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Chapter 4: Vocaloids hate Jin pt 1.

The events regarding this are in a long chronological order, which began when Galaco first entered Twitter.

Galaco: I want some Vocal improvements!

Six people retweeted, and seven favorited. Just a fact!

CUL: I want, too.

Yuzuki Yukari rolled her eyes. Her friends were dreaming too high. There is no way they are gonna be upgraded just yet.

Yuzuki Yukari: You may wait until Vocaloid5

Galaco, who was fiddling with her hair, saw that and questioned herself. She was aware of her unpopularity, but if there is a Generation 4, shouldn't she be upgraded?

Galaco: Why can't it be Vocaloid4?

Yukari said, frankly, no hesitation. Truth is a pain, and people need pain to stay stick to truths.

Yuzuki Yukari: Because we do NOT sell well enough

Tone Rion: Yup, and I shall never get improvements.

Rion stated that, for a fact. Along the Vocaloid3, she was SO NOT approved.

CUL stumbled back and forth her PC; trying to find the words [CUL has PC, laptop, notebook, iPad, etc…]. She finally said

CUL: Rion it's not like that…

What a smart thing to say.

Yukari cleared her throat (mentally) and typed with genuine

Yuzuki Yukari: You are a very special voicebank, you just need proper use and you sound good. I love your voice

Rion mouthed silently "Thanks Yukari"

Galaco: You are not also potential-realized – she said with genuine too, if you know Yukari you can see she has lots of potentials.

Yukari shrugged. She just stated

Yuzuki Yukari: Don't flatter me. We all are, that's why this Alliance exists.

Mizki happened to pass by the tweet when she was surfing random websites.

VY1v3: I understand why you want some improvements Galaco. You've received quite a lot… negative responds.

Galaco stated blankly, grimly and frankly

Galaco: Complaints.

Rolling down the comments, CUL said

CUL: Eh, I think Galaco is fine. We have no such plain voice Vocaloid before. She's kinda unique.

Mizki shrugged

VY1v3: They don't look forward to uniqueness much these days then.

That was the time when the vengeance was put up really, really high. IA, our star, you'd better prepare yourself.

Galaco: Unlike the other well sold…

While then, IA had just returned from her cosmetic shopping and set her bags on the floor. She went to change her clothes back to casual home stay set and activated her laptop. The symbol of Windows lit up, and then there was the password requirement. After all was clear, she, as like everyone, logged into Twitter, just about the time Galaco's reply spawned up.

Those girls… this is hopeless… she groaned This is so not getting better any day.

Yes, of course.

IA: Guys, you didn't give up that subject? Come on!

Mizki ignored her

VY1v3: I won't be surprised if IA gets Extends/Append/Upgrade in Vocaloid3 era.

Yuzuki Yukari: Probably

Even though IA doesn't pay attention much to other's opinion, she hates being hated [as like everyone else does], and in her nature of being friends [or peaceful] with others, she pleaded

IA: What do I have to do?

Gumi had been waiting keenly for the time to strike. It should be accurate. It should be a surprise. It should be… heart-attacking!

GUMI: Handle the hate. You have mine, by the way.

GUMI! You too?! If you hate me then the whole House would hate me?! WHY?! IA facepalmed again. If she had a time machine she would come back and kill the issues.

IA: Really GUMI, you too?

I thought you were reasonable! IA added to herself.

Gumi rolled her eyes. It was all clear. As daylight! Even you can tell it, can't you?

GUMI: You killed Matryoshka's record with a half-a***d song. – She stated

VY1v3: I was utterly surprised. How could Children Record break Matryoshka's legend? That song cannot be compared to Matryoshka.

CUL returned with a diet coke. She drank half of the coke and put it down, heading to her PC again. She realized a fact that the Vocaloids online were anti-fans of Jin [pardon me for not remembering his P name, sometimes P name is a pain]

CUL: You don't seem to like Jin.

Galaco raised an eyebrow. Like who doesn't?

Galaco: Can't bear the flatness along with the loud guitar; it kills your ears.

Fact stated. IA fell over. Half over

Mizki grinned evilly. Time for a little suspense….

VY1v3: And when the flatness reaches the higher pitches…

What now? An atomic bomb being thrown?

Yuzuki Yukari wrapped the suspense off: …is when disaster occurs. Really, IA can sound way better tuned.

Oh well… atomic bomb is a disaster… but it's not as bad as that right?

IA didn't dare saying it out loud. She wondered if her so-called enemies would agree, or they would say Jin's music is worse than an atomic bomb disaster.

But there was one thing IA must do. Declaring her innocence.

IA: Look guys, it's not my fault I sound that way and get famous that way. Though it does sound nonsensical… but I don't intend to be like that!

Yukari in fact did say this out loud "Save it. You're not related to anything anyways."

Galaco: We are bashing Jin and his usage of you, not you. – Galaco cut - Follow up, I think he should stick to Miku all the way.

Yukari commented:

Yuzuki Yukari: Well, he wasn't famous with Miku but it is still odd for such tuning to go viral…

IA: VIRAL! – she protested. Yeah Jin was famous when he used her, but it was nothing like viral!

"We have different understandings." Yukari shrugged.

Hatsune Miku asked proudly: You mean that I am good with high pitches and flatness Galaco?

Yuzuki Yukari: Yes.

"And you're being too proud of yourself, DIVA." She added secretly to herself.

CUL attempted to change the mood. They were throwing tomatoes at Jin long enough, so maybe some refreshment should help.

She didn't know how wrong she was. SPOILER: It actually developed the Jin hate Saga.


Everyone online except for CUL and IA rolled their eyes. Three Y!?

Why didn't IA facepalm? Because she knew what CUL was up to [change the subject] and was grateful for it… well yeah, until she found it backfired.

IA: Random…

Gumi, who happened to be in the crowd who didn't understand CUL's idea, said

GUMI: I supposed all tweets go off-topic.

IA: Because of me… - IA said miserably. When is it gonna get better?!

Yukari, as whoever she is, didn't understand why IA had to be so miserable. If she wanted to be bashed, then she'd get it! Yukari is a good girl!

Yuzuki Yukari: I'll tweet one for us to bash Jin, his IA tuning and IA then.

Yup, it was like the moment of truth for the Alliance of Lesser Known Vocaloids.

IA shouted, mentally and twitter-ly:


Certainly Yukari went off to compose a new tweet, so she didn't notice the reaction of Aria on the Planetes. But the others did.

Galaco wondered to herself… if IA had something to do with that. Look! Even the number of 'O' was correct!

Galaco made a very intelligent statement: Uh-oh, IA=Vader? This would not be good.

IA-imitating-Vader was no longer there, so Galaco was lucky not to receive a question from her just yet.

CUL: What a pity, I kinda like that Vader guy.

A statement which no one replied to. Well, they followed the TREND.

Anti-Jin SAGA:… to be continued…
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