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"No baby, not right now."

The exhausted blond woman says lying comfortably on the plush couch. Yako's voice disturbs the quiet room causing Neuro to look up from his research to see his young daughter pulling at her sleeping mother. He says nothing, just simply observes her. She's small and can't quite stand on her own, so she keeps herself steady by leaning against the couch cushions. When she realizes her mother really is just going to continue laying there she plops down onto the floor and crawls toward her toys.

Neuro is new to sentimental feelings, but he can't control it. She only needs to do the simplest things and he finds himself awestruck by her. She sits in the quiet detective office, easily solving her baby puzzles that consist of shapes and pictures of animals, the way the sun rays come through the windows make her thin blond baby hair glow. She looks angelic, a trait that definitely does not come from him. Neuro now cherishes her every waking moment, but it wasn't always so. Yako, is the first thing he's ever wanted as a man, the first thing other then a satisfying mystery, and one night was all it took. That one night is how his daughter came to be. Neuro thinks back to how shocked he was that such a thing could happen between a demon and a human, how much it defied all logic, his logic. He remembers his outrage and becoming repulsed at such a creature, feelings he now is ashamed of for having. Shaking off the memory of his foul behavior of the past Neuro shifts his position from his red desk down to the floor beside his daughter careful not to disturb her play. When his daughter had finally come into the world he found that she could not be anymore perfect, a flawless combination between demon and human, Yako and himself.

Neuro continues watching her, while in thought, but she stops and turns to look at him giving him her full attention. She's watchful and observant; she doesn't talk even though she should by now. Neuro just as intensely watches her.

"Hello." He says sounding it out in hopes that she will repeat him. He awaits her response, her little lips look to be sounding the words out, but she looks straight into his unworldly green eyes with her smug deep-brown ones and smiles mischievously, she then continues on with her toys. Neuro laughs boisterously. She may be the spitting image of her mother but she couldn't be anymore like himself. He wants to hear her voice more then anyone and she knows it so she taunts him daily with the power she has over him, and he couldn't enjoy it more.