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Chapter 1: world jumping

She ran…. That's all she had left to do. She had used up too much energy fighting to do anything else. Her dark red hair whipped behind her as she ran with one place in sight. The barn was about another fifty feet to go and the soldiers were already gaining on her tired body.

Finally reaching the barn, she tore open the doors and rushed to her beloved black mare. Reaching out with her mind she begged her companion to flee as fast as she could. She knew that it was a mistake stopping in this town. She knew that there was rising danger of the empire coming after her, but she had needed to stock up on supplies or she would have not made it home. Not to mention the condition that she was in, she needed the supplies. She had much more than herself to think about now.

When she thought that she was a safe distance away she let her magic reach and check on the new life growing inside of her. It seemed that the night's events had no effect on her child, though she did not think that it would. She was not that far along. This was the reason she was fleeing, there was no other choice, she couldn't afford to have a repeat of tonights events later on in the pregnancy. With the pack secured to her back she stared her journey towards the Spine. She knew that the King's men would never enter the domain of the Spine, for even the king himself feared the dark and dangerous woods. She did not fear the Spine, she knew of the magic that grew into the very trees that made the many leagues of woods and mountains. She also knew that if you treated the magnificent woods with respect then you had nothing to fear. There was enough game to keep her sustained and there were enough plants and herbs to keep her alive for years to come.


She looked down at her beautiful two year old baby girl. Her daughter looked so much like her. From her short red hair to her dark green eyes. Her daughter was too smart for her own good. At two her daughter was talking and walking as if it came natural to her. She always had a spark of knowing in her eyes. She would sometimes joke that an old soul resided in her daughter.

Today was a big day for them, a big and possibly dangerous day. It was the first time that they were to venture out of the Spine since she had entered it almost three years ago. She knew that this day would come; secretly she had hoped that she could have held off the trip till her daughter was a little older. She knew that the King would not rest till she was dead, if he were to find out about her daughter she would be just as high on his list of people to kill.

Her green eyes looked down at the malty colored egg that she had stolen that night many years ago when she had left the kings palace. She had broken in there with one purpose and that was to obtain one of his eggs. This egg had been stolen from her family when the riders had all been hunted down and killed. The king had then searched for any remaining eggs to take for his own.

This egg had been passed down in her family for years before it was stolen. It had been a gift from her great uncles dragon to the family before she passed. She had been one of the first Dragons that the king had killed. Her Uncle and his dragon Sofie had been killed out of revenge. When the kings first Dragon had been killed her Uncle was on the counsel and had been one of the many people who told the King that he could not have another.

With that thought in mind she hid the egg and picked up her daughter making her way out of her house and towards the barn she had constructed with magic not too far away from her home.

"Mama where are we going?" her daughters soft voice reached her ears. She looked down at her daughter as they rode away on her black mare Trin.

"We are going into town little one" she told her daughter. "We need some things and I need to find out what has become of the land while we have been gone"

"But Mama didn't you say leavening the spine was bad?" her daughters eyes where shining with questions.

"Yes I did Allaya but we have no other choice" she told her. "I have been away for far too long and we need to get you some warmer cloths before winter hits"

"Ok Mama" for the rest of the journey they rode in silence. They would reach Teirm before night fall. She did not plan to spend much time out of the safety of the spine. She needed to pick up some fabric for the cloths that she needed to make for her daughter and she would ask around some of the shops for news on the empire.


She watched as her ten year old daughter shot arrow after arrow into the center of the target set up 200 feet in front of her. She had started her daughters training early; much earlier then she had started her own when she was younger. Her daughter had far surpassed her own mother in all the areas that she had to teacher her.

That did not surprise her seeing as her father and mother were both very strong magic wielders on top of very skilled fighters. It was in her daughter's blood and at the tender age of ten it showed plain as day. It was also no surprise that her daughter loved to fight, loved to hunt and most of all loved being able to use magic.

She looked at her daughter who at the age of two looked just like her, but at the age of ten, she could see the looks of her father shining through more and more each day. She still had her mother's dark red hair but it was wild and unmanageable just like her father's hair. She still had her mother's green eyes, but they had flecks of gray bleeding into them, the same color as her fathers. Not to mention she had the misgevious side to her that could have only come from her father.

Thinking of Allaya's father made her sad. She had been the only one that made it would of that palace that night. When she had made it into Teirm she had asked around and found out that it was common knowledge that her father had died that night. He had not been seen since. It broke her heart to think that her daughter would never know how great of a man her father was. She would never have her father tuck her into bed at night. So she tried her hardest to be both her mother and her father.

"Laya lets go. I want to get to Teirm before night fall" she called to her daughter.

"You know mom, I can stay here if you want" Her daughters deep voice met her ears. "I know that you are always on edge when we go into town"

"No its fine" She said as she watched her daughter mount her white horse Pinoa. "You are Skilled enough to defend yourself and make it back here if something where to happen"

"So what are we going into town for this time?" her daughter asked her as they pushed their horses to a fast gallop. "Fabric? News?"

"I need to get you a new sword, yours is far too old and worn for my liking" she told her daughter. "and yes we also need some more fabric and I want to find out what is happening in the empire since the last time I was there"


Many things had changed since her and her mother had last been here. The people of Teirm all seemed more guarded then they were when she was here at the age of seven. It also seemed like more and more people here were starving and without a place to live. Allaya hated seeing the land in such turmoil and pain. She hated that the King did not care about his people. That he only cared for power, his corrupt ruling needed to be stopped and it needed to be soon.

Snapping out of her thought Allaya looked around and spotted her mother entering a smiths shop. She followed and watched her mother negotiate on a nice sword that she could tell would be perfect for her with a little getting used to.

When her mother had finely negotiated as much as she could to get the price as low as she could they made their way out of the blacksmiths shop. She had her new sword strapped to her hip and a smile on her face. But that smile was quickly wiped off when she saw what was waiting for them.

It seemed while they were in the shop a platoon of the kings soldiers had arrived in town. She looked over at the worried look that was on her mother's face. The soldiers where between them and their horses.

"Just follow my lead Allaya and do try to blend in" she heard her mother mutter to her. "Pull your hood up and follow me to Trin and Pinao"

She pulled her hood over her Dark red hair and followed her mother to the horses. They had almost made it around the soldiers when one of the men looked up and stopped to study her mother's face. Dread filled her as she saw the look of recognition spread across the man's face. She knew then that her and her mother were not making it out of there without a fight. That was if they made it out of there at all.

"Hey you, stop right there" She heard the man shout after he had clued the rest of his platoon in on what he had found.

She quickly drew her sword and got into a ready stance. She did not have to look to see that her mother had done the same thing. There was no getting out of this, they were surrounded and they would have to fight for their lives.

"Now lady you and your friend there don't want to do this" The man said as he studied them. "You are very much outnumbered and I'm afraid to say you are out classed as well."

"We will just have to find out won't we" her mother said as she moved so that she was back to back with her. Within seconds the fight had started and true to the man's word they were outnumbered at least twenty to one. They were not gaining any ground and they were tiring fast.

Allaya was surprised when her mother grabbed her shoulders and turned her to face her.

"Mom what are you doing" she asked but she recognized the determined look in her mother's eyes. She was about to do something and Allaya knew that she was not going to like it. She knew by the defeated look in her mother's eyes that her mother was not going to be walking away from this fight.

"Taune iet blaka se alfrinn eitha eom etha eom esterin. Se elfrinn ganga fram eom, Ganga aptr. Atra du evarinya ono varda, Atra esterni ono thelduin. wiol pomnurin ilian wiol ono" Before Allaya could understand what her mother was saying she felt her body heat up. She watched her mother's eyes roll into the back of her head and she saw darkness.

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