun.

„Don't do this, Sam. You have to go and help him, help me."

„Who are you?"

„You know who I am, just take another look inside." The young man hands Sam the file he took from the journalist earlier.

The young Winchester takes it and looks at the list again, reads the names on it. „What do you want me to see?" He looks at the other man and then he knows who this man is. „You're Aden!"

„You're right, I am… but I never was."

„What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Sam gets angry; his brothers life is at stake and he has no time for this bullshit.

He looks at the file again, takes another look at the picture of the little boy than looks up at Aden, but the man is gone as suddenly as he came. The hunter is confused at first, but that feeling is soon followed by frustration. He puts the file together again to finally get out of the car and look for his brother. His eyes catch a small glance at the picture again. The sad smile of the boy draws his attention. The face still looks so familiar.

„Oh my God!" he whispers in horror.

When realization finally hits, it makes him dizzy and sick. He jumps out of the car and pukes his guts out.

„Oh my God!" he whispers again. „Dean!"