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Wake Up Call

Sarah Williams was asleep at her desk when the sound of a loud crackle and pop echoed through the small apartment. She woke with a start, wand drawn, and a hex on the tip of her tongue. Seconds later her roommate, still clad in her night clothes with bright red hair, came bounding in, her own wand out ready for a fight.

When she saw just who it was that had Apparated into their apartment so early in the morning, she let her wand drop to her side though she kept a tight grip on it just in case. She looked to her roommate and gave Nymphadora Tonks a nasty glare, after all the old man was her paranoid mentor.

Tonks grinned apologetically in turn before dropping her wand and turning to glare at the formally retired Auror.

"Don't ever drop your wand! I could be some imposter," he roared, leveling his one good eye on his protégée. "Constant vigilance!"

Sarah and Tonks rolled their eyes at the same time, while the temporary red head leaned in and whispered in Sarah's ear, "Doubtful. Ever since the whole Hogwarts fiasco he's been as paranoid as ever."

The brunette hadn't even known the Auror could get even more paranoid.

"What are you doing here so early Moody," Tonks asked, letting out a loud yawn. The sun wasn't even out yet. "I don't even go in today."

He gave her a scrutinizing look before pulling out his wand, and giving it a few fanciful twirls. Sarah immediately recognized the spells as powerful charms for intruders, and ones that enabled others from overhearing things they shouldn't. She shook her head at the old man's tenacity. Their home was already protected from that sort of thing, Moody knew that. He was the one who had done them.

Still not bothering to answer her question, Moody pulled out a small piece of paper and handed it to Tonks.

"Get a good look at that you two and memorize it. The first meeting it tonight, nine sharp," Moody growled.

Sarah peered over Tonks shoulder to see elegant script, and an address: 12 Grimmauld Place. Both Sarah and Tonks only had a moment to read it before Moody snatched it back and incinerated the small parchment. And with that he Disapparated.

Tonks gave her a look before announcing, "I'm going back to bed, wake me when it's time to go."