Author Note: This is totally OC Power Ranger Series Story which has no direct connection to any of the other official series

Power Rangers: Deep Sea Guardians

Back story: In the year 2555; the great barrier wall There was a discovered that spans around the known map of the world. Every world governments had always known this secret our map was so much bigger. As well as the terrible secret beyond the wall that they've all hidden sense the being of recorded time. And the rest of the world soon learn the truth when a young man makes this unlikely discovery; when his small single engine air plane hits the great barrier and he survives and makes it back to the main land to only find that his discovery isn't truly wanted knowledge to be out there.

The sound of a monitoring system beeping filled his ears as he started to regain consensus, But still experience a great deal of disoriented from the time he was in the coma from his accident. As he tried to move his hands, he grimaced in pain as every joint in his arms and hands felt like they were ablaze from the entire time of just lying in the medical bed from the date of the accident. His hands drifted across the tubes that lead from his nose and mouth to the machine that he could only assume in his haze state were keeping him alive. When he heard a cough coming from somewhere in the room; which caused his head to shift slightly in the direction of the sound. He saw a well-built man dressed in a suit and looked nothing like a nurse but gave a vibe that made the young man wish that he hadn't awoken regardless to the pain he was currently experiencing.

The man in the suit moved towards him; his cold, emotionless eyes freezing the little since the young man had regained since he awoke from his coma. If his body would allow him to escape from this feeling he'd make an attempt, but his feet felt like lead, and his legs felt like wet noodles. So he was helpless as the man looked down at him.

"I'm glad to see that you've awakened Mr. Elliot; we weren't sure you'd ever awaken after that terrible accident…. But that aside; we need to speak about what you saw the day of your crash."

The young man could tell this man would have wished he hadn't ever woke back up; just from his body langue, he could tell his wake up had put a damper in whoever plans this man work for. Of course, he had no idea how big of a damper he awakens really was. These thought quickly dissipated as he felt the air following into his lungs stop; causing his eyes to dart toward the man in the suit hands to see him pinching the air tube. As Elliot struggled to reach the man hands, he could see a cruel smile cross the man's lips as his face change slightly revealing the man wasn't human

"Now that I have your attention Mr. Elliot; I hope you understand once people start to ask you questions about your memories of the crash. You need to tell them you can't remember blink once if you understand."

Elliot didn't remember anything about a crash, but he could say this thing didn't care if he did or didn't; he was supposed to deny having the slightest thought of what happened that day. But before he could answer the thing released the tube letting him breathe once again. As a group of the doctor came in for what Elliot could only assume was his daily check up from his doctors on his case. Before the doctor could ask the man why he was there, he'd turn away and pushed passed them.

Elliot probably was one of the happiest men alive to receive a blood draw as it ends his meeting with Mr. Unfriendly. The doctor asked him the necessary thing date, name, birthdate as they checked his vitals. And as the doctor starts to flash a small pen light in Elliot's eyes it seems to trigger a short flashback of his plane tumbling through the air after clipping something. Then slamming into the icy black water the only light he could see was the flickering of his panel interment and the occasional flash of lighting as the water poured into the cab. He struggled to open the door to escape the sinking plane, but it had to be crushed, and soon the entire plane was submerged. As well as the cab full of water the saltiness burn his throat as he sucks in the ocean water into his lung as his body looks for air as he tried to bash out a window as he desperately fought to save his life as time ticked away. As his body finally succumbs to no oxygen in the distance, he saw something bright in the distant but before he could make it out something else happen the head of giant great white shark broke through the front windshield of the cab it jaws nash at him. This image was so freighting as when he first experience it caused Elliot to have a seizer his body locked up as his eyes rolled back in his head and the machine that recorded his vital went berserk.

A Week later; Elliot's eyes fluttered open to see his mother head lying on his leg. She was asleep he assumes she hadn't left since he awoke the previous time however long ago that was. He had managed to reach out a stroke his mother hair causing her to stir. As her head came up he could see she'd been crying; this made him kind of sad inside he'd woke her if she been so emotional this was probably one of the first time she actually manages to sleep. At the sight of her child being awake a brightness return to the old woman's eyes as she shot up and started to hug her son and telling him how scared she'd been. To which Elliot could only nod in agreement as the tube still prevent him from speaking. After a few moments, his mother left to get a doctor to tell them her son was awake. This gave him the chance to recall his previous visitor this made him tense but also made his choice easier. He knew he saw something he shouldn't of the night of his crash and he doubts it was a thirty-two foot and twenty-ton great white it most likely was the light and until he could remember everything his family would be put in danger if the visitor came back for another talk.

With his decision he came to and made; he forced himself up with the strength he had left in his body it was a lot of work, but he was sitting at the corner of his hospital bed. His feet felt like they were encased in cement and when he tried to stand the feeling only increased as his legs almost collapse out from under him but his manage to force himself to stand with the fear if he didn't leave now something bad might befall someone he cared for. Once he was steady enough, he hobbled over to a closet in his room where he found a change of clothing. He quickly got dressed around the monitoring devices as he didn't want to alter anyone on his impending escape until he had to. The pants and shoes were the easy part, but when it came to his t-shirt, he knew he'd have to remove the device before he could get on. So he began to pull the tubes from his nose and with every inch of tube he removed he felt more tears welling in his eyes from the pain of the surgical tube being dragged out. At few points, he felt like going to his knees but fought through until it was finally out, but even with that gone he knew there were more tubes to remove. He repeated the process over and over until he was finally free of the machines that had to keep him alive over the time he was out. But he knew this need to be done as well as having to remove the leads that gave information to the monitor device. So with one quick yanked the multi-color leads came popping off his chest leaving their adhesive behind as he let them drop to the floor as he pulled his t-shirt on as the alarms started to sound.

Elliot could hear people screaming code blue and footsteps coming his way; he had little choice in the matter knowing they stop him if he went through the door. So he lifted the chair he had in the room and tossed it into the window sending glass everywhere. He then climbs out the window his eyes refocused as he saw he was several floors from the ground making the idea of jumping to freedom a highly unlikely solution. So he decides to climb out on the ledge and attempt to escape by going through the room next store. As he got to the nearby room window he saw it was empty; which made his plan a little easier to implement as he pressed the palms of his hands against the glass of the window and skewt it open as he heard a commotion coming from his room as his absence had just been discovered.

Elliot tumbles into the other room just as he got the window open wide enough; just as a nurse came to look through the window, he'd broken for his escape. The fall was short but felt far worse than it really was as he got back to his feet this time a little easier than it was getting out of his bed. He made his way across the room and to the door letting open a crack to see into the hallway to see two very similar men in suits to the one who visited him the first time he awoke. The sight of them made a cold shiver run down his spine. He back away from the door and thought about what to do next; he then saw a nursing cart and walked over to it. After taking an inventory of the cart, he filled a couple syringes with sedatives and took some rolls of medical gaze wrapping them around his face loosely until his entire head was covered. He then went to the closet where he found a thick medical bathrobe and a alumni Walker; he decides to take both putting the robe over his clothing and setting the Walker up.

Elliot then went and picked up the syringes he'd just filled and put them inside of his robe pockets. Before he took the walker and made his way towards the door. He waited for his moment; which was when the commotion in his room hit the high point when his mother discovered he was missing. The two figures moved to get a better perspective as more people rushed towards his room and in the commotion, he opened the room door and walked forward into the thrall of people on his way towards the exit. He made it past most of the people and hospital staff without getting much of a look from anyone, and he was pretty sure he got past the two reject from men in black as well. Thanks to his disguise but he stopped when he heard his mother crying his heart felt like it would break just as sure as his mother heart must be broken as well but he knew this was indeed for her safety he needed to disappear. The thing that visited him was all too prepared to kill him for the mere chance he might answer any question; he didn't know at the time, and that fact made him believe using a loved one wasn't outside of the realm of a possibility.

So he continues forward making sure not to move too fast so not to draw un-need attention to him; He manages to make it out into the main hallway and once he heard the doors close behind him. He lost the walker and speed up his pace down the hallway in search for the nearest elevator so he could get out of there before someone or thing found him. He only manages to make it a quarter of the way down the hallway as he passed another medical corridor that was closed for remodeling.

When all of sudden he felt something grab hold of the robe he wore as part of his disguise; a then yank him off his feet and then flung him back into the closed wing. Elliot crashed into a nurse station with a sickening thud that rattles the young man body to its very core. As Elliot's head tilted up slightly his heart almost stop, it was the man from before even if he didn't appear like when they first meet he looked more like the way he did when he slow choke his air off. He seemed like a mixture of hammerhead shark and human; which to anyone else might be enough to sign yourself into asylum but something deep inside of this young man accepted this as normal as he tried to get to his feet. As he did this, the thing ran forward for another attack. Without thinking his body reacted to this by some kind pure instinct as he dropped to the ground and swept kick the on coming attacker sending it crashing to till floor.

As this thing thrashed on the ground; Elliot shot up no longer looking as fatigue. As he stood on them, he saw the thing manage to the right itself onto it belly so it could push itself back up. But before it could do much more than this Elliot shot forward and leap into the air and drove his knee into the back of its neck causing the creature to slam harder into the floor and let out a weak cry. The young man seems to snap out of this trance he had undergone, and as he looked down, he saw the thing shift back to the man he saw when he awoke from the coma first time. Not really knowing how he defeated this thing but remembering there were two more back in the hallway where his hospital room was.

So Elliot took off the gaze and robe used them to tie the man-thing hands and feets together before taking out the syringes he had and sticking them into it as a precaution of it awakening before he could escape. Once this was done, the young guy made his way out and back down the hallway. He soon found an elevator; he let out a sigh of relief as the doors open, and he got aboard and hit the L button. As the doors slid close and start to move downwards; He already realizes he had to go back to where his plane crashed and learn what happen there and why did it cause a rejects from the Island of Dr. Monroe want him dead.

As the door slid open the young man that survived a plane crash, the ocean and a freak show step off knowing his course but no idea the danger he wished a pound himself by moving forward. Each step leading him to a secret the world most likely would never be ready for but a secret he needs if hope to have his life and the lives of those he holds dear be safe once again. As he made his way through the main doors of the hospital and vanishes into the crowd of bustling people living their lives like nothing was going on.