Chapter 2:

The hover taxi pulled into the Centurion city harbor's parking lot; as the car landed, Elliot stepped out of the back and onto the pavement. The sea air filled the young man nostrils causing him to pause for a moment as it saltiness brought more of his memory back from the night of the accident. But those thoughts were banished when the taxi driver called out to him about being paid. Once brought back to the present he reached into his pants pocket and retrieved a red crystallize like a card from which he waved over the drivers handheld. The two waited for a moment then the device screen blinked yellow and then Elliot pressed his thumb against it, and the screen went green. The driver smiled then returned back into driving position of his taxi it then started to rise.

After the taxi was gone Elliot made his way from the parking lot and towards the docks; the thoughts of the times he and his grandfather spent on the ocean fishing and swimming was a small bright spot in this seemingly dark chapter in his life. As he got to the gates he had to stop and take a deep breath as he was still getting over the comma he been in for whom knows how long. Once he was rested enough, he fiddled with the lock for a few moment before he got it loose and removed the chain. With that done him open the gate and made his way down to the pier. There were some beautiful vesicles which weren't a surprise many of the people who docked in the harbor only sailed as a hobby. But could buy and sell small countries at a whim if the idea hit them. Not that many good ideas ever hit those type of people if it did they never own ships that could make it to any distention in hours but only took them out of the port for a cocktail party or to watch the Water zord races. The big corporations held to soak every last credit from their fans that dream one day they might get a chance to the arena. When any number of those people; might be lucky enough to find enough credits for a meal for themselves let alone their family to stay alive for another day.

Elliot's eyes came a pound the ship he was looking for it wasn't much to look at, but it could take him; two days to get to Europe from where he was without the fancy bell and whistle the other ship had, but it gets him where he needed. He knew his grandfather had passed a few years back, but he'd keep the docking fee up to date after he inherited the ship, but this was the first time since inheriting it he'd been out here to see it. As he climbs aboard the smell and feels brought him back to a much happier time in his life, as he walked into the cabin to chart his course.

As he enters the cabin he saw everything like he remembered it; even the smell brought him back to those time as he went to the racks and got the charts down. A small smile crossed his lips as he remembered his grandfather scolding him for playing with the charts when he was little, now he uses them to locate an answer to the question he really didn't understand himself yet. As he rolled out the charts on the desk, his eyes focused along the path he was taking in his flyer. And as his eyes came to rest on the spot he was sure he went down he reached across the desk and picked up a marker and pulled the cap off with his teeth as he circled the place as he looked at the coordinates.

He then went to check to make sure the ship was ready to sail; once he was sure it was ship ready he tossed the mooring lines off then went to start the ship engine. As he disappeared back into the ship's cabin after a few moments, the ship began to move as it engines kicked on. As the boat taxi out of the docks slowly Elliot didn't notice he was being watched if he had. Maybe he prepared himself for trouble, but instead, he was concentrating on the heading he had decided on. Once he was clear of the docks, he turned the engines on full. A looked forward into the wide open ocean the images of his last flight guiding him but also scaring him as he knew he was entering the unknown every meter his ship got closer to his target.

Elliot sat down in his captain chair after the course was fixed; his head still aching from the trauma his body had been subjected to. He could feel the ship moving across the water it pressing against the waves. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the puzzle bouncing around his head also trying to get rid of the pain he was feeling. Maybe if he weren't so in depth to solve those problems he would've heard the cabin door open and the thing that open it (instead of being yanked from the chair and slammed into the ship's floor). He could feel the floor give under his weight and the power of the assaulter strength.

As Elliot's eyes refocused, he felt like he was in his plane again as he stared into the maw of gigantic shark it rows of razor sharp teeth. Something inside of him snapped as death started to loom over him once again his pupils shifted entirely black; A with this changes he somehow gains the strength to not only repeal the thing with a toothy grin that it wants to introduce to him personally. And with this force, he was able to toss it not only off of him but through the window of the cabin to the front bow. Something inside of him made him get up and leap through the window; as he cleared the window, he saw the beast it looked like a mix between a human and a great white shark something perfect for a cheesy sci-fi movie.

Elliot lifted his legs and allowed himself to deliver a drop kick to it chest sending it backward crashing into the ship's anchor. It let out a low groan as it black eyes rolled over white than back black giving it a disturbing appearance. But the young man disregards this as something inside of him drove him forward to get rid of this thing. Before he knew it, he found his hands clasp around the thing throat. And in his grasp, he felt the beast struggle as well as making many noises. The man could hear something inside of him screaming for him to devour this beast, but instead, he lifted it and threw it off the ship and into the ocean.

The young man had no idea what had indeed transpired, but as he turns to go back inside any onlooker would have seen. The young man had passed through a transformation he'd taken on aspect similar to the beast he just fought. But the one difference was Elliot form looked more human than a shark, and this revelation soon came a pound him. As he reached for the door handle to see his hands now bore claws, and as his eyes drifted to the window he saw the reflection of his face, and he couldn't recognize himself as he ran his hand across his face feeling the sudden changes than it receding back. As his heart slowed down, He stood there in shock for a moment at what he just saw. But when he looked back at his hands they also looked normal again, so he figures he only was seeing things after fighting the monster that attacked him.