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A Busy Day

Sarah rolled her eyes at her roommate as she trudged back to her room. Instead of following the other girl's example, Sarah decided to make herself a cup of coffee. She already had a busy day ahead of her, and with Moody's announcement things were bound to get even busier.

Yawning, she moved through the cluttered apartment and towards the tiny kitchen. She started a fresh cup of coffee by hand, she could never seem to get it the way she liked it with her wand.

She had moved in with Tonks nearly five years ago, though they had known each other much longer than that. They had been pen pals since they were both third years, and Sarah would even spend her summers abroad in London. They had even planned on going through the Auror program together before she decided that it was just something she couldn't see herself doing long term.

Though Tonks had the day off, she did not. She had a meeting with both of her editors later, and she still needed to submit her latest articles for the Prophet. Since Seeker's leave of absence, she had more or less taken over as head writer. She loved the responsibility, though she hadn't seen herself working so long for the paper.

Strolling back to her desk, Sarah languidly started to gather her papers together. She had stayed up too long putting the finishing touches on her manual script. Opening the first drawer to grab a binding clip, she suddenly froze when her fingers touched the hauntingly familiar leather bounding of a small red book.

She closed the drawer with a quick thrust.

Scowling, she promptly opened the drawer again and snatched the book up. She marched to her room and over to her closet. In a blind fury, she pulled out a small shoe box from the back. Ignoring the familiar pang in her chest, she threw the book in and shoved the small box back into her closet. She didn't know how it left that spot, and neither did she really want to think about it.

Sighing jadedly, she trailed back into the living room. She had a busy day after all, and she did not need that distracting her.