Hi guys, this story is set before Charlie decides to leave the Force. She's still with Brax. Will Joey be able to save her from Brax? No copyright infringement is intended. Please let me know what you think.

Joey stepped off the boat she had called home for the last 6 months. Her hair blew in the wind as she breathed in and exhaled whispering "Welcome Home Joey". She was nervous about coming back to Summer Bay. She was nervous about seeing Charlie again. The main reason she had delayed coming home was because of the thought of having to see Charlie with some one else. She shuddered at the thought but slowly stepped back onto the wharf towards the Diner.

In the distance Charlie was on duty, her smile lighting up as she saw Brax heading towards her. Their love had blossomed but most recently she has felt like the lines between right and wrong were becoming more and more blurred. She was unable to continue this way and was at a cross road- leave the police force or leave Brax.

Joey saw Charlie and Brax's passionate embrace and her heart plummeted. The realization that Charlie had moved on made her want to run back on the boat, back to safety but her head was telling her different. Determined to resolve everything once and for all she continued on away from the diner and towards Charlie.

Brax had left for a surf and Charlie had turned to return to her car when she spotted the woman who had send her heart spinning 3 years ago. Admiring Joey as she stepped in closer, she couldn't believe how good looking she looked.

"Hi" they said in unison. Both girls took a moment to take each other in. Charlie was the first one to step in and embrace Joey. "I missed you" she whispered into Joey's ear.

Joey couldn't reply, a lump had built in her throat, she searched Charlie's face for a hint of truth and genuineness. The expression on Charlie's face was forever etched in her memory- for once it was sincere and true, no hiding from the truth or hiding behind a lie.

"Charlie, you have someone else in your life now, there's no need to lie in order to protect me" Joey finally replied.

"Please Joey, I want you in my life, I want you full stop".

Joey watched Charlie plead and realized that irregardless of what happened to them three years ago, this was a different woman before- a lost woman, crushed and soulless. How did she become so lifeless Joey wondered as she listened to Charlie pleading her case as to why she should stay in Summer Bay.

Reaching for her hand, Joey looked into Charlie's eyes desperate to find the woman she left so long ago… "Charlie, no matter what you want, or who you want, what are you going to do with that no good for nothing River Boy, you know he won't take no for an answer. He won't let you go."

Charlie knew Joey was right about Brax. He wasn't going to back down without a fight. She couldn't look in Joey's eyes any more. For a brief moment she looked away down to Brax on the water, her head shaking as she convinced herself and took Joeys hands and lifted them to her heart. "Joey if there was a way I'd do it. I would fight for you the way I should have three years ago. I broke your heart and mine as well. Since you've left I have done nothing but start and end destructive relationships. This one with Brax is just too messy. I need you in my life and I'm not letting you go, irregardless of what Brax says it's over. It has been between us for some time. You're my saving grace Joey. If you can forgive me I will spend my whole life making it up to you for the mess I made in your life. Please Jo, don't close the door on us". The final words barely came out as a whisper.

Joey was shocked to say the least. For months she had imagined what she would say to Charlie in the event she caught her in the arms of another. But now with them facing each other, each angry word she had wanted to say was pushed away and replaced by a simple stament- "I love you Charlie, I always have and always will. You looked after me when no one else did. Coming back is the hardest thing for me to do but I will give us a second chance on one condition."

"Name it Jo, I'll do anything" Charlie replied, a smile creeping in.

"End things with the River Boy. We don't exist until that relationship ends, is that clear?" Joey demanded.

"Crystal clear Jo. I meant what I said before I'll do anything to make it up to you" Charlie replied happily.

"I mean it Charlie, don't lie to get your way. The truth will come back and bite you and I'll be out of here so fast I'll never return."

Looking into Joey's eyes, Charlie realized Joey was sure of her threat to leave, and remembering how she left when she slept with Hugo, Charlie promised herself there would be no repeats of past mistakes.

"Thanks Jo" Charlie replied as she reached out to Joey to give her a hug.

Out on the water Brax sat on his surf board as he watched Charlie and this brunette;s liaison. He realized who she was when Charlie leant into kiss her. His blood was boiling. "Bloody Joey Collins, she'll wish she never returned" he seethed under his breath as he returned to shore.