Chapter 5:


Allaya knocked on the door waiting for the old man to answer. When he did she pushed her way past him into his house.

"Shut the door before someone over hears this" she hissed at him and walked over to stand before his fire. "I know you felt that last night"

"Yes I did" he said with a sigh. "I had hoped that I was mistaken"

"Didn't you say that the Egg was being ferried between the Varden and the elves" she said as she paced back and forth.

"Yes I did" he said walking to his window and looking out of it.

"Well it's not and from what I can tell Eragon has it and it's hatched for him" she said running her fingers through her hair. "He is my best friend but there is no way that he will be able to keep that dragon hidden within the next couple of months when it grows"

"Not to mention he has no idea what he is doing with a dragon" Brom commented.

"Yeah well that's where you come in" she laughed. "I can help in some areas but I'm not a teacher, plus it will become difficult to keep his training away from prying eyes in such a small town"

She could feel her Dragons becoming restless. They never liked that they had to stay so far away from her in the first place. But now that things seem to be going downhill they hated not being closer. But there was no way that she could allow them to be closer in the past. There was too much at stake if someone were to have seen them. But now she didn't think that it was such a bad idea.

"I don't think that it would be wise to approach him right away" she told him. "I think that it would be best to let him get used to the idea, after that he will come to me. He always tells me everything"

"We will do what we can with him right now while we can still stay here" Brom said with a thoughtful look. "But if the egg had been intercepted then the empire is going to be looking for it"

"Let's just hope that we have more time then we think" she sighed. "I'll give him a week tops then I'll take it into my own hands"

"Let's just hope that we have that time" he said as she left to go home. She knew that her father was worried. She was too but when it came to Eragon you had to take things slow.

Allaya and Brom waited a week for Eragon to come along. She was about to head to his house when she saw him walking into town. From the look on his face she knew that the last week had not been easy on him. He probably had to fight tooth and nail to hide his dragon from his uncle and his cousin. She knew that was probably the hardest part about it, lying to his family when they were so close.

She had heard word that Roran was leaving to find work. That must have made things harder on Eragon too. She felt bad that he was going through this, but you have to take the life you're given.

"Layla" she walked up to him with a smile on her face playing dumb to the situation. "Hey are you busy?"

"No why?" she followed him when he motioned for her to follow him back towards his house. She was not surprised when before they made it to his house they turned off the road. They walked for a while into the woods before they came to a small clearing that she could tell Eragon had cleared out himself.

"Before you go into why you brought me here just let me tell you that I already know" she said then laughed at the look on his face. She knew that he had probably spent all night trying to come up with what to say to her.

Slowly she slipped off the leather fingerless gloves that she always wore and held up her hand. She watched as his eyes widened and then he walked forward to take her hand and compare it to his own.

"How long?" he asked her as a young blue dragon flew down from a fort he had built for it in a tree.

"Eight years" she said as she walked over to the small dragon. She could remember when her three were this small. She sent an image to her dragons.

'She's young' Nero's voice stated.

"What's her name" she asked

"Her?" he asked looking at his dragon.

"Yes, she is a bit on the small side though she is not as small as mine were" she explained. Hoping that he would catch onto the wording.

"Yours?" he asked.

"Yes mine" she said. "I have been blessed with an egg that produced triplets"

"Are you telling me that you have not one but three dragons?" he asked her as he sat down on the ground.

"Yes, Nero, Arjuna and Azurite" she told them. "Nero is the biggest and the only male out of the three of them. Arjuna and Azurite are the same size and females"

"How did you hide them?" he asked.

"Well before I came here I was living alone deep in the Spine" she told him as she stretched her hand out to the young dragon. "Now they stay there and hunt, I go and see them on the trips that I take into the Spine every so often. So, we have to come up with a name for this beautiful girl"

She listed off a few names that she knew used to be names of female dragons. But the one that caught the young dragon's interest was the last name that she listed off. The one that she hoped that she would not pick, it happened to be the one that she wanted.

"Saphira" Eragon tried the name out on his tongue. Then it looked like he was lost in thought for a second and then smiled. "She likes it"

"I need you to tell me how you found her, then what you have done since then" she told him. "Did you tell anyone? Show any one?"

She listened to his story about finding it in the Spine. What he did on the way back, who he talked to and who he showed the Egg too. He showed it to Horst which made sense because Horst bumped into him after he showed it to Sloan.

"Well I guess that's fine for now" she lied to him. She would have to wipe it from their memories. She could not have them knowing more then they needed to know. She knew that Horst would not tell anything to anyone who asked. But Sloan would, he would take joy in it if he thought that it would get Eragon in trouble.

"Can I see your dragons?" he asked her with a wide smile on his face. She knew that the only reason that he was taking this so well was because she was here with him. He was not in this alone.

"I can't risk anyone seeing them" she told him. "But I can show you"

She opened her mind and projected images of her three dragons from the time that they hatched until the present time. She showed him some of the things that they could do as they got older.

"Now the question of the day is what do I do now" he asked her holding his young blue dragon in his lap.