First off I want to apologize for three things, first off, the late updates, the short chapter, and that this was probably my worst one yet. I've had to put in a lot of hours at my job and at ROTC and I'm about to go to MEPS for the Air Force.

It has been four days since Isaac was able to remove the equipment from their crashed ship. After all of those hours spent trying to get even a signal form it was a lost cause. Isaac knew that there would be damage done to the communication system but Ellie wanted him to try his best to make it work. If he had access to the right tools, he might have been able to make it somewhat work but the technology just wasn't around on this planet to help him fix this. Ellie kept pushing him to get it to work, she got him everything that she thought that could help him but there just wasn't anything that she could do. They both resided in one of the small hut like buildings that was built at the South side of the city away from where the civilians were residing at the North-West area. It was nearing the evening and Isaac and Ellie were just lying down on some mats that they found in surprisingly good condition.

Ellie glanced over at the communication box that was in the corner of the room which was only good for a paperweight at the moment. She glared at it and wanted to take Isaac's pulse rifle and shoot the crap out of it but it would be a waste of ammo. She looked back at Isaac, who was playing a game of solitaire on his RIG while laying down. She said to him, "We aren't going back, are we?"

Isaac let out a sigh and looked at her and said, "Where would we go? Everyone more than likely knows what happened to the Sprawl and what do you think that they would do if they find out that we were there? They would isolate us, test us, and if they are paranoid enough, either kill us or drop us off on some kind of planet that we couldn't survive on."

Ellie didn't reply to his statement, she just looked away and stared out of the single window in the room and gazed at the sky. She longed to be able to return to a human civilization, to be able to sit down and talk or drink with friends, to be able to start a family. She wanted to be able to explore like she was able to as a pilot around two months ago and to be able to visit other planets again. The tension had been building in her for weeks now and she just wanted to let it all out; she felt like killing something. "I want to leave this fucking planet." She told Isaac in a low voice.

"I want to leave as well, but we are not able to." He replied.

Ellie let out a sigh and got up onto her feet. "I'm going for a walk." She told him as she left. The door to the shack was just a large piece of cloth that was pinned to the top of the frame; it gave them the privacy they wanted but it was a bitch to try to keep the warmth in at night. Ellie picked a random direction and started to walk with her hands in her pockets. She wanted to find somebody to try to talk to so she could keep her mind off of other things.

Back at the small hut that the humans were residing in, Isaac was lying on his back with nothing to do. "Two days." He thought to himself. He turned off his game and rubbed his eyes. He was bored out of his mind; Isaac had never had this much free time once he became an engineer and he has no way of spending it. He looked around the room for anything that could distract him for the time being but only saw the communication system that was lying in the corner of the room. "Might as well look at it again." He slowly got up on his feet and walk to the device and moved it to the center area where he would have more room to work on it. The top panel opened with ease, it did a good job to block water from entering it but the crash made a lot of things break under pressure during the impact. Isaac needed to make an antenna to find signals and ping them back to the device, if he was able to fix it, then that ping would let him know that it was working.

Isaac wanted to hit himself for not thinking about the technical aspect of this device instead of the physical side. He had just been looking for more structural damage for the past few days and Ellie wasn't much help breathing down his neck the entire time. Now he definitely knew that he has been spending too much time away from his job.

After about two hours later, Isaac began to wonder why Ellie had been gone for so long. She hadn't sent him any messages or called him at all. The radio that he had been working on hasn't made any progress yet and he really didn't believe that it could be fixed. 'Might as well put this thing to rest and find Ellie.' he thought to himself. He decided that instead of calling her, that he would walk around looking for her, mainly to get away from the communication system. He was getting so frustrated at the piece of crap that he stuck him middle finger at it, kicked it, and walked out.

Once he walked out, a green light flickered on the radio and a low hum could be heard followed by the sound of a man who said, "This is Captain Thomson of the USG Caliber broadcasting this message on all frequencies, we are about to enter the syste-" the radio was starting to cut off. "warning any ships to keep clear of our path. We will enter th-... in twelve hours. Again keep clear of our pa-" the radio fell silent once again.

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