As Long As We're Together

Holding onto that tiny handhold was hard when you're trying to save yourself and your girlfriend from into a bottomless pit of evil known as Tartarus. Nico was struggling to reach us, Hazel screaming for help but her voice lost in all the noise. The cavern was falling apart. My fingers almost slipped plenty of times, but the need to save Annabeth kept me going.

We'd been united at last but it seemed like we'll never have peace in our lifetime. We were enjoying the peace we had, then BOOM! We get thrust into another almost impossible quest to save the world.

Then, she said the words that torn me apart.

"Percy," she croaked. "let me go, you can't pull me up."

If looked at myself I knew this was how I would look like. My face turning white from the effort of clinging on that little ledge, beads of sweat rolling down my forehead. What was worse was that I knew it was hopeless.

"Never." I said to her. She knew what I meant as her eyes met mine. I would never let her go, even if we fall into Tartarus, I would never leave her side ever again. I looked at Nico who was just fifteen feet away from this pit that's sucking us in.

"The other side Nico! We'll see you there. Understand?" I yelled at him. His eyes widened.


"Lead them there!" I shouted, cutting him off. "Promise me!"

"I-I will." he said. Satisfied with his answer, I tightened my grip on Annabeth's wrist. She looked like she's been through hell and back (which was exactly what we were going to do) but she's never looked more beautiful than ever before.

"We're staying together." I promised her. "You're not getting away from me again."

"As long as we're together." she agreed.

Nico and Hazel were now screaming desperately. They didn't want to lose their friends who also happened to be some of the most powerful in the group and would definitely tip the scales of this battle.

There was sunlight far above and I wondered if this would be the last time I saw it. Then, I let go. We were now free falling into endless darkness, our hands clasped together in a tight grip, with no one but ourselves, and no way out unless we survive to the Doors of Death.

As we descended downwards I whispered to her while gazing into her eyes.

"I don't care where I am, what I'm doing, or what's going to happen. But I would gladly do anything for you as long as we stay together."

And that was the last thing I said before blacking out.

Sup! I just finished reading the book and I felt the need to this. It was just so romantic but a tragedy at the same time. Hope u like it!