They were so busy yesterday that it was well after midnight before they finished wrapping up their case. Since everyone left the building together, including Esposito and Ryan, Kate was forced to say see you tomorrow when she really wanted to tell Rick, meet me back at my place. After she got home, Rick called to inform her that he would not be meeting her at the precinct in the morning. He had gotten a call from Paula about a meeting at Black Pawn in the morning to discuss the possibility of a fifth Nikki Heat book . Martha and Alexis are coming home tomorrow night after their vacation in Europe. Martha had insisted she take Alexis there for one last hurrah before she left for her first semester at college. With Martha and Alexis back in town, Kate will have less alone time with Rick. Sure they will still see each other but not without having to plan things better. Kate won't be sleeping over at the loft anytime in the near future that's for sure. It will be difficult for Rick to stay over at Kate's too, if he is to continue to keep up appearances with his mother and daughter.

Kate sits down at her desk with her third cup of coffee. Today of all days is a slow day at the precinct and she has a mound of paperwork calling her name. Problem is she misses Castle. Sitting at her desk only makes it more so. She sits, staring over at his empty chair and pictures him playing the latest game on his phone trying so hard to look busy all the while sneaking subtle glances at her when he thinks no one is looking. It's all she can do not to reach out and touch him when he looks at her like that. Trying to keep things on the down low is proving to be a monumental undertaking. Those knowing looks from him that say "I've seen you naked" don't help matters. But who is she kidding. Ever since their first night together all she can think about is him and the sex is phenomenal.

She promised him last night on the phone that she would get out at a reasonable time since it was just a paperwork day, unless a body dropped. They want to take advantage of their last "excuse free" night and spend as much time alone together as possible. But looking at her watch, tells her if she doesn't get a move on, she won't be leaving work until much later than intended. She can't afford to spend another minute day dreaming. Empty chair or not, Rick infiltrates her mind and she has to push him out of it or she won't get anything done. Just at that moment, Kate's phone chirps. She glances down and sees it is a text from Castle.













RC: NO? :(











With a grin on her face, Kate downloads the app and turns back to her mound of paperwork. Not even five minutes into her task, her phone makes an unfamiliar sound. What the hell is that? She's almost afraid to look. She looks at the phone and sees her new app has a one in a little red circle, now curious, she touches the app and sees that Castle has invited her to play a game. As her finger hovers over "accept" she studies her letter choices for the wide open board. She gets a wry smile and wonders just what she can get away with in this game to make it a little more "them". She's sure Rick would appreciate an innuendo or two if the chance presents itself. She actually blushes as she places her first word on the board, T-O-N-G-U-E. She gets 20 points and she's pleased with her first attempt at this game. As she tries to switch her focus back to the forms in front of her, her mind drifts to all of the ways she would like to be using her tongue on her missing partner. She shakes her head and decides that she needs to get something in her stomach besides coffee and gummy bears. Should she order in for her and the guys or just fly solo on this one? After giving it a moment's thought she decides to order them all a pizza so she can dive back into her mind numbing paperwork.

After calling Terrific Nick's, only because they are the quickest and she is starving since she didn't get her bear claw, she returns to her desk to see that Rick has "worded" her back. She coughs when she notices that he has played T-H-O-N-G. "Castle", she huffs and decides she needs to up the ante so she grins evilly and plays, N-O-N-E. That should teach him. She thinks as she signs her name at the bottom of the form she has spent far too much time filling out. When she looks up from her phone, Esposito and Ryan are standing in front of her with shit-eating grins on their faces. A moment of panic seizes her. Why are they grinning? Did I say something out loud? Do they know what I have been thinking about all day? Did they figure out my secret? God, I hope not. I'm really enjoying this being just between Rick and I right now.

"Beckett!" They say in unison to jar her from her internal debate.

"What? Did a body drop? Did I miss something?" She asks trying to calm her racing her heart.

"Beckett, we asked if you wanted us to get you something to eat." Ryan says looking thoroughly confused by Kate's behavior.

"Uh, actually, I ordered us a pizza from Terrific Nick's about ten minutes ago," she says trying to sound nonchalant.

"Oh, thanks Beckett. We just figured we were on our own since your boy isn't here today to take care of lunch." Esposito says with a smirk.

"Castle is NOT my boy. It's not like we don't eat if he isn't here. We're adults...well, at least I am, and I can take care of the simple task of ordering lunch!" She grumbles, sounding far too defensive even to her own ears.

"Relax, Boss, we're just giving you a hard time." Espo says as he backs away from her desk.

"Yeah, Beckett, you seem distracted today, and Castle isn't even here to annoy you." Ryan says as he returns to his desk.

Just as she settles back in to the task at hand, her phone makes that funny little sound again, alerting her that Rick has played another word. She chuckles to herself when she sees that Rick has played, S-T-O-P. Obviously, her last word had hit its intended target. She's feeling a little smug when she notices that the text bubble in the upper right hand corner of her screen is different and she appears to have a message. Not knowing what to expect, she touches the icon to investigate.

The message reads, "Are you trying to kill me here?" Kate shakes her head at the thought. Oh Castle, she thinks to herself, you have no idea. So she types back a message into the bubble that reads, "What's wrong? Can't take the heat?" She looks down at her letters and quickly sees her next move. She takes her turn and spells B-O-O-B-S. Although, she sends that word meant to fluster him, it only brings back to mind of him lying on his couch with that TV reporter straddling him while pushing her boobs in his face. It's an image that has been difficult to remove from her mind to say the very least.

Meanwhile, at Black Pawn, Rick is sitting in the conference room with Paula across from him. Although they have their seats swiveled to face the front of the room, Rick can feel Paula's glare as his phone softly chirps alerting him that it's his turn to word. He opens the app and sees there is a message in the bubble icon in the upper right of his screen. He taps on it and reads Kate's reply. Oh, he can definitely take the heat. He looks down at the word that Kate has played and all the blood leaves his brain and surges south. Rick's mouth goes dry and he has to cross and uncross his legs just to keep himself from getting too excited at the mere image of a naked Kate. Paula impales him with a look of curiosity and asks, "everything okay over there Rick?" He stares back at her, swallows thickly and rasps out "I'm fine." Paula just glares back and raises her eyebrow disapprovingly. Rick smiles weakly at her until she gives up the staring contest and faces the presentation going on at the front of the room. He looks back down at the board and words back K-I-S-S, but not before he sends a message back in the bubble that says "I'm sorry."

Just as Kate is starting on her next form, her phone chirps. She looks up from her desk to see if anyone overheard her phone but the precinct has picked up in activity and everyone is either on their own phone at their desk or talking amongst themselves. She takes the opportunity to adjust the volume on her phone to vibrate. Heaven forbid anyone catch on that she is paying more attention to her phone right now then the paperwork at hand. She opens up the board and reads both his apology and next word. The joke's on her because as she looks down at the word K-I-S-S and sees it sits on top of the word B-O-O-B-S, her mind immediately takes her back to that first night with him. The imagery of him thoroughly kissing her as well as kissing her there sends a pleasant shiver down her spine and through to her very core. She is not going to survive this game! As she takes a few cleansing breaths to ride through the sensation she sees her next move. She plays B-L-A-C-K and hits send.

Not even a minute after she plays her latest word Castle has already played his. A grin breaks across her face as she sees that he has used the L in B-L-A-C-K to make S-I-L-K. Kate so wants to be able to spell out the words "lace" or "undies" but she decides on a simple three letter word using the S in

S-T-O-P to create S-E-X. She also decides that it's time for a little message to be included with this word. She opens the text bubble and proceeds to tell him that her newest word is both a tease and a promise for later, if their work day ever ends.

Rick almost chokes when he sees Kate's newest word and excuses himself from the meeting to get a drink of water. He doesn't realize how much he needs that cold drink until he reads her message. "Rick, I promise to reward us both for our long, long day apart. My place at 6. Come hungry." After swiping his hand across his face, Rick decides to continue the tease by placing the word S-O-O-N by using the S in S-I-L-K. With a chuckle to himself as he is going back into the conference room he adds a question, "What should I be hungry for Kate?" He is shaken from his mischief by both Paula and Gina asking if he is okay, twice. "Uh, yeah, my throat was suddenly very dry and I needed a drink. I'm much better now," he says with a nod and smile. "Let's get this over with. I'm starving and I need to be somewhere by six."

Kate is finally making some progress on that mountain of paperwork now that she has inadvertently set a personal deadline to be home and ready for company at 6pm. She knows that she will need a few minutes to get things ready at home so decides she will leave the 12th by five. She is frantically filling out forms as the three o'clock hour draws near. She realizes that she has accomplished far more today once Rick has provided her with brief respites from the boredom of filling out forms. Her pile is dwindling and as much as she hates to admit it, Castle makes things so much better for her even when he isn't beside her. She is surprised about how much she depends on him and how unlike her it is to depend on anyone, especially a man. She has been on her own for so long that she didn't really understand what she was missing out on until her and Rick dove into this together.

A noise across the bullpen draws her attention away from her work. As she raises her head to see what has caught her attention, she sees Lanie has made an appearance and is apparently looking for her. "Girl, where have you been? I sent you a text before lunch!" Lanie says full of sass with a raised eyebrow.

"I've been sitting at this damn desk all day doing paperwork, why?" Kate asks totally oblivious to Lanie's curious glares.

"Maybe you should look at your phone and see what my text was about then." The tiny ME blurts, with hands on hips and a disgusted look on her face.

Kate discreetly exits the Words With Friends app and checks her text history and sees that her friend did indeed sent her a text before noon. "Oh, guess we can't do lunch now. Sorry Lanie." Kate says with a shrug.

"Well, we could have dinner and a girls night instead?" Lanie says, more a question than a statement.

"Sorry, Lanie, I already have plans tonight and I have to be out of here no later than five. I kind of... have a date." Kate mumbles trying not to draw more attention from the boys who have suddenly taken an interest in her and Lanie's conversation.

"Kate Beckett, you and I are going to have a very serious conversation really soon about this new man who has given you 'the glow'." Lanie says raising her voice to a level that causes Kate to cringe because there is no way the boys didn't hear what was said.

"Lanie, this is neither the time nor the place for this and I will tell you about him when I'm ready. It's all new and I want to see where it goes before I let anyone else in on it, okay?" She whispers to her friend who has now put her in a very awkward situation.

"I'm sorry, girlfriend, but you have never held out on me like this and I figured with Castle being out today, I could get some answers and not have to bring it up in front of him." The ME apologizes.

"Guess it doesn't matter now, because the whole bullpen just heard what you are implying. There is no way Castle isn't going to hear about this. You know how this place is, better than anyone Lanie, the rumors are going to fly and Castle is going to get those looks...the looks like the boys are giving me now. They look like someone just kicked their dog. If they look like that, Castle will be ten times worse! Thanks for making my private life public Lanie. I need to finish my paperwork and you need to go, now!" Kate growls turning back to her desk.

Lanie squints her eyes at Kate and replies, "Girl, I don't know what has crawled up your pants today, but this discussion is far from over." She surveys Kate's desk and resigns her fight when she sees the stack of paperwork Kate has strewn across her desk. "But seeing how tied up you are, I won't keep you from your work." And with that, Lanie turns on her heel to leave.

Kate bows her head and runs her hand across her forehead. Taking a deep breath she replies, "Lanie wait." The ME turns in Kate's direction and raises her eyebrow in question. "I am sorry I missed your text about lunch. I would very much like to get together soon and have some girl time. I have been busy and it would be nice to have a glass of wine with you and catch up. I promise we will get together as soon as I can catch a break."

Lanie softens her shoulders and replies, "sure Kate, whatever you say. A glass of wine with you sounds good." Lanie gives Kate a tight lipped grin, "see you around?"

Kate grins and replies, "yeah, see you soon." Lanie nods at Kate and heads toward the elevator. As she steps inside the awaiting car, Esposito gets in right behind her. With one look back at Kate, she rolls her eyes as the doors close. Kate chuckles to herself at the imagery of Lanie and Esposito in the elevator together. Just then, Kate's phone vibrates again, alerting her that Castle has played another word. Opening up the app she sees that he has played the word S-O-O-N. Going off the letter E in S-E-X, she plays the word A-C-H-E and hits send.

Castle leans back to stretch in his chair when his phone chirps. He sees Kate's play and grins. Of course she would play the word ache. It was all her idea to see just how many rounds they could go before having to go into work yesterday. It's not his fault, well, maybe just a little. He studies the board and going up from the N in S-O-O-N, he plays the letters W-O-N and hits send.

Kate, glances down at her watch and sees it is now three thirty. She stretches out her legs and her phone alerts her to another play from Rick. Grinning she sends him a message in the bubble, "not yet you haven't, wishful thinking on your part don't you think?" Seeing her next play she takes the A from A-C-H-E and plays A-L-W-A-Y-S.

Rick reads her message but his heart flutters in his chest at her use of their word A-L-W-A-Y-S. He reads her message and sends back, "touche detective", he takes the letter Y from the word A-L-W-A-Y-S and sends his next play her way.

Kate is surprised when her phone vibrates so soon after her last play. After all, it had only been five minutes ago. She opens up the board and sees his word, Y-O-U-R-S and shakes her head at his message. She surveys the board and decides to turn up the heat. Using the W from W-O-N she plays W-E-T. There, take that she thinks to herself.

Rick glances down at his watch for the third time. It is going on four-thirty. He has to run home before going over to Kate's later. And with that his phone chirps. He looks down and swipes at the screen and sees the word Kate just played. Shit, she's done it again. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and groans. That came out louder than intended. He immediately stands to leave and gathers his things when Paula looks over at him and glares.

"Going somewhere Rick?" she asks.

Rick stammers his reply, "uh, uh actually I am."

"Oh really? So soon, it's only four-thirty, our meeting isn't over until five. What has gotten into you? You have barely paid any attention today and have palmed that phone more times than I can count."

Rick runs a finger under his collar and replies, "well, if you must know, Alexis is coming home today and I have been talking to her as she makes her way from airport to airport."

Paula, looks him up one side and down, "is that so?"

Rick straightens his tie and grabs his jacket to hold in front of his pants. "Yes it is, and if you'll excuse me, I need to go."

"Alright leave if you must, I'll call you sometime tomorrow and we will review what you missed," she says.

"Fair enough, I'll talk to you tomorrow" he replies. And with that he turns to leave the conference room with his hand on the door.

Paula adds not so quietly, "oh and Rick, don't think I didn't notice what's up with you" and she waves her index finger back and forth at him in the direction of his pants. "Whoever she is, I hope she's worth it."

Rick now utterly mortified, nods his head briefly and closes the door. With his back against the door, he closes his eyes and takes a few moments. He pulls his phone out from his pocket and types a message into the bubble, "really Kate?" He takes the G from the word T-H-O-N-G and plays G-R-I-N-D and hits send.

Kate gets up from her desk and heads to the break room for her fourth cup of coffee. Glancing up at the clock she sees it is quarter of five. She is in the home stretch. Her phone vibrates in her pocket, causing her to nearly spill her coffee on her hand. She swipes at the screen and sees Rick's message and word. She types back, "oh you have no idea" and takes the G from the word T-O-N-G-U-E and plays downward G-R-O-A-N. She pockets her phone and heads back to her desk.