Out on the water Brax sat on his surf board as he watched Charlie and this brunette's liaison. He realized who she was when Charlie leant into kiss her. His blood was boiling. "Bloody Joey Collins, she'll wish she never returned" he seethed under his breath as he returned to shore.

"Whoa" Joey replied as she stepped back … "I…. That… Woah… Here's trouble" she gasped as she saw Brax heading towards them.

No sooner did both girls turn their heads in Brax's direction, it was too late. Brax's fist had come in direct contact with Joey. As she fell to the floor Charlie attempted to help her when she was stopped by Brax. "What are you doing Charlie? Honestly what are you thinking?" His eyes were raging with anger, his body's strength pinning her up against the wall. Despite every element of police training, she couldn't get out of the lock hold she was in. Her main concern was Joey, who was visibly in pain and unable to get up but she couldn't break free.

"Joey, she needs help Brax, let me go now" Charlie exclaimed with gritted teeth.

Shaking his head he pinned her against the wall even harder, unwilling to cooperate.

Ruby was walking from the diner with Casey when she had seen Joey and Charlie kiss. She knew this spelt trouble ahead but seeing Brax hit Joey, she ran towards them and immediately attended to her, attempting to get her back on her feet. Casey stepped in to reason with Brax to let Charlie go.

"I'm taking Joey back home Charlz" Ruby pointed out. Realizing she could do nothing to help her mother, she hoped Casey would have more luck. Charlie nodded in acknowledgement, her eyes meeting Joeys, apologies written all over her face. Joey mouthed "I love you" as she walked away, Charlie could give no reply for fear Brax would go after her again. Watching her ex struggle along the road, she knew she had to fight and once again she mustered all her strength in a bid to break free.

"Brax are you crazy? I'm in uniform and you're just insane for going after Joey. Why involve her?" she screamed.

Brax finally let go, taking a step back after realizing Joey wasn't around. "You're my girlfriend Charlie. You kissed a woman! What did you expect me to do? Say Hooray and ask for some extra fun in the bedroom. Honestly what was I to do?"

"I don't know Brax, but hitting a woman, much less my ex, did you ever think to ask what was going on" Charlie questioned.

"God Charlie, if I asked you'd only lie to cover your tracks, and you kissed her so it obviously means you have feelings for her."

"Of course I have feelings for her, I never stopped loving her. She left me because I hurt her. I slept with another man and she left Summer Bay. Now she's come back and I can't even look at you anymore. You hurt her Brax. I can't forgive you for that. No matter what excuse you have, you should never have gone after her. Go after me, throw all your rage at me, but Joey… all she did was come to tell me she's back in Summer Bay."

"Yeah and what she asked you to leave me to pursue her" Brax scoffed.

Charlie took a moment to ponder next response, in the heat of the argument both of them were angry and she wanted to protect Joey from Brax. Being a small town Brax could easily make life hard for both of them. Chewing on her bottom lip, she courageously replied with a steel cold voice "It's over for you and me Brax, you wanted me to give up everything I loved in my life, you wanted me to tolerate your cheating while now accusing me of it. I can't live my life like this. I can't blur the lines of right and wrong any longer. I won't be your accessory any more, the hang off your arms good looking girl with contacts. I am a police officer and I love my job. I'm not giving it up for you and I'm not compromising it for you anymore. We are over, and if you step near Joey again, touch her again, I'll have you thrown in the slammer so fast your head will spin. Oh and I'll be organizing the AVO to protect my entire family from you, that includes Joey."

Brax couldn't reply, he was gutted to the core, his eyes were swimming with anger. Finally he screamed back "Fine, you want out then go but remember Charlie Buckton, you and I will never be over, Joey will be a momentary phase, a lack of judgment and some feel good moments but you'll come back to me when you realize what you're missing out on".

Charlie had turned her back on Brax but returned for one last time to retaliate "Brax what you and I had will never compare with what Joey and I had. Our love was corrupted and based on your needs as a criminal, a way to stay safe. What Joey and I had was pure and real and I intend to hold onto that. Goodbye Darryl Braxton!" and with that she turned on her heel and headed back home to check on Joey, praying that she hadn't run at the first sign of trouble.