Phineas : Isabella? Whats the matter

He walked into the room.

Isabella : Nothing.

He sits down next to her.

Phineas : Isabella, your crying!

He looks at her in horror. Then his expression softens.

Phineas : Come on, whatever it is it can't that bad can it? You know, you can talk to me about it if you want.

Isabella looks up at him for a small second, revealing deep brown eyes that sparkle with the tears that have yet to fall. Then quickly looks back down. When she speaks it is bairly a wisper.

Isabella : No, I can't.

Phineas : Why ? I'm your best friend, your supposed to tell me everything.

Isabella : If I tell you , you might not still be my best friend.

As she said it her voice cracked.

Phineas : Isabella, I promise you that whatever it is, I will always be your best friend.

Isabella : Really?

Phineas looks shocked.

Phineas : Of coarse really . I wouldn't lie to you.

Isabella sighs

Phineas looks at her and takes her hand gently, wile gazing at her through pleading eyes.

Isabella : I ….I , I y,,,,,ou.

She studderd as the words finaly came out.

Phineas looks at her confused.

Phineas : Whats so bad abou that ?

Isabella : No I mean , I like you .

Phineas : I know.

Isabella looks up abruptly snaching her hand away in the process

Isabella : You do? How do you know?

Phineas : Well whats the point of having a best friend if you don't like eachother.

Isabella looks down sadly.

Isabella : Phineas, that's not what I mean.

Phineas : Well then what do you…

Isabella looks at him for a moment and sadly turns away. Realisation hits Phineas and then he gets it.

Phineas: OH… , Well, um, I,,,,I,,,….

Isabella cuts him off without a glance

Isabella : I know you don't like me back.

She starts to cry again when she stands up and starts to walk away.

Phineas runs up and stops her.

Phineas : No! Wait! I,,I, I like you too.

Isabella looks at him with shock.

Phineas : Well, ya. I mean, I think I always have but I've just started noticing it recently. I think your smart, courageous, and talented, and I think you're the most , beautiful gil on the planet. I think your amazing Isabella, and I want you to know you can always come to me about anything, even though it might ruin a normal friendship. I promise it won't ruin ours, because our friendship isn't normal, it's special.

He had said it all in about to breaths .

She just looked at him for a few moments before her gaz softened and she attemted a smile, which inevitably failed as she looked into his eyes.

Isabella : you really feal this way?

He nodded.

She burst into tears and colapsed to the ground.

Phineas : Isabella! Did I do something wrong? Whats the matter?

Isabella : Oh Phineas, nothing is wrong I'm, I'm,

Just so, so happy that you said that.

Phineas sat down and held her for what seemed like hours that night.

In the later years they dated and then got married, They had two kids named Philip and Elisabeth, and lived happily ever after.