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Starring: IA continues to make her day!

Chapter 5: Vocaloid hates Jin pt 2.

Yuzuki Yukari smiled amiably before getting down to tweet something she knew it would be standing for centuries…

Okay, that was too much vanity.

Yuzuki Yukari: As GUMI debated, I tweeted this so that Vocaloids can bash Jin, his bad tuning of IA and… IA as well. Enjoy!

In some miraculous way, none retweeted, but there were favorites. Fifteen favorites.

Galaco: Project Jin-bashers OPEN!

Eria [my OC Eng Vocaloid] technically face palmed as she logged on to her Twitter account. They were kidding, weren't they? It was only half the day and they'd already found something to fight to the death for.

Eria: Anti-tweets, bash tweets, harassment and biased tweets are not encouraged, though I have the same biased opinion.

Before we go on to the next mess, there're two headquarters of Vocaloid, dubbed the Vocaloid2 and the Vocaloid3 house. As the name debated, V2 stays at V2 House while V3 stays at the V3 House. The system got kinda tricky as there are V3 Updates available, so that all Crypton Vocaloid stay permanently at V2 House until all V2 goes V3, and then the house would be renamed Vocaloid3 2nd headquarter. It was complicated indeed, but space is not infinity, and the Vocaloids themselves need to find the best way to deal with it.

So, at the classic yet warm Vocaloid2 House, a certain blonde Crypton Vocal was going to her twitter account for the second time. Believe me, that was rare, because there was once a research that point out Social networks are more addicting than those of drugs. Better stay away from making too much online friends.

Kagamine Rin: He just uses IA the wrong way. IA is not a high-pitched squeak!

CUL: A squeak?

Tone Rion, as all cooks should be, was nice and warming, so she greeted the blonde to Twitter as much as she could

Tone Rion: It's just CUL and her language. HI RIN!

Mizki, after some sketching on a piece of paper, found that Heat-haze actually could benefit the universe.

VY1v3: We quite bashed him a lot likely in Galaco's tweet. Heat-hazed is actually an awesome story.

Yukari shrugged. Point given.

Yuzuki Yukari: Yes, it serves well as a story, with those unique eye powers then and all. But not as songs however, especially when IA arrives

Well there's this about IA. She didn't go to see the new tweets instantly. Instead she roamed off to Amazon and saw whatever-the-hell-only-she-knew. When she returned, with the naïve belief that her 'friends' were joking, she found just the thing they promised.

Like a certain dictator, Yukari 'does what she said'.


CUL bashed the keys so hard that IA could hear the noise of the board from her own room. What?

CUL: Stop imitating Vader!

Who the hell is Vader?

Cussing removed, the reply was shown

IA: Who's Vader?

The whole V3 House and Rin either groaned, face palmed, shook their heads, rolled their eyes, widened their eyes, shouted LOL or fell off their chair.

Tone Rion: Oh, she doesn't know. And she did it SO well.

IA raised an eyebrow. Am I outdated or something? Is this Vader guy someone so famous that if you do not know him, you are somewhat of a person living under a rock for a few years?

IA: Will anyone mind telling me who this guy is?

Galaco: Darth Vader.

Very simple. Now I know that his first name is Darth and his last name is Vader. What does that help in telling me whatever the heck he did to make him famous!?

Well, not quite like what you think, IA.

IA: Thanks Galaco, it helps A LOT!

Several descriptions of this first named Darth last named Vader popped, and IA didn't find them helpful

Yuzuki Yukari: He is a 'guy' with a big black samurai like mask with mechanical breathing in a black suit.

Okay, as far as I know, samurai doesn't have respiratory problem. And they do not wear mask (gotta recheck that one), or use a suit with mechanical respiratory. In addition, their names should be in some sort of Japanese.

CUL: A scary yet awesome Dark Lord of the Sith who killed more people than I can count.

Excuse me, what in the world is Sith? A religion or organization? Dark Lord sounds kinda cool however.

And yet, the one helpful to her betrayed her

Kagamine Rin: Father of Luke Skywalker. Simple.

What the heck is this!? There's not a chance it's possible. Luke's father's dead!

IA: Luke's father is still ALIVE?! NO, it's not true, it's impossible!

Eria's eyes rolled

Eria: Seriously IA, first you sound like Vader, now you sound like Luke.

IA blinked

IA: Luke said so?

Something was wrong there. Eria frowned… how could IA know of Luke without knowing of Vader… that's not possible…

Eria: Wait… how can you know Luke without knowing Vader?

Yukari growled quietly as she saw her infamous tweet becoming a debate ground of Star Wars.

Yuzuki Yukari: Now wait there, don't go too far off topic. IA only watched like 10 minutes and walked away. You know, at the point when there's that message of that whatever princess.

IA started to vaguely remember. Right… that was a Friday movie night, and all the girls decided to watch a boys' movie [you know, action!] of an imagined Universe where different races live under a Galaxy ruled by some kind of dictatorial monarchy… something like that. Mizki stated it to be one of the most famous movie franchises ever made… but IA withdrew from that movie night just because she needed to finish her new arrangement for a new song.

IA: It's not like I hate it! I had jobs to handle then. Well still I guess Luke's father is a bad guy. Thought he was a Jedi something.

Galaco stated naturally

Galaco: Yes indeed he was. He's the Chosen One.

Don't you know the basic principle is to not spoil the movie?

Eria: Guys do not spoil the movies.

Gumi stated a moral of the day

GUMI: We all tend to go off topic.

Yukari shrugged

Yuzuki Yukari: Well there is this in topic: Jin, stop the torment. Please return and support the Virtual DIVA. IA is not herself anymore in your songs.

IA spat back

IA: It's not much of such torment! You never blamed kemu, and he got a million views song. Despite the fact that….

Yuzuki Yukari: 4/5 songs reaching a million views are Jin's. Are you having mental problems? Not to mention all the four others can't match kemu's.

GUMI added

GUMI: I like Kemu. His tuning is impressive, not just because he favors me.

CUL: We need a kemu praising tweet now? – She asked sarcastically

Galaco rudely put it off

Galaco: No! However it is true that IA is more herself in kemu's song.

IA growled in frustration. It feels bad when someone is putting the fall on you for something you didn't do, right? Pretty much yes, I'd say. However a war should end and it would always end the right time.

IA: Can this go down? We're all clear you hate, I mean dislike Jin because of me. And every tweet goes off topic.

Fortunately, Eria saw some sense, and she was sensible enough to agree with IA this time.

Eria: At least this one went off topic because of Vader. Still, let's close this and move on.

Yukari just tweeted

Yuzuki Yukari: It still didn't change a fact.

The other sighed

Eria: I know, no one's gonna forget that fact. At least I won't.

After all had left their Twitter, a single creepy author stepped inside and left a note

Hikari Murasaki: I hold no responsibility if you like Jin and read through this. I am sorry for depressing you, but try not to flame me so hard just because your idol got bashed.


I actually have a Twitter. You can use my pen name to find it.