"We've been to Alamosa before. I'd say 25 years ago or so. You were so cute back then, Sam, I never thought something like that" he gestures along his brothers body, face and hair "could come out of such a sweet boy."

"Yeah, back to you. I remember having a caring and loving big brother, now all that's left is a permanent pain-in-the-ass Jerk."

"Bitch." Dean grins.

"I can't remember Alamosa, but I guess I was just a year old or so." Dean doesn't answer. "What was Dad hunting here?"

"I don't remember. It's somewhere in the back of my head, but I just can't say right now. Guess I was too young, myself."

"Maybe I'll find something in his journal. So I don't remember reading anything about it before. I think we're almost at the last victims place."

Dean nods and lets the Impala stop in front of a beautiful big house. Whoever lives here, is not poor. They leave the car and ring the door bell.

A young woman opens the door. She is probably around Sam' age. Almost two years younger as Sam finds out during a conversation. They introduce themselves as Lee Carpenter and Tom Latimer from the insurance company. "Mr. Latimer and I have to see the room where your father died and ask a few questions. We'll work fast." Dean aka Lee says.

"I hope you do, because my mother is very exhausted and has a hard time dealing with my fathers death."

"I'm sure it's hard for both of you. We've lost family, too. Our, er, my father died just a year ago. Sometimes still hard to know he won't come back." Sam says and feels Dean's tension growing as they enter the house.

"I guess you need to talk to my Mom, too. I get her in the living room. It's just straight ahead, can't miss it. Over there's the room where it happened. Door was closed from the inside and the windows were closed, too. He was found at his desk."

Sam and Dean open the door carefully. Sam inspects the lock and Dean carefully walks through the room to look at the windows. "There is no sign that they were opened from the outside or anything. What about the door?"

"Same here. I check the floor and the surroundings. Leaves the desk for you."

"Kay. Seems pretty normal for me. The computer is gone, I guess the police has taken it. Wish I knew why. Sam?"

"Yes?" The younger Winchester looks up. "Got something?"

"Here's a notepad, I think the last thing written on it was a note. Let's see..." Dean looks for a pencil, finds it and scratches along the indentation. "It says..." Dean stops and swallows hard.

"What does it say? Dean?" No answer. "Dean? Let me see, what it..." He looks at his brothers suddenly pale face, like he has seen a ghost. "Dean, are you okay, man?" There is still no answer and he stares at the note himself. "Who, what or where is Aden? Do you really think that this note is some hint?"

Dean's face hasn't change since he stopped talking. And he still doesn't answer. Before Sam could try another time Joanna's voice brings both of them back to the case. "My mother is ready to talk to you. Want some tea?"

Sam is going to say no, but Dean is faster. "Yes, a tea would be nice, thank you." His younger brother is surprised. Dean wants tea. That's new. Something's certainly wrong with him. Hope the stubborn ass tells me before it's too late.

Mrs. Brunner isn't a beautiful woman, but she tries to make the best of what God has given to her. It's easy to tell that she's not used to talk to officials and other strangers. Dean is quiet. So his younger brother picks up the conversation: "Is there anything that you could tell us about the night, when your husband died?"

"I woke up in the middle of the night. He was in his office, never opened the door. He told me he was working and doing some phone calls." They see for the first time the frame she's holding in her hands. She hands Sam the picture, he looks at it for a moment and then gives it to Dean. Dean's hands are trembling.

"Can I use your toilet?" Joanna shows him the way and he runs that way. Just in time to vomit in the bowl. He moans in pain. Joanna runs back to the living room: "Mr. Latimer? Your partner is vomiting and obviously in pain." She shows him the room and stays back to give them privacy.

The door isn't closed, so he slides into the small room, just to find his brother vomiting again and silently crying in pain. He squats himself next to his brother, lays a hand on his back. "Dean, what's wrong with you?"

"I'm not sure. It's just this case. The note and the picture of this man seem so familiar. It gives me cramps to my stomach, I don't know why, but it hurts. Can we leave this house and find a motel? I think I've heard that name or whatever it is... Aden, maybe when we where here so many years ago."

"Okay, Dean. I already know all we have to. Let's get you some rest." He helps his brother up, waiting for him to tell him to back off. But is surprised again, when Dean leans on him. "Gotta help me, Sammy."

They show the victims family their respect and leave. Dean gives the keys to Sam. He wants me to drive, when he's not even badly injured or so? Great, now you got me officially worried.

Nobody says a word while driving. They soon find a motel and Sam goes to the office to get the key. The room isn't a highlight, but they've been to worse in all their years on the road. "Sam? Can you sit down with me for a bit?"

"Sure." He sits on the bed, looking at his brother. "What is it, man? Do you remember now why all of it sounds so familiar to you?"

"I think this name, Aden. He was a boy, my age I believe. I'm sure, I've met him several times during our times in several states, including Kansas. His parents where traveling around as well. I don't know why, but it could be they worked for a circus."

"Wow! But Dean, it's not said, that all of this is about that boy."

"Maybe, but the photo of this man. I think I've seen him, too. Always thought he was an uncle of Aden."

"Why is it that you remember this Aden so well? Because you met him more than once? Or was there something strange about him, that you didn't forget?"

"He was, for a while, something like my best friend. The only friend I really ever had, except of you, Sammy. I know what you want to say, but Bobby and all the others are nice and guess some kind of good friends, but they were Dad's friends not mine. I, I never had a friend on my own. You were always good in making friends, Sammy. You're still in contact with most of your school or college friends. I never had something like that. Only this boy, Aden, for a short time."

Dean looks up and Sam sees the sadness and loneliness in his eyes. And tears. Sam swallows a lump down his throat. "Oh God, Dean, I'm so sorry." He hugs his brother tightly. "I never knew. Honestly, bro, never thought about it I guess. I know it's not the same, but you will always be my best friend and I always want to be the same for you. Do you hear me?"

"I know you mean well, Sammy, but.." A new wave of bitter tears shakes Dean's body. "Thank you. You're right, it's not the same, it's much better."

"Yes it is, Dean. I've got a lot of friends, but I never trusted any of them as unconditionally as I do you. And I never love anyone as much as you."

"Can you stop this sweet talking? All the chick-flick-moments." Dean tries to smile.

"Sure, you Jerk."

"Oh Samantha, you bitch."

Sam smiles and is glad that Dean's smile seems honest. "Do you want to skip this hunt? It think it's a demon, found some yellow spots on the carpet near the desk. If it hurts you, we will just call a few other hunters to ..."

"No, it's okay, we're gonna hunt this down, whatever it is. Nothing can go wrong with you by my side."