Hell Hath No Fury

Chapter Eight

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Warning: Adult Situations.

"Neuro." Yako says breaking the silence in the bedroom.

She finally got him to leave the office, but he only brought the office into the bedroom with them.
"Can you just stop for the night?" She asks.

He doesn't respond he only continues to search through the internet on his laptop. After leaving the demon girl at the hospital yesterday he has done nothing but. He also has Takumi and Ippai searching on the outside and even poor Godai was threatened to use his underground connections to help in the search of looking for one of male demons. And even if they did find one who's to say he's mated and or if his mate is one of the demon women being held captive by Amanozako or whatever she does with them. Meanwhile the threat of the demons lurking and possessing innocent people is still ongoing.

Yako sighs. "Neuro, you've already located the other portal, why not just go there and use your...threatening sadistic tactics you use the last time you faced them, take Ippai so he can do that snake thing again." She scoots closer to his side of the bed and rests her head on his shoulder. "You can even change into your monster self too. That would be quite the team they wouldn't stand a chance. Yako says.

Neuro shoves her head off of him then continues on the kick her off the bed completely, then throws her pillow onto the floor with her, just for good measure.

"If I were to appear she'd kill the women just as punishment; then the men would retaliate and it would really be hell on Earth." Neuro answers, finally shutting the laptop down.

Yako picks herself and her pillow back up and gets onto the bed. Their bed. Bed for not only sleeping but for...she looks over at Neuro who is now sprawled out over the bed. He's still fully dressed, and she finds herself wishing he wasn't. She's staring at him she knows, but she can't help it. She's ravenous and not for her usual mountains of food.

"Neuro?" Yako asks softly.

He looks over at her and recognizes the look in her eyes. He often has the very same look in his eyes. She's wearing her white nightgown, his favorite one, it's the only one he hasn't ripped yet in his haste. It's thin material hides and yet doesn't hide her skin a mystery all it's own. Before he realizes it he's down to only his blue pants his mind set on only one goal. Yako.

"Again, I will have you. The demons can wait, hell can wait everybody and everything can wait." Neuro mutters to himself as he reaches for the hem of her nightgown and lifts it over her head. Baring her to him.

He looks at her questioning her choice of undergarments or in this case her lack thereof.

Yako shrugs. " I had to get you to stop searching somehow." Neuro nods absently as he looks at her." You should have started with this."

She leans into him and starts with a kiss on his cheek and continues with soft kisses down to his throat where she nips at him, he tilts his head back and lets her. She continues with kisses down to his collar bone and back up to his shoulder where she nips again while she slides her hands up and down his chest. Suddenly he grabs the nape of her neck forcing her face to his. He kisses her. Not a shy or awkward kiss, but a kiss with passion, a kiss of lust and with all the need a man could ever have for a woman. She reaches for his pants and unfastens and lowers them as much as she can from her position. He ends the kiss and finishes what she started and rids himself of his last article of clothing.

"Yako, lay back." Neuro orders.

She does and he positions himself between her. But the ringing of Yakos cellphone can be heard from the office area in the other room.

"Ignore it" Yako says wrapping her legs around his waist, trapping him.

The ringing stops only to pick back up again on Neuro's phone on the bedroom nightstand. The obnoxious and rude ringing continues for moments that seem to go on forever. But eventually stop. Neuro again gets ready to...only to pause again when the ringing starts back up. he reaches for the phone and hits the "Talk" button.

'Neuro! Sto-" Yako protests but is interrupted. "Do not call again. I'll call you." He crushes the phone in his hand and thrust forward.


"So, you found a demon male possessing the body of a yakuza?" Neuro asks Godai using Yako's phone. "Right. Come get me. In your car." Neuro demands, protests can be heard on the other line before Neuro simply hangs up.

"Neuro, if this demon cant help, why don't I just go, you can find me because of the mark or whatever right? I can lead you to where she's holding the women." Yako says

"You're not completely wrong except for the fact that you're wrong. I refuse. It's not worth the risk." Neuro says.

"Hell of Earth, the end of the world, is not worth the risk?" Yako asks.

"Exactly as I said. Keep up." Neuro answers.

Yako chuckles and Neuro answers the phone before it even finishes it's first ring.

"Takumi. You and Ippai come to the office, I'm going with Godai to meet with one of the demon men." Neuro says into the phone.

Godai can be heard pulling up outside in front of the building. "Hey! Monster! Get down here, this guy doesn't stay put for long!" Godai yells up to the office window.

Neuro grips the hair on the back of Yako's head and pulls her face up so that she's looking him in the eyes.

"Stay put. Takumi and Ippai will be here in mere seconds." He says before leaving through office window jumping down and landing on the roof of Godai's car. A howl is heard from Godai, Yako moves to the window to see just as Neuro gets into the car.

"just drive Slave Number 2."

"I'm not a slave you monster!"

Their bickering can be heard all the way up until the car turns the corner.

"I thought they'd never leave." A sultry voice says from behind Yako.

But before Yako can turn around she is struck on the back of the head and her vision goes black.

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