Meanwhile, Da Ji found her name and room number in the Pearl dorm. It was room F4 and she couldn't wait to meet her new roommates. She imagined all the fun parties that they would be going to and all the fun things that they were going to do, like shopping and dancing. She was about to take the elevator when she saw Lu Bu stuck screaming for help. At that time, she didn't know him yet, but she felt sorry for him and decided to ask how he got stuck.

"Hey you sluttyass bitch!" he shouted, looking at her from the elevator.

"Excuse me? Are you talking to me?" she asked. She was offended.

"Yes I'm talking to you! Who else?" he shouted again. "Now go and get somebody to help me get out of this damn elevator!"

"Oh hell no," she said, not feeling sorry for him anymore. "I was just about to come and help you when I realized what a rude ass you are. You can say goodbye to me because I'm not going to help you anymore. Goodbye!"

She took off while he cussed at her, but she didn't care. She took an exercise up four sets of stairs when suddenly someone bumped into her and sent her box and luggage rolling down the stairs.

"Oh crap. My bad. I'm so sorry," said a guy with white hair. At first Da Ji thought that it was an old skinny guy because of his white hair, but after looking at his face, she realized that it was a young man her age. He ran down the stairs and picked up her things that fell out of her box and her luggage. He began carrying it back up to her. "Sorry."

"It's okay," Da Ji replied. "Thanks for picking up my stuffs."

"Don't mention it. It was totally my fault," he replied. "Hey, why don't I help you carry your things to your room? Surely you must be tired from walking these sets of stairs."

"Oh, it's okay. I can carry it myself," she replied, blushing.

"Are you sure?" he asked, smiling cutely.

"Yeah," she replied, nodding her head but secretly thinking to herself "no".

"It's okay, I'll still carry it anyways," he chuckled. "What floor is your room?"

"Well, actually this is the right floor for my room. I just need to get to room four," she replied.

"I see your room. It's right over there," he said, walking to it. "What's your name?"

"Da Ji," she replied smiling. "And you?"

"Taigong," he replied. "You have a really nice name."

"Thanks. You too," she said. They reached her room so she opened the door but something caught her eyes! She couldn't believe it! There were two naked people doing it in her room! Her eyes widened and she quickly closed the door and looked at Taigong like what the heck. "Okaaaay…Now that was disgusting. At least go and do it somewhere where you won't get caught," she said, feeling disgusted.

Taigong began laughing and felt sorry for Da Ji because a random couple just did it in her room. How sad. In a minute, the couple opened the door.

"Can we help you?" said the guy. He wore a necklace that wrote "Fu Xi" on it and the girl wore a necklace that wrote "Nu Wa" on it.

"Ummm," Da Ji began, feeling uncomfortable. "Yeah…This is supposed to be my dorm…"

"Are you sure?" asked the guy. "Because this room is full. There's only supposed to be three people per room. Not four."

"Oh my gosh. What room is this?" Da Ji asked them, hoping that she didn't go to the wrong room.

"E4," said the girl, looking at her like she was stupid or something.

"Crap! I knew it!" Da Ji shouted. "I thought I walked five sets of stairs but it was only four!"

Taigong began laughing at her and she blushed a lot. "It's okay. Let's get going Da Ji. What's your room number?"

"F4," she replied, feeling humiliated.

"F4?" he replied. "That's my room too!"

She jumped up with happiness. "Really?" she replied. He nodded his head and they began walking up the stairs into the sixth floor. They walked inside the room and Taigong helped her unpack her things. He was such a kind man and Da Ji could already tell that they were going to get along fine.