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Final note: This chapter stars Ring Suzune, our awaited Vocaloid. Most thoughts are hers, though Yukari's and IA's thoughts are just so interesting they couldn't be kept out.

Chapter 2: Delayed Vocals

Among the ranks of the Night Owls, there was Ring Suzune, a Japanese Vocaloid. Planned to be released in the earlier months of 2012, her release got delayed and delayed until now when 2012 is ending. She was pretty mad at this, you can tell, and because you do not often rant like a psychopath at night, Ring knew exactly the place to release her wrath.

"When will I be released? I was supposed to be done long ago and become one of the first V3." She wrote. It was like a complaint, not a rant. Well to Ring it is a rant.

Lui retweeted her words and ten others favorite it.

Ring's retweeter replied

"You are actually lucky. I didn't even have a vocal to be expected."

That was sad, really. Lui is a very good boy, and although he was also promised in 2012, no voice sample was released, and that future often doesn't go off well… poor him.

The House Manager gave a little joke…

"Delays… we've had enough Big Als…"

A certain English Vocaloid should be grunting at that, if he was still awake.

"I hate that joke!"

He was. Big Al was a Night Owl.

Yuzuki Yukari the water-bender [or we call the water plumber] tweeted back like this…

"Supposed is supposedly just… supposed. However I do hope when you are released you will win over IA and lose over us."

Ring shook her head. Yukari, you have never given up that ambition. Speaking of which, it is impossible.

"How is that POSSIBLE?"

"I don't know. You ought to try and figure it out; it's your business anyways."

I'm sorry, mine? And who thought of it first? Yukari you sometimes are just freaking awesome!

The next person to join the ranks of the Night Owl was the famous pink haired manager of V2 House

"Envy is a sin, Yu…" Megurine Luka entered the words in the tweet box; reminding herself of how 'Tailor of Enbizaka' ended… the ending wasn't so bad…

Yukari groaned. Her lavender hair now untied, swung around as she shook her head for a reply.

"Neither I am Christian nor I am obsessed with MOTHY. Also Luka-nee, if you say that as Kayo Sudou, wouldn't it be more convincing?"

What is it now Yukari? You know that Luka would not fall for such… plan… plot… troll… ambush… trap! Yeah, Luka would not fall for that trap.

While Megurine Luka the wise was aware of the dangerous Yukari's theories of killing, some other mustn't have.

The screen popped with the next name that Ring had to try her best to contain her laughter. She kinda heard Yukari's satisfied tone on the other side of the house somewhere, and supposedly all the other who had been watching.

'Gallerian Marlon' said "No, it only proves that Envy is the best sin since Kayo Sudou didn't have to pay for it, like dying in a burnt house or something. She's still ALIVE!"

Well, in fact it was true. I would want to be an envy sinner now. Ring thought in her efforts to stop laughing off.

Surprisingly enough, Miku was on, surely to check for a bar of chocolate.

"Kai, change your name back."

"Yu said this would be more convincing."

Yukari facepalmed "*facepalm*"

"New tweet!" CUL replied happily

New people joined the rank

The tweet continued "wonder you are often portrayed as an ice cream lover even at that age, Marlon!"

I don't know what to say, CUL. It is right but… I don't know…

IA closed her book and yawned. She was still mad at her unreasonable friend. She is not to be blamed for her fame… or is she?

Checking her Macbook, she chuckled. Interesting

"Those two sentences aren't related, and will you stop hating me?"

Yukari was pretty surprised at the thing, but she revenged. Yeah, as always.

"*when the Earth stops revolving* yours neither. I don't directly put my hate at you, just your fame, 1st Place and the other responsible for our fading."

Ok it is still me. IA rolled her eyes Thanks for clearing me up!

The 'Gallerian Marlon' asked CUL, in his view, he did nothing wrong…

"CUL what do you mean?"

CUL went the easy way

"Means you are just clueless. Yu was being sarcastic."

KAITO, as you call him more often than his MOTHY's alias Gallerian Marlon, hit his forehand

"GOSH! And I just thought…"

"*facepalm x2*" Yukari expressed. Even Gachapoid is smarter than that guy.

Ring gasped as she saw several replies appeared on her tweet. The thing was, it didn't match the 'topic'. What do you call that? Out-of-topic, missed-topic? Ah, off-topic!

"This is going off topic."

Mizki happily entered

"*troll face x4*"

Eria closed her book. Today she went to the 697th page. Maybe tomorrow she can finish the thing.

Checking twitter for the last time, she almost cursed herself of almost losing a golden conversation.

"Is that what you are worried about, Suzune? Don't worry, they promised to release you in 2012, it's just a matter of time."

IA shrugged as she typed

"You know, my doubt rises higher and higher as 2012 is passing by."

"Yeah, I agree with you on this. Even now 2012 is ending and no voice for Lui. HIGH FIVE! I heard Lui is delayed to 2013 though…" Yukari

Lui sighed "Hopeless"

CUL looked at the field of exasperations. Man, that was stupid.

"Come on guys! Don't lose faith in humanity!" – quote of the day

Ring immediately reacted to the deal of "faith in humanity". She knew CUL was the optimistic and straight-forward type, but ranting over a delay meant "losing faith in humanity"?

Well, I suppose.


Lui did the same, by the way.

"Holy…" IA muttered as if she was saying what she was typing

"…I…. am… speechless…" Yukari expressed.

Eria shrugged "Oh wow it's compared to humanity… sounds optimistic by the way…"

CUL, another note, is also a clueless type. So…

"Yukari, IA, Ring, Lui WHAT!?"

Mizki rolled her eyes "You serious should become a philosopher."