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Yuma outstretched his arms. His update has been released! He couldn't wait to just celebrate this moment of truth. So he logged on Twitter, looked at the blue bird symbol for two seconds, and started a fury of typing


Yeah, it was basically what people would normally say… or is it not?

Immediately, there were replies

First came his girl… ok not yet his, but shall be [cut him some slack]

"Yes, congratulations Yuma!" Mizki typed excitedly

Oliver, instead of a direct 'Grats', said "Your Falsetto sounds just like me."

Haha, Yuma thought nervously. Not really Ollie. In fact, I hate that voice bank. It made me sound like a girl, which I have had pretty much complaints upon. Man, can't I just be like Mizu with a normal update?

IA took a better neutralized [or everyone-is-correct] composure

"Congratulations, I'll see what Ieno Urade Manbouga… what is his P name again? Ok, make it short, I'll see what Manbou will do with you."

Well, a cover with the Clingy Boy song and nothing else. I was quite depressing at that, but hey, he needs time to compose a song, right?

"Yeah, I would like to see to it as well." Yuma replied.

Then KAITO, his old gang [well, let's call it like this: the whole Vocaloid males are in a gang. Too few male vocals made them more attached (isn't it wonderful, fans?)] friend, came up with a nonsense comment. As much as Yuma missed the funny, childish but wise guy, he couldn't help feeling off.

"What about me?"

Ok… where are we?

CUL asked "Grats, sub-manager. Eh, Kaito… what's with you?"

Yuzuki Yukari shrugged "Since everyone congratulated you… well you have my congratulation. KAITO is implying his Appends and English Vocals, I believe."

Oh, ok, that makes sense.

"Kaito-sama," he tried "they informed us that your updates are expected from June 2012, not like it's gonna be released in 2012. So… we are still expecting."

Ring said simply "Sure it won't be released in 2012 if I'm not."

Is that a flatter Ring? Because it sounded like one, for yourself

Tone Rion tossed her laundry to a side and took out an iPhone3, and the storyteller promises on her honor that she will explain the reason why Rion still uses iPhone3. Now back to the tale! Eh, Tone Rion tweeted

"Grats, Yuma-san. I still like your Falsetto voice, despite the… disappointments, it is unique and I can still hear masculine."

Thanks Rion, you are as heart-warming as ever.

At the Vocaloid2 house, a few words, it was not anything like the V3 House. Probably because Len, Gakupo and KAITO lives there, oh you have to admit it. Especially Len

Kagamine Len tweeted excitedly

"Yuma-san is UPGRADED?" As if you didn't know, nice job "We must open a PARTY."

"Len, forget it." Kamui Gakupo declared. As much as he enjoyed pranks [because he has playful character, and the storyteller means it in the positive way], he hated parties with Len. Len comes up with everything against everyone. There's only Rin he went lightly on.

"Gakupo has a Twitter now?" Yukari asked in surprise.

Warning: Wise KAITO showing up… oh it's a good thing. CUT!

"All members from the Vocaloid Houses own one, use it or not is their choice.

"Yes, and since Kagamine-nee informed me of how fun it becomes, here I am."

IA wondered "Rin? Oh… that tweet."

"… and Len dragged me here." Gakupo concluded softly "So… what happened, IA?"

"The whole Vocaloid3 Mansion was ganging up on me… long story, never mind."

"We were." Yukari admitted

Yuma let out a sigh of exasperation. He was waiting the time to announce his announcement, and their talk just kept coming up. He waited long enough, so he was gonna cut their fun a little.

It's a great announcement. I haven't done this before, and hopefully they will like it.

Your guess? Oh yeah, they are definitely gonna LOVE it!

"Oh, I can quite see to that. Here comes the announcement guys!" the moment of truth, he added to himself "If I sell well enough I'll treat everyone to lunch in the weekend."

That announcement would be afraid of interrupting the talks? Oh wow, Yuma is weird.

"Wow, that's generous of you." Len expressed, truthfully "Miku-chan never invites us out for a meal despite how well she sells. I like it bro! Sell well!"

GUMI, with her V3 upgraded, looked at the announcement curiously. If her thought was correct, then it would be unpleasant. But… she wanted to make sure.

"everyone as like… every Vocaloids?"

Yuma gulped. He swallowed, and carefully choosing his words, he made out a speech

"err… Len… sorry… I cannot afford for all Vocaloids, just the ones in V3 House."

In her room, Mizki shuddered. That would bring some bad consequences, dear Yuma.

"I've sensed a great disturbance over Len's line."

"You have high Star Wars spirits." Tone Rion commented. She was unaware, obviously.

Then, the name Kagamine Len came up with a new tweet. The thing is… Len is no longer Len…

"Hey guys… Rin here… Len is having a little mental disorder over here…" uh-oh "so… I'll try to keep him stable… Yuma-sama, put your guard up… if Len goes out the surely… ugh"

Yuma stated grimly

"I've made a fatal mistake."

"Yes… yes you have." GUMI said, sympathetically. It was part of her fault; you name it "I'll be watching the outside area to make sure Len's sadistic nature won't get here."

The name of Kagamine Len came up again "Haha, it's ok for now! Len has been slapped back to normal by Luka-nee." The news made Yuma sighed in relief, though it did creep him up seeing the name Kagamine Len again. He thought that it was Len cursing at him.

Next time Len, I'll treat you.

"You are still Rin?" Yukari complained "Would you even mind to log in?"

IA, who happened to post right after Yukari did, said

"Luka-nee is as hard as ever."

'Kagamine Len' said again

"I'm lazy, that's all Yukari. And yes, IA, Luka-nee is scary. Yuma-sama, Len would be mad…"

"Yes, yes, I'm off, I'm off, before he shows up demanding for my head.

Tone Rion shrugged. So much could happen on a social network. Maybe that was why social networks were popular. She typed [or do whatever you call it to write letters on a smart phone]

"Your disturbance was correct though Mizki. Yet sometimes Yuma sounds old."

"I am NOT old! Now I'm off."

Seriously, I am still very young. When was I first released? 2011? That makes me… what… 1 year old? No! I'm not that old… anyways I'm not set with any age… but it doesn't mean I am realized as old, or someone who speaks like an old man. No!


"Well, since the tweet's owner went off let's leave it here." Mizki dusted off the problem "and pray for him to be sold well."

Oliver added [wow, he popped up out of nowhere] "May the Force be with his Selling."

"May all of us be off." Yukari said

"Off with your heads!" was the Red Queen's quote [you know who she is among the V3, don't you?]

Well, as much as the storyteller knows, Yuma in fact did sell well, and they had a treat party. Still… Len wasn't there…

A/N: This was supposed to be after the IA-being-ganged-up-against chapter, but because I love Yuma and am glad for his release so I did this for his sake. I don't know if he sells well, but I hope he does, because he is just freaking awesome! [And the Vocals have a party!]

I apologize if anyone feels opposed when Yuma is called 'he' and Mizki is called 'she', since they have the genderless stuff, but I want to generalize things…

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