In the elevator on the way up to his loft, Rick's phone chirps in his pocket. He grabs the phone and looks at the board and he smiles at her message. Cause he actually does have an idea. He looks at his letters, and notices he is way behind in the points for the game, but is having so much fun. He could care less about the score. He looks at the board and takes the E from W-E-T and plays C-O-M-E. He shoves his phone back in his pocket and exits the elevator.

Kate sifts through her completed papers and picks them up to paperclip them together when her phone vibrates again. Grinning, she picks it up and opens the board. She nearly drops the phone right there. From the corner of her eye, she sees Gates stepping out of her office. She messages him, "don't you dareā€¦.not without me". Looking at the board, she sees her next move and typing quickly she words back D-O-N-E going down from the letter D in G-R-I-N-D. Just as she hits send, Gates clears her throat, "Detective Beckett"? Kate swipes her hand through her hair, looks up and replies, "yes sir?".

"Are you finished with the paperwork from yesterday's case?" she asks. Kate quickly picks up the paperwork off her desk and walks toward her and hands it over. Gates takes the paperwork from her, "well it's about damn time detective. It is five o'clock and time to wrap up don't you think?"

Kate couldn't agree more. "Yes sir, I was just about to leave myself." Kate responds. Gates nods at her and walks away.

Rick lays his jacket across his chair and starts to put his phone on his desk when it chirps again. He reads her message and grins, looks at his letters and plays the word N-E-V-E-R from the E in the word D-O-N-E. He messages Kate, "feel better now?" He hits send on his phone and starts undressing on his way to his bedroom.

Kate steps into her apartment and feels her phone vibrate again in her pocket. She looks down at the word and message. She rolls her eyes and replies, "not even close". Going off of the letter C from the word C-O-M-E, she plays the word C-U-F-F-S. She slips out of her shoes and strolls into her kitchen and grabs a bottle of wine. She pours herself a glass of Merlot and takes a long drink. She crosses through her living room to the windows and glances out. Normally, she finds the view relaxing but after playing that game with Castle she finds herself worked up something fierce. She quickly drains her glass of wine and heads to her bathroom to draw a bath. Maybe bubbles will do the trick she thinks to herself.

Rick steps out of the shower and towels off his hair. He slips into a pair of dark denim jeans. He crosses back to his study and grabs his phone. He picks it up and sees she has played the word C-U-F-F-S. And oh the image of it all. He checks the time and sees it is approaching six o'clock. He quickly sees his move and going off of the E in N-E-V-E-R, he plays Y-E-S. He finishes getting ready, grabs his keys and heads out the door.

Stepping out of the tub, Kate wraps her hair up in a towel, grabs her robe and walks into her bedroom. She checks her phone and grins at his response to her last wordplay. And oh the things she is going to do to him. One thing for certain, she will spare no mercy. Looking through her dresser, she pulls out a sexy pair of black lace underwear. She turns toward her closet and sees Rick's maroon dress shirt draped across the edge of the bed. She fingers the buttons and contemplates wearing it. She loves this shirt. She picks up the shirt and holds it to her nose. Oh it still smells like him. After a moment's hesitation, she pulls on the shirt and leaves the top three buttons undone. As she pulls her hair out of the collar, she hears someone knocking at her door.

"Castle," she says, as she reaches out and pulls him into her apartment. He grabs her hand as she pulls him through the door. He takes a step back with his foot and closes the door behind him. He roams his eyes over her taking in her polished toes, long slender legs, his shirt and her wet hair. His breath hitches in his chest when he reaches her face. He has seen that look on her face before. It is Kate in the purest of form. Her beautiful hazel eyes feral in both want and need. Her chest rising and falling on shallow breaths. And it sends him reeling back to the memory of her on his doorstep in soaking wet clothes. He reaches up and traces the outline of her face with his fingers. He touches the edges of her lip with the tip of his finger and she closes her eyes at the contact. Unable to hold back any longer, he bends down and places a gentle kiss to her neck and continues his onslaught of soft kisses peppering his way down her neck till he reaches the collar of her shirt. Dragging his hand down her neck, he thumbs the collar back and slips his hand inside and gently pushes the shirt off her shoulder all the while kissing his way across her collarbone. He continues to place soft kisses across her chest until he meets the edge of the scar that sits between her breasts. He traces the rough edge of her scar with his tongue and ghosts his lips across the soft swell of her breast and places a barely there kiss to the top of her breast which elicits a soft moan from her. Kate reaches down and pulls him back up to her. She looks down at his lips and touches her finger to his bottom lip before sealing them with her own. She traces the seam of his mouth with her tongue before gliding inside. She slides her hand through his hair until she reaches the back of his neck and holds him there. She deftly undoes the buttons of his shirt until she can slide her hand inside and place it on his chest. He shivers at the contact. He makes quick work of unbuttoning the remainder of her shirt and slides his hand across her abdomen and wraps his hand at her hip. He glides his hand down her thigh and gently raises it up and across his waist while slowly turning her body until she makes contact with the door. He crowds his body into her and pushes her body higher up the door. He leans down and places his palm on her other thigh and she takes the hint and pushes off the floor with her foot while he brings her leg to rest around his waist. She pushes up off the door and comes down to rest her weight fully on top of the bulge at the front of his pants. Leaning back against the door she drags her hand down between them until she meets the top of his pants. She trails her hand along the edge of his jeans and pops open the button. Rick groans at Kate's attempt at getting her hand inside his pants. Holding onto her, he pulls them away from the door and with as much grace as he can manage he slowly walks them toward her bedroom. Kate starts lightly biting at his neck when he runs into the back of the couch.

"Castle, stop", she says. He looks down at her with a questioning gaze. "Stop, couch, you, now", she pants. He lowers her down gently until her feet make contact with the ground and she can stand on her own. She puts her hand on his chest and pushes him to sit on the couch. He growls at that and grabs her hips and pulls her down with him. She raises herself up and straddles his waist while kissing him roughly, nipping at his lips with her teeth. He runs his hand down her side until he meets the elastic of her black lace underwear. He drags a finger down the front of her underwear hooking his finger in the top of her panties as he goes. He gently pulls the underwear down her legs as far as he can until she has to lean away and slide them off the rest of the way herself. He runs his hand along her inner thigh until his finger meets the soft wetness of her inner folds, eliciting a soft gasp from her. She runs her hand along the length of his fly and drags down the zipper. She reaches inside and frees him of his silk boxers. Rising back up onto her knees, she positions herself above him and slowly slides back down the length of him until they are joined together as one. She sets the pace by slowly rocking her hips down while he pushes up to meet her in a gentle rhythm. Kate leans back and grabs his hand. She places the palm of his hand against her chest and entwines their fingers together and holds him there. He can feel her heart beating against the palm of his hand. He looks up into her eyes and sees that she is close. She leans down and kisses him. He slides his tongue along the roof of her mouth and hears a hitch in her breathing. He feels her shiver before she shatters around him. He thrusts into her one last time and stills his movements before he joins her with a release of his own. She settles down against his chest and rests her head on his shoulder.

He reaches up and runs his fingers through her hair. "God, I missed you today Kate."

She lifts her head off his shoulder and peers into his clear blue eyes and smiles . "Yeah, me too," she replies.

"Kate, if I had known a little wordplay would get you that wound up, I would have asked you to play that game a long time ago." Rick says with a twinkle in his eye.

"Shut up and kiss me Rick." She whispers, pulling herself closer to his broad chest.

"You looked really good in my shirt by the way." He smirks with a wiggle of his brow.

"Well, maybe I should put it back on then," she teases.

"No, no you look much better out of it though!" He says grabbing her by her hips as she starts to rise from his lap. "Just... let's just stay right here a little longer." He adds as he brushes another kiss across her collarbone.

"I've been thinking about being this close to you all day and there is no way I'm going to move out of your arms anytime soon." She says as she snuggles further into his chest and grabs for the blanket on the back of the couch and drapes it around their sweat slicked bodies.

"You know, if your cold, I can think of a few ways to warm you up," he chuckles, voice full of mischief.

"Really, Rick? It hasn't even been fifteen minutes." She grins as she rolls her eyes at him.

"You're the one that said to come hungry...well, I'm hungry Kate." He shrugs.

"I was talking about dinner Castle!" She says, smacking his shoulder playfully.

"Fine, what's for dinner?" He pouts.

"I was thinking that we could order in and spend a quiet night interruptions...just us." She says hesitantly.

"That sounds great but how can you be so sure that we can make it through the night without the boys or Lanie calling you about a body drop?" Rick questions her plan.

"I'm not on call tonight and I kind of told Lanie that I had a date and I'm pretty sure the boys were eavesdropping on our conversation." She says with a grin, knowing she lost him at the word 'date'.

"Is your date with that new guy your having sex with and has resulted in you having 'that glow' as Lanie put it?" He says, thoroughly enjoying himself.

"Yeah, do you know where I can find him? I should probably call him, I'm running a little late." She giggles at the banter that is so them.

"Funny, Kate... did you work on that one all day? How did your plans for the evening even come up?" He asks not sure he wants to know and feigning hurt at her comments.

"Lanie hunted me down at my desk when I didn't respond to her text about going to lunch with her. She wanted to have some girl time to interrogate me about this new guy I am apparently having sex with. She claimed she wanted to talk about it today since you wouldn't be in. I think she was trying to be considerate of your feelings and didn't want to make you uncomfortable by asking anymore questions about it in front of you. I think she is still rooting for me to come to my senses and give you a chance." Kate explains. "And since we missed lunch, she wanted to have a girls' night. So..."

"You had to tell her you had a date because you had already made some very wicked promises to someone else?" He questions. "By the way, you can make those kinds of promises to me anytime you want. I quite enjoy being on the receiving end of those kinds of promises from you. So much better than when you promised to shoot me for one reason or another." He adds as he shifts her off of his lap.

"What?...Where are you going?" She groans not at all happy to lose contact with his body.

"I was going to order dinner and put on some pants...for when the delivery guys shows up. I promise to let you take them off of me later." He chuckles as he pulls on his jeans and fishes his phone out of his back pocket. "You want Chinese, Italian or Thai?" He asks as he heads toward the kitchen to get them both something to drink.

"You choose, you know what I like from all of them anyway. I'm gonna go find a pair of yoga pants so I am presentable when the delivery guy shows up." She says as she makes her way to her bedroom after picking his shirt up off the floor where it landed over an hour ago.

"So how was your meeting with Paula and...Gina?" Kate asks, still struggling to mention Rick's ex wife slash publisher and not think of that summer.

"Boring...Paula kept giving me dirty looks because I was... a little distracted by a certain detective's suggestive comments. When she made a comment about unwavering attention to my phone, I tried to play it off like I was just touching base with Alexis as she made her way back from Europe. She wasn't buying it though, she told me, 'whoever she is, I hope she's worth it'. I really wanted to tell her, 'more than I could have ever imagined' but I just nodded and excused myself and ran home to take a shower so I didn't disappoint my secret girlfriend by being late. And Kate, you have nothing to worry about. I was in love with you that summer when I left with her and I'm even more in love with you now. Gina could never come close to what I feel for you." He says pulling her into side hug and giving her a brief kiss as the doorbell sounds.

Once their dinner arrives and is paid for, they settle themselves at the coffee table to eat. He decided on ordering Thai, because he knows it's her favorite. They eat their dinner in relative silence except for the occasional shuffling of utensils and take-out cartons. After storing the leftovers in her fridge they migrate back to the couch to settle in for the rest of the evening. Snuggling together as they debate how to spend the rest of their evening, Rick blurts out a statement that could totally derail the whole date night feel to the evening by taking them into uncharted waters.

"I could so get used to coming home to this every night." He breathes into her neck as his lips trace a line from her jaw to that little spot behind her ear that makes her utter the most delicious sounds he has ever heard. His goal of finding that spot behind her ear is halted when he hears a gasp come from the woman in his arms. "Kate, what's wrong? Are you okay?" He queries.

"Uh, said home." She stumbles over the words.

"Huh, what are you talking about Kate?" He says as he leans back in to kiss her temple.

"You said you could get used to coming home to this every night." Her voice trailing off as she finishes her sentence.

"Yeah, I guess I did say that didn't I?" He says obviously not understanding her struggle with that particular sentence.

"But this isn't your home Castle." She says meeting the deep blue of his eyes.

"Kate, home is where the people I love are, so yes, this is my home because you are here." He whispers as he pulls her in for another kiss and this time he won't be deterred from his assault on her senses.

"Rick..." She starts but the words are swallowed by his lips. "I..." She tries again.

"Shh... Kate, can we just..." He pleads, looking into her sparkling green eyes but it's he who is interrupted this time.

"I'm glad your home Rick." She whispers into his neck.