Phineas and Ferb: in the Musical episode Isabella was singing a near confession not 30 feet from the guy, what if he heard…

I mean he is clueless and unobservant* but he's not an idiot, and she was singing a near confession, and for the purpose of the episode they were just going to be singing what they did and junk, and hoping people went along with it, so with that in mind it makes sense that so as not to change the course of events he filed the event for the end of the day here's that end of the day

I'll even give you an example or at least start it for you.

Now this is my first Phineas and Ferb story so cut me some slack

"That was great everyone love it, choreography was excellent, Buford nice job on the high notes, Stacey very nice expressions come back tomorrow for… Ferb what's the plan for tomorrow?"

Ferb holds up a blue print.

"Awesome well then come back for that"

People move to leave, as Isabella starts to do so as well Phineas moves to stop her.

"Uh- Isabella could you stay behind for a bit… I need to talk to you" he says somewhat nervously and awkwardly

She complies.

"Isabella, about today, the song that you- what you were singing, did you- what did you mean by


All color drains from her face all thoughts leave her head and she almost passes out.

"Mmm-My song? You heard?"

"Well yeah for parts of it you were like ten feet away, and you weren't exactly being discrete"

"Since when has that mattered, you are so dense I have been dropping hints for forever, and really

last time did you not see how excited I got at being referred to as 'aunt Isabella' you were less then 3 feet away then!" she shouts this in a bit of a rant "And Paris! I was singing then Why didn't you notice then! Or any number of times it would have been obvious! Like the thing with Meep or the cruise or when we went to the future or or all the things I have done with you, for you-"

"Well yeah we're friends aren't we?" Phineas says nervously

"Don't interrupt me- Do you see me going to Buford's house? Or baljete's house, before that round the world trip I didn't even know where Buford lived. I still don't know where Irving lives. But every day I am over here at YOUR house, helping you with whatever YOU want to do, yes It's fun but it's for YOU"

"but don't the other fire side g-"

"they're here because of me… they kinda rib at me cause they know why I'm over so much…because they know I'm head over heels for you" she mumbles that last bit

"why did you never tell me, I mean I have no experience with this"

"of all the things for him not to pick up instinctively" Isabella mutters

"so where do we go from here.."

"I...I...I don't know, I always thought you would know what to do, you always seem to know what to do…"

"not always, that's what I have Ferb for" he chuckles

"what are we going to ask him now is that your solution?" she laughs somewhat manically

"no not really, unless you want to, oh I don't know" he stops laughing and for a bit he stops smiling, then he grabs her hands and looks at her "but what I do know is whatever we end up doing we will do together, cause I.. I always did kno-think you're cute and… and"

"oh for the love of.. Just kiss me"

And he did

*Not to mention a bit of a big ham with a flair for the dramatic, and he has no self-preservation instinct.

AN: not bad for a first try at the fandom if I do say so myself, epically as I don't read that much of this fandom, sure I watch the show but I don't read the fandom much and I got two pages out of what was initially supposed to be a prompt, I am good