This is the literature rewrite over my twitter based fanfic. I didn't check the guidelines carefully… and thanks to The Legend of Derpy for reminding me. I don't like this format quite much, but guess it can't be helped…

Chapter 1. Blast the reals… BLAST THE REAL!

Despair, as all the members of the Vocaloid houses, learned of Twitter. She found it an interesting site, especially when they can share thoughts without a get-together, which always tends to go into chaos.

So, she decided to open the game. And thanks to Miku, she had the opening.

'I can't blast the reals!'

The retweets and favorites sprouted up with some replies.

First, it was Miku. Well… she wasn't so welcoming

"Hey Despair that's my line!" she tweeted. Nice job.

Well, her house manager did really come up. VY1v3 FOR THE WIN!

"Hello Miku! Your line is everyone's to the least."

Thanks MIZKI.

Despair could definitely see Miku sighing

"So… why do you want to kill those reals?"

The answer was obvious

"Because they enjoy real life, I'm envious." She answered.

Yuzuki Yukari, the lavender haired vocal replied

"Ok… so why won't you blast them already?"

Using her Psychometry, Despair could see CUL would provide a better than enough answer to that.

"That is something we call impossible. The reals enjoy their life and thus the unreal cannot rival them in life, happiness and satisfactory."

That was like the best answer EVER.

"LOL CUL you can become a philosopher! But Despair, aren't you real?" IA's comment popped up

I am not so sure. Despair thought, but before she was about to type she realized she didn't have to.

"Well, she doesn't use Social Network, except for this, but she's not satisfied with life." Eria Solid, one of her friends, quickly answered.

Here goes the blond boy.

"At least she knows not to waste herself over those social networks." Oliver typed as it was the most obvious thing on Earth.

Yuzuki Yukari almost fell off her chair looking at the latest reply to Despair's tweet.

If it is so the whole world is full of unreal. She mused happily.

"If you say so Ollie we are all wasting ourselves."

Kaai Yuki, the small genius, looked curiously at the twitter page. Well, since the day that song came out, she has been questioning…

"I wonder… if Devilish-P did a 'twitter', would someone else do a Facebook?"

Eria was also flashing through her twitter and ran into that line.

"*dumbfounded*" she stated simply

One of her best friends had her same thought

"*facepalm*" Yuzuki Yukari wrote in.

IA gave off a real answer to that, however. That's her type.

"Errr… I'd rather not. Facebook is fine by me… I don't want to see they make it the core of murderous intention, otherwise."

Hatsune Miku just came back with her big fudged sundae on her hand. Things had developed fast when she was away. The Virtual DIVA sat down immediately, her sundae clashing on the table.

"IA, you should shorten the name, it's too long. Hello MIZKI!"

She thought it was quite reasonable, since IA's name was IA – Aria on the Planetes, and it's basically too long to read over and over again.

"That's how IA managed to get her name the longest from the shortest. And hey Miku, you should be trying to get your fame back from IA."

Ooh, a reminder. Miku facepalmed, she almost forgot.

"Yes, I'm trying, I'm trying (I think I am still somehow famous)"

In her small, book covered room, IA almost fell over


It intrigued the less famous Vocaloids and let them to revenge.

Started off with CUL "I feel sad"

Yukari came in "You're not the only one"

Tone Rion, after finishing her laundry, pulled out her iPhone3 [she still uses iPhone3!?] and quickly touched the screen

"Blast the reals!"

CUL fixed it "Blast the REAL!"

Kaai Yuki tried her best to avoid being choked by laughter. She composed herself and stated, matter-of-fact.

"IA, you have established some enemies."

"What did I do!?"

Oliver replied calmly in the reply box

"Steal their fame, and so did Lapis."

Lapis didn't take credit on it.

"Eh! I am not that famous!"

Yukari just made it short.

"I feel kinda unfair it is treated that way, you are famous, we are forgotten, it's like that. BAD"

Luo Tianyi came across and said, adding fire to oil… I mean oil to fire…

"Can I join the 'Blast the real' Alliance?"

"WELCOME to the Alliance!" CUL happily accepted. She started this, anyways.

IA sighed in her corner. How could they think that way? It was really sad… really

"they all hate me…" she tweeted softly

Hatsune Miku seemed to share her thoughts, or used to.

"You are not the only one…" Miku said, sympathetically. She had her anti-fans… even some as Vocaloids. She once drew Luka and the twins into her enemies. Have you heard Revolution by the twins?

Despair closed her laptop. Well, Twitter was indeed fun. They all needed a place to go to and chat, right? Though the Vocaloids still engaged in arguments, but hope it stops at that.

She turned off the light and went to sleep. The other did the same. Well, not exactly. Night owls are popular among the ranks. We'll see.