Isaac was running down the railing to meet Niccole where she told him to meet her."Go to the light." He saw her glowing white on a platform that was slightly elevated in front of the Marker. Her glowing was so bright it was getting very difficult to clearly see what was on the platform.

'At long last, there it is. Hopefully this will soon be over.' Isaac thought as he stepped onto the platform. He was about to call out to Niccole but was cut off when director Tideman shot a javelin spear at him which went all the way through his left shoulder.

"The research we put into that marker is worth every life we just lost!" He yelled. The pain that went through Isaac's arm and torso was growing every inch that he would pull the spear out of his shoulder. Once it was completely out of his body, he painfully lifted his arm and attempted to use his stasis on Tideman before he could fire again, but Isaac was not fast enough. The second spear went right through his left hand while his was trying to use his suit's stasis on him. As he was removing the projectile form his hand, Tideman was reloading the javelin so he could make the kill. "I will not let you throw all of this away." He lifted his javelin and took aim at Isaac's head. As he pulled the trigger, Isaac moved to his left, took hold of the tool and broke his arm, releasing his grip on the weapon. Then Isaac brought his arm down, breaking it a second time, aimed the javelin point blank at his throat and fired, cutting off the his airway. As Isaac watched him drowning in his own blood, he walked around behind him and turned on the sights to the mining tool and aimed at the back of his neck and fired, decapitating him.

Tired and losing blood, Isaac dropped the tool and deactivated his helmet making it come apart piece by piece and go into his suit and walked over to Niccole who hugged his head. "Thank you Isaac. Now…time to die." Those words made his heart skip a beat.

"What!" Isaac said while Niccole entered his mind and projected a rocky platform floating in space with the marker floating about a quarter of a mile away from their platform which slowly disappeared.

"Yours is the last body we need to be reborn! The makers must be absorbed!" Niccole said in a slight demonic tone.

"The makers? You mean me? But Stross said that we could destroy the marker!"

"Not if we can consume you first!"

"Dammit I trusted you! Fuck you! And fuck your marker!" Niccole appeared to his right and started walking towards Isaac with outstretched arms. 'I should have never trusted you Niccole; I should have let you go.' Isaac equipped his plasma cutter and started firing at her, her cries of pain slowly torn into Isaac each time he pulled the trigger but he knew that this had to be done. After each shot he fired at her, the marker would glow brighter and brighter. After firing eight shots from his plasma cutter at her, she disappeared in a white flash and the marker behind her exploded and revealed a large cluster of infected flesh like the weak spots on large necromorphs. Instinctually, Isaac reloaded his tool and started firing at it, using an entire clip. While he was reloading, the marker started to reanimate itself and Niccole appeared again with two dozen pack.

"Give up Isaac." Niccole said. Isaac started to panic as the pack was swarming him while Niccole was walking towards him. "Make us whole" She started to scream as Isaac equipped his ripper and activated its primary firing mode and started to mow down six of the pack. Isaac then switched to the ripper's secondary firing mode and started firing at Niccole.

'I'm sorry Niccole but I can't let you do this.' Isaac thought as she disappeared like the last time along with the rest of the pack that he hadn't already dismembered. The marker turned into a cluster of flesh again as Isaac equipped his pulse rifle and noticed that he only had two hundred rounds left. 'Crap, I only have a few magazines left. I'm going to have to use this sparingly.' Isaac thought as he emptied what was left of his clip and switched to his ripper and fired two blades at the marker. The marker then reanimated itself again and Niccole appeared with more pack and a few puckers. 'Damn I hate these things.'

Isaac equipped and reloaded his plasma cutter and started to decapitate the puckers and kill any pack that got too close for comfort. As he was reloading his mining tool, Niccole was walking closer and closer to him and said in a demonic voice, "Make us whole." Her cries of pain continued to pierce its way into Isaac's head with every shot he fired at her.

'This is for betraying and making a fool out of me.' Isaac shouted in his mind as Niccole once again disappeared along with any surviving necromorphs, causing the marker to turn into the infected flesh again. Isaac switch to his pulse rifle reloaded it and fired at the marker leaving only one hundred rounds left of ammunition in his inventory. 'Holy crap, what's happening?' Isaac thought as the marker exploded causing the symbols that were once engraved into it to form a ring around the platform. After about five seconds of the ring of symbols circling above him, it went back into the marker, making another explosion which released its control over Isaac's thoughts. Isaac was now in full control over his body and saw that the marker was starting to break apart around him.

"Warning: Reactor containment destabilized. A reactor breach is imminent. Evacuation of all personnel is required. This is not a drill." His RIG warned.

'Well no use running, if I do I'll just die tired.' Isaac thought as he sat down, accepting his fate.

"Engaging auxiliary power systems." His RIG stated which Isaac ignored."Warning: Reactor containment failure. A Reactor breach is now in progress. Evacuate immediately, all personnel, all civilians. This is not a drill."

'Why did she have to do that? I thought she was going to help me destroy it.' Isaac thought as his RIG spoke again with another warning, which fell on deaf ears.

"Warning: Life support failure. Seek protection immediately." Isaac had his head hung as he waiting for his death to come when his RIG project a video link with Ellie that made him flinch.

"You complete bastard!" she said, "Was this your great plan? Dump me off and die?" she question in the cockpit of her ship. She started to punch in controls to the ship as Isaac spoke.

"I'm full of bad ideas, remember?"

"Yeah, well, here's another one: I'm crashing through the roof to get you. Now move your ass!"

"Wait! No! Ellie! Ellie, it's too late" Isaac said as he got back up on his feet, "Steer clear of the station!"

"Yeah, well you don't really have a say this time." Isaac watched as Ellie hit another button to the ship, "Heads up!" Ellie said as the roof of the marker chamber exploded allowing her small ship to fly in and hover for a little while thirty feet above Isaac before it started to fly back to the roof.

"Warning: Hull breach. Decompression." Isaac's RIG warned."Warning: Gravity failure." Isaac started to float as his helmet automatically activated and made a seal around his head. Isaac did several flips and activated his RIG's thruster while Ellie flew In front of him. They both flew around the marker several times while the sprawl was clasping in on itself; Isaac narrowly missed several large scraps of debris while trying to catch up to Ellie who opened the side hatch of the ship and reached out to Isaac in a pressurized suit.

"Isaac, take my hand!" He set his thrusters to one hundred percent power and reached out to Ellie.

"I'm trying! I'm trying!" Isaac shouted before Ellie pulled him into the ship making him crash into the other side of the narrow ship.

"Shut the hatch! Shut the hatch!" Ellie yelled as Isaac stood back up and regained his balance on the continually shaking ship. Once he was upright he walked over to the hatch and watched the sprawl explode to make sure that the marker was destroyed.

"Holy crap!" Isaac said as he closed the hatch in time for the small ship to feel the shock wave from the explosion hit them. After a few minutes of staring out at the completely destroyed sprawl, Isaac sat down in the cock pit of the ship and breathed heavily. 'At last, it's finally over.' He thought when he leaned back in his chair exhausted. 'How many lives were lost because of Tideman?' Isaac wondered while he charted a course for the nearest planet that they could resupply at. 'Wait minute, this seems very familiar.' Isaac recalled what happened after he escaped the USG Ishimura. He took in a deep breath before turning around to look at the passenger seat.

"What?" Is all that Ellie had to say.

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